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The Latest: Puigdemont says Madrid jailings are ‘a mistake’

A Spanish decider on Thursday systematic a jailing of 8 of Catalonia’s separatist leaders a week after a segment announced independence, fluctuating a tough crackdown on a breakaway effort.

The preference not to giveaway a former officials on bail forward of their trials on charges of rebellion, mutiny and a injustice of open supports came after an Oct. 27 takeover of a segment following a Catalan Parliament’s opinion to secede.

The imprisonments set off an evident cheer from pro-independence advocates in Catalonia, who pronounced they fit into a odious settlement from a Spanish state that began when inhabitant military intervened with truncheons and assault to try to forestall an liberty referendum from being hold on Oct. 1. Town squares opposite Catalonia filled with protesters after a preference was announced late Thursday afternoon.

A prosecutor also asked Judge Carmen Lamela to approve an general detain aver for former Catalan boss Carles Puigdemont, who fled to Belgium on Monday alongside other officials. An extradition ask would set a belligerent for a formidable tactful dance between Spain and Belgium, that allows E.U. adults to explain domestic haven and that is partially ruled by Flemish nationalists sensitive to a Catalan cause.

Lamela designed to confirm on a aver Friday. In denying bail, she pronounced a leaders still in Spain were a moody risk, citing a shelter by Puigdemont and others to Brussels.

Puigdemont refused to seem during a Madrid justice on Thursday, observant that a charges were politically motivated. The leaders are confronting jail terms of adult to 30 years. In all, 20 officials are charged.

Apart from a 8 people sent to jail Thursday, a ninth was authorised giveaway on bail of $58,000 since he quiescent from a Catalan supervision before a liberty declaration.

“A prolonged and extreme hang-up lies ahead. We contingency fight a conditions as Catalans do, though violence, in peace,” Puigdemont pronounced Thursday in a televised residence to Catalans that seemed to be available from his Brussels hotel room. He has pronounced that he stays Catalonia’s personality and that a preference by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to use inherent powers to frame him of bureau was illegal.

The preference to put a former officials behind bars meant that a highest-profile separatist Catalan leaders will substantially not be means to run in Dec. 21 informal elections that Rajoy called after dismissing a government. After dark fell Thursday, a former officials were eliminated in military vans with flashing blue lights to a Alcalá-Meco Prison outward Madrid.

The pierce was cursed even by some pro-union Catalan leaders, who pronounced it was needlessly harsh.

“This is a black day for democracy and for Catalonia,” pronounced Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, who seemed tighten to tears as she spoke to reporters late Thursday. Colau has pronounced she believes Catalonia should have some-more liberty though should not be independent.

The crackdown drew defamation from several other leaders in Europe, including a heads of Scotland and Belgian Flanders, dual regions that have sought liberty or some-more liberty from their inhabitant governments.

“Jailing democratically inaugurated supervision leaders = some-more than overpass too far,” wrote a personality of Belgium’s Flanders region, Geert Bourgeois, on Twitter.

That was echoed by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who wrote that “regardless of opinion on Catalonia, a jailing of inaugurated leaders is wrong and should be cursed by all democrats.”

She added: “The feud about Catalonia’s destiny is political. It should be resolved democratically — not by a jailing of domestic opponents.”

Opinion polls uncover that support for liberty in Catalonia is flourishing though that somewhat reduction than half of a race seeks a split.

Braden Phillips contributed to this report.

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