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The ‘Frozen Truck Driver’ Case Democratic Senators Are Hanging On Neil Gorsuch

Justice Neil Gorsuch?Justice Neil Gorsuch?

Justice Neil Gorsuch?

It’s opening day for a Neil Gorsuch acknowledgment hearings. Today is customarily opening statements from a Senate Judiciary Committee, and a matter from a nominee. Which means all we’re removing is a garland of Senators explaining how they’ll opinion before a hopeful says a damn thing.

Wonderful complement we’ve got here.

The “point” of today, to a border that it has one, is customarily to outline a several lines of attack/defense for tomorrow, and one box has come adult mixed times from Democratic Senators. If we have customarily been accidentally profitable courtesy to Twitter, we competence have listened that Neil Gorsuch froze a lorry motorist to death… or something.


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Let’s mangle that down (pun intended, as you’ll see). The Tenth Circuit motionless a box called TransAm Trucking v. Dept. of Labor. Trucker Alphonse Maddin pennyless down on a solidified Illinois road, during night, out of gas. He called TransAm, they told him to wait with his load. He found that a brakes had frozen. The cab of a lorry was unheated. He called TransAm again, who told him to wait again. Hours passed. He called TransAm again, explaining that he had symptoms that sound a lot like a early conflict of hypothermia. TransAm told him, according to justice records, “to possibly drag a trailer with a solidified brakes or stay where he was.”

After 3 hours in a cold, Maddin unhitched a trailer and went in hunt of gas. Eventually, a trailer was secured, and Maddin was dismissed for violating orders.

Maddin sued, and an magistrate ruled that his stop was bootleg underneath laws that strengthen employees from being compelled to work vehicles in vulnerable conditions. Appeals ensued, and a Tenth Circuit sided with Maddin, 2 – 1.

The one dissident was Neil Gorsurch, and that is because TransAm Trucking was on a tips of Democratic tongues this morning. Gorsuch wrote:

It competence be satisfactory to ask either TransAm’s preference was a correct or kind one. But it’s not a pursuit to answer questions like that. Our customarily charge is to confirm either a preference was an bootleg one. The Department of Labor says that TransAm disregarded sovereign law, in sold 49 U.S.C. § 31105(a)(1)(B). But that government customarily forbids employers from banishment employees who “refuse[] to work a vehicle” out of reserve concerns. And, of course, zero like that happened here. The trucker in this box wasn’t dismissed for refusing to work his vehicle. Indeed, his employer gave him a really choice a government says it must: once he uttered reserve concerns, TransAm privately — and by everyone’s acknowledgment — available him to lay and sojourn where he was and wait for help. The trucker was dismissed customarily after he declined a statutorily stable choice (refuse to operate) and chose instead to work his car in a demeanour he suspicion correct yet his employer did not. And there’s simply no law anyone has forked us to giving employees a right to work their vehicles in ways their employers forbid. Maybe a Department would like such a law, maybe someday Congress will accoutre a sovereign government books with such a law. But it isn’t there yet. And it isn’t a pursuit to write one — or to concede a Department to write one in Congress’s place.

When describing Gorsuch’s gainsay this morning, Dick Durbin (D-IL) said: “According to [Maddin’s] recollection, it was 14 degrees below. So cold, yet not as cold as your dissent, Judge Gorsuch.”

Gorsuch took feverishness (zing) on that gainsay from Senators Durbin, Feinstein, Blumenthal, and Mazie Hirono (D-HI), who spent half her time lighting adult his argument. Gorsuch didn’t get a possibility to urge himself today, yet I’m certain he’s prepared to answer them tomorrow.

But, for a uninitiated, this is customarily kind of how regressive judges roll. His evidence wasn’t that Maddin should have stayed there and froze to death, his evidence is that a law provides no pill for a trucker who needs to expostulate divided to save his life. That’s a flattering customary conservative-jurist answer to, we know, problems in society.

Victim: we have a problem.
Conservative: Does Congress contend we should care?
Victim: Kinda!
Conservative: Not good enough.

Obviously, we remonstrate with Gorsuch’s logic here. we consider being forced to lay inside a lorry is “operating it,” within a definition of a statute. But I’m not a fan of this line of conflict opposite his confirmation. The problem with textualists is not that their outcomes are bad (though, usually, they’re terrible), it’s that their logic boundary a law to a lifeless reading of a text. Congress, to my mind, shouldn’t have to write a whole new law to mention “drivers can't be systematic to get hypothermia.” The law is ideally stretchable adequate to incorporate a “no-hypothermia” order but additional acts of Congress.

But that’s my problem with CONSERVATIVES, not with Gorsuch specifically. It’s my problem with their suspicion process, not a outcome in a specific Gorsuch box where, in indicate of fact, he mislaid anyway. No truckers were solidified to death, underneath Neil Gorsuch’s watch.

There are improved lines of conflict opposite Gorsuch. Lines like: “Are we Merrick Garland? No? Then because a f**k are we here?” Or “Do we consider women are people? Because your decisions don’t seem to support their elemental humanity.” Or how about “Is there anything a man who allocated we can do that will make we select law over party? Feel giveaway to answer in list form.”

Hanging a “bad outcome” on a legal hopeful is never a right approach to go. Gorsuch thinks like a conservative. If that’s all a Dems have on him, they best pierce on.

UPDATE (3/21/2017, 10:55 a.m.): Gorsuch Hearings Day 1: If This Is All The Dems Got, They Best Go Home.

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