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The media didn’t wish to trust Trump could win. So they looked a other way.

“The media is always holding Trump literally. It never takes him seriously, though it always takes him literally,” Thiel said. Journalists wanted to know accurately how he would expatriate that many undocumented immigrants, or accurately how Trump would absolved a universe of ISIS. We wanted details.

But a lot of electorate consider a conflicting way: They take Trump severely though not literally.

They realize, Thiel said, that Trump doesn’t unequivocally devise to build a wall. “What they hear is, ‘We’re going to have a saner, some-more essential immigration policy.’ ”

Trump, utterly apparently, prisoner a annoy that Americans were feeling about issues such as trade and immigration.

And nonetheless many reporters and many news organizations did stories about a disappointment and disenfranchisement of these Americans, we did not take them severely enough.

And nonetheless we reporters try to execute ourselves as asocial sometimes, or hard-bitten, we can also be idealistic, even naive.

We wanted to trust in a nation where goodness and politeness still mattered, and where someone so crude, critical and unstinting could never be inaugurated — since America was improved than that.

I can error reporters for a lot of things, though we can’t error us for that.

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