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The Pixel 3 removes a ability to clear your phone with your voice

Google has sensitively private a Unlock with Voice Match duty from a latest Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL phones, as initial reported by Piunikaweb. The feature, that was formerly accessible on a past dual Pixel devices, authorised for users to transparent their phones’ Assistant facilities with an, “OK Google” command. Google reliable that a underline is no longer accessible on a support page, where it explains: “On Pixel 3 phones, we can’t transparent your phone by observant ‘Ok Google.’ Instead, we can use a Google Assistant on your close screen.”

This is a flattering large functionality to remove for any Pixel owners who were awaiting to see a underline carried over to a Pixel 3. With a prior Pixel phones, users could make calls, send messages, and entrance third-party apps around Google Assistant voice support though unlocking their phones. The “Unlock with Voice Match” toggle in a Pixel 2’s Assistant settings has now been transposed on a Pixel 3’s settings with a “Lock shade personal results” toggle, that now reads “Use Voice Match to entrance personal formula like email, calendar, contacts, and reminders when your phone is locked.”

It’s not transparent because Google private a feature, though one speculation could be that a Voice Match feature had some confidence flaws that could concede for someone with a similar-sounding voice, or a voice recording, to transparent a phones. Another reason could be that Google sees a new Pixel Stand, that allows we to use Google Assistant though carrying to transparent a phone when docked, as a improved resolution for hands-free access.

Article source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/10/19/18001460/google-pixel-3-xl-google-assistant-voice-match-removed