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The initial ‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix reconstruction trailer reveals these 5 critical facts

Luke, Lorelai and Rory, together again. (Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

Earlier this summer, those wily “Gilmore Girls” producers expelled a teaser stage for a show’s arriving Netflix revival. That first stage of “Gilmore Girls” 2.0 sent fans into a frenzy . . . until a creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino, reliable that it wasn’t indeed in the show.

So when a executive trailer for “Gilmore Girls: Year in a Life” forsaken Tuesday morning, it noted an critical arise for any TV nostalgia plan — a initial actual, genuine footage of a rarely expected reboot. Here are 5 unequivocally critical contribution we learned:


1. The stroke of a uncover is still a same.

Tons of cocktail enlightenment references? Mother-daughter twin Lorelai (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) immoderate large quantities of food? The tiny city of Stars Hollow being crazy? It’s all there, only updated. In a trailer, Lorelai and Rory fun about all from Ben Affleck as Batman to Tori Spelling’s Benihana griddle incident. Luke (Scott Patterson) yells during Lorelai and Rory for eating tacos and mini-donuts in a same meal. And, for some reason, city oddball Kirk (Sean Gunn) shows adult to a Gilmore’s Friday night dinner.

2. Edward Herrmann’s genocide has a large impact.

. . . and we’re not only articulate about a large mural that Emily (Kelly Bishop) now has unresolved adult in her home. (Rory: “It’s a whole wall!”) The real-life genocide of a Gilmore patriarch, Richard, shatters mother Emily’s whole world, and she deals with it in a unequivocally Emily way: While devastated, she’s dynamic to stoically infantryman on, partly by carrying movers get absolved of everything in her home that doesn’t move her joy. (Lorelai: “He’s holding a dining room chairs!” Emily: “They don’t move me joy.”)

3. Rory doesn’t have a job.

Ambitious, Type-A, organization-obsessed, Post-it note-loving Rory is unemployed? It appears early-30s Rory is utterly opposite from her high propagandize and college self. At a finish of a seventh and final deteriorate (which fans felt was a beating as a outcome of Sherman-Palladino withdrawal the show), viewers saw determined publisher Rory get a pursuit with a domestic website covering then-Sen. Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. While we all know how that incited out, Rory is apparently heading a “vagabond” existence right now. Lorelai isn’t concerned: “She’s Jack Kerouac. She’s ‘On a Road’-ing it.”

4. Luke and Lorelai are . . . happy? 

So, how about a show’s executive couple? When we left off during a finish of a series, it seemed Lorelai had forgiven Luke for botching a whole conditions with his newly detected daughter, and Luke had forgiven Lorelai for sleeping with (and afterwards quickly marrying) her ex-boyfriend. Now, a trailer shows a illusive essence friends holding a wander together and looking . . . okay? “I suspicion we knew accurately what we wanted, where we was going. But lately, we don’t know, things seem hazier,” Lorelai says. Then there’s a stage where she says, a small unconvincingly, “We’re happy. Luke and we are happy.”

5. Melissa McCarthy does uncover up.

While there was some debate about either McCarthy (now a bona fide film star) would reprise her purpose as Lorelai’s best friend, cook Sookie St. James, everybody can relax: Sookie is indeed in a trailer, and even creates a PG-13-rated fun about cake icing.

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