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The latest Donald Trump stunt: When politics becomes a sideshow, is a playground …

Arianna Huffington’s The Huffington Post has made a large coverage decision that we shouldn’t rubbish any time essay about though we’re going to write about anyway, given hey, given not, it’s Friday:

After examination and listening to Donald Trump given he announced his candidacy for president, we have motionless we won’t news on Trump’s discuss as partial of The Huffington Post’s domestic coverage. Instead, we will cover his discuss as partial of a Entertainment section. Our reason is simple: Trump’s discuss is a sideshow. We won’t take a bait. If we are meddlesome in what The Donald has to say, you’ll find it subsequent to a stories on a Kardashians and The Bachelorette.

The Huffington Post has an glorious group of domestic reporters and writers, so it’s a contrition that their editors are no longer going to let them cover a figure who’s heading many Republican primary polls, nationally and statewide, who’s during a core of all sorts of spats with a other candidates, whose (however incoherently articulated) domestic statements about immigration and trade clearly ring with a not-insignificant zone of Republican voters, who’s already altered a approach that other possibilities speak about these issues, and who will be a executive figure in a arriving array of GOP presidential debates.

Except those reporters will, so it seems, still cover Donald Trump. They will indeed “take a bait.” Here is a story from comparison domestic reporter Scott Conroy today, filed underneath Entertainment, covering Trump on a belligerent in New Hampshire. Here is a story from associate editor Igor Bobic yesterday about Trump’s donors,filed underneath Politics. Both of them are excellent stories and really most coverage of Trump’s domestic endeavors. It would make clarity for both of them to be filed as partial of their domestic coverage, given that’s categorically what a stories are. Stuff about Trump’s radio shows or beauty pageants or feuds with some luminary or another would make clarity as partial of their Entertainment coverage. But gripping domestic reporters covering Donald Trump while filing it underneath Entertainment means that they consider some arrange of domestic imagination is indispensable in a Huffington Post’s coverage of these stories.

Here’s further criticism from HuffPo’s Ryan Grim, though, going serve into what Trump things they will and will not cover:

“Now, a impact he’s carrying on a Republican Party and a immigration discuss is itself a genuine thing, and we’ll cover that as substance, though anything that tumbles out of his mouth will land on a Entertainment page,” Grim said.

So if he calls Rick Perry or Jeb Bush a stupid boundary or whatever, that will be lonesome as… Entertainment? Politics? It would seem like politics, given it would be one presidential claimant job another one a stupid butt. we mean, this would be a prohibited story — really classy, really large ratings. But they will record it underneath party given why?

When, say, Scott Walker says that a anathema on happy couple leaders in a Boy Scouts should be kept to “protect children,” is that only something entertainingly reticent that “tumbles out of his mouth,” or is that a domestic matter dictated to lean people who competence be politically-minded to determine with him whose votes he needs in a midst of a domestic campaign? Why would pristine clowns that have an even obtuse outcome on a race, like Mike Huckabee or Bobby Jindal, be lonesome during all — underneath possibly politics or entertainment? We would not go so distant as to contend that “on a incomparable level… [the Huffington Post editors] seem to skip a indicate that all politics is theater.” It’s some-more that difference matter in politics, and Donald Trump’s difference have proven to matter utterly a bit in this race, so it’s bizarre now to sideline them as pristine folly.

Article source: http://www.salon.com/2015/07/17/the_latest_donald_trump_stunt_when_politics_becomes_a_sideshow_is_the_circus_still_politics/