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The Forgotten Origins of Politics in Sports

A fear of black domestic energy gave new coercion to a remodel transformation that had been perplexing for generations to apart politics from sports. As distant behind as a colonial period, critics had warned electorate of being “bribed, or drammed, or frolicked, or bought, or coaxed, or threatened out of your Birthright [to vote].” Those warnings unexpected gained traction at a spin of a 20th century, as a fibre of crime cases and a flourishing pool of black and newcomer electorate frightened many middle-class Americans. The outcome was a call of legislation that outlawed gambling on elections, criminialized ethanol sales nearby polling places, instituted a tip ballot, and enacted some-more difficult voter registration. For improved and worse, these changes sobered a knowledge of American politics and severely reduced voter turnout.

Article source: http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/politics/2018/01/americans_have_mixed_sports_and_politics_for_longer_than_you_think.html


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