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The Respectability Politics of Being Muslim American – The Atlantic

Muslim women generally feel a weight to seem normal. Often, they are called on to fit a Western picture of a complicated woman. With all a disastrous assumptions they face about their religion, they contingency actively claim their miss of oppression, rather than simply vital it out in their daily lives. They might feel a need to minimize any complaints about their possess Muslim communities so they do not supplement glow to accusations that Islam is regularly antagonistic to women.

The hijab, a deceive ragged by some Muslim women, is maybe a many apparent pitch of Muslim identity, and can therefore lead to taste and even violence. The preference to wear a hijab places a aim on one’s back. Women like a Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad, along with a engorgement of fashion bloggers and Instagram stars, incorporate hijab into their daily, open lives, that will hopefully assistance to normalize a deceive and revoke a risk other women face.

A recent, high-profile try to normalize American Muslims came in Jul during a Democratic National Convention. Khizr and Ghazala Khan, a relatives of a Purple Heart target Humayun Khan, attempted to opposite Donald Trump’s Islamophobia by articulate about their son’s troops use and genocide in Iraq. The gesticulate seemed to say, “Muslims are Americans since they, too, will quarrel and die in a wars.” Yet it is as American to join a army as it is to conflict and criticism these wars. The Khans’ grant was good and their height deserved, though they can't offer a customary for all American Muslims.

If Trump’s attacks on a Khans are any indication, a debate did small to truly normalize or humanize Muslims in a eyes of those whose minds have been done adult opposite them. While many who are not customarily quite accessible to Muslims came out to support a Khans, surveys uncover that many Americans share Trump’s guess of Muslims. In such a climate, even a ultimate sacrifice, and a ultimate arrangement of American patriotism, managed to pull a backlash.

That seems to be a predestine of all Muslims’ efforts to mix in: rejection. These efforts can usually move exhaustion, along with a detriment of particular elements of Muslim culture. Only by organizing politically, reporting themselves in a many American approach of all, can they wish to make their loyal voice listened and eventually safeguard their relations safety. They should not be fearful of displaying their customs, views, or practices that might seem different.

Muslims should not bashful divided from a fact that their sacrament is opposite from a normal of their presumably physical country. Rather, they contingency direct that their nation accepts them as they are, for all a contributions they make, even if that means unwell to look, sound, and act like what America has deemed “normal”.

Article source: http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2016/09/muslim-americans-should-reject-respectability-politics/501452/