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The Flash goes on mid-season interregnum with an eye-rolling cliffhanger

Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

Well, so most for gripping it light.

“Don’t Run” shook a deteriorate adult in ways both engaging and unfortunate. Our Big Bad has been transposed in a sense, nonetheless it stays to be seen accurately how this will play out. Will Neil Sandilands continue to play DeVoe/The Thinker in his Sanctuary area while Kendrick Sampson portrays a remade Dominic Lanse/Brainstorm in a existence of Central City? As someone who has been reduction than soft with Sandilands’ performance, I’d be excellent with that, as Sampson brings some-more charismatic rancour to his few mins as a season’s new uber-villain than a rather unbending Sandliands has been means to pattern so far. Is this a switcheroo that was designed all along or a march improvement arrived during in midstream? Maybe we’ll never know, though during a impulse it feels like a right decision.

What feels like a wrong preference is withdrawal DeVoe’s passed former physique in Barry’s loft usually so he can be detected by Singh and a CCPD as a apparent murderer. This feels like such a widen to emanate torment over a prolonged mangle (the uncover doesn’t lapse until Jan 16th), and there’s no Ralph Dibny joke dictated there. we suspect it’s improved than a writers murdering off a vital impression usually since they can’t consider of any other approach to lift a stakes (I was severely disturbed about Joe when he initial showed adult during DeVoe’s house), though it still strikes me as constructed and lame. We all know Barry could have spotless adult a disaster before a cops pennyless a doorway down, and a uncover knows we know that, though still had him demur too prolonged usually because…why? Barry knows he’s not guilty, we know he’s not guilty, and this is usually stupid. Who wanted foolish Barry back?

Other decisions by a artistic group transport a bit better. we was prepared to pierce on from horndog Ralph a integrate weeks ago, though apparently a powers that be felt there was still some-more extract to be squeezed from that sold fruit. Having him uncover some expansion (and not usually in a “giant fist” sense) in a second half of a part is during slightest promising, and I’m still enjoying Hartley Sawyer’s comic opening adequate to go with a flow. Having group personality Iris make a tough call (even if it took Harry’s urging) is an enlivening pointer that she won’t be reduced to being “Mrs. Flash” in a issue of final week’s wedding.

Katee Sackhoff (Photo: Katie Yu/The CW)

The lapse of Amunet depends as a certain in my book, usually since Katee Sackhoff is always a acquire participation even if her British accent tends toward a overly twee. Her impression displayed a small some-more abyss in this second appearance, given her doubtful spin as a pep talker of a week. You could make a box that a writers were perplexing a small too tough this week to settle that, while Killer Frost creates for really interesting use of Danielle Panabaker, Caitlin Snow is flattering overwhelming in her possess right. we wouldn’t accurately disagree, though we do consider “Don’t Run” done a best probable box for Caitlin, giving her a few good moments with Amunet and permitting her a event to spin a tables regulating usually her wits and not her glacial powers. Why should we have to choose? I’m all for saying copiousness of both Caitlin and Killer Frost going forward.


My wish for a second half of a deteriorate is that this episode’s cliffhanger is wrapped adult flattering fast and we can get behind to a tinge that done most of a initial half a lapse to form for The Flash. From a previews, it looks like we’ve got some courtroom play ahead, though we can’t contend I’m looking brazen to too many episodes of Barry Allen: Wrongly Accused Of Murder Just Like His Father. After a unsure start to a season, The Flash successfully recaptured what done it so most fun in a initial place. Losing steer of that would be a large mistake.

Stray observations

  • So Wally is behind on his walkabout. What accurately is a devise here? we had insincere he was firm for a Legends, and we still consider that’s a best alighting mark for him (especially given a cavity left by Prof. Stein), though we have no justification that’s a case.
  • I didn’t comprehend a Flash fit still had floatation mode, though I’m blissful it did since that was hilarious.
  • That’s not a dissection cube, Cisco.

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