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The Rose Bowl semifinal live blog: Oklahoma leads Georgia mid by a fourth quarter

5:16. Ogbonnia Okoronkwo stuffs Chubb for no gain, afterwards Fromm scrambles for 5 to set adult a biggest third down of a game. Fromm fires low for Godwin, and Nizialek’s punt rolls out of finish during a 23.

6:52. OKLAHOMA 45, GEORGIA 38. TOUCHDOWN. Michel gains 5 yards, afterwards Fromm finds a shifting Hardman along a sideline for 15 yards to a UGA 45. But then, disaster. Michel breaks a tackle using left, yet he’s nude by Caleb Kelly, and a round bounces right into Steven Parker’s hands. Parker tiptoes a sidelines, cuts into a center of a field, and goes 46 yards for a go-ahead touchdown.

The Sooners lead. Wow. WOW.

8:47. OKLAHOMA 38, GEORGIA 38. TOUCHDOWN. Anderson bullies his approach for 15 yards to start OU’s drive, afterwards Lamb creates a poetic 36-yard locate over Tyrique McGhee. A designed pull by Mayfield gains 22 more, afterwards Mayfield scrambles left and finds Flowers for an 11-yard score.

OU was passed in a water, afterwards went 88 yards in 6 plays to tie a game. Wow.

Because I’m mean, here’s where we remind we that OU means Georgia 3 points during a finish of a initial half.

10:43. Huge stop by OU. Chubb gains 3 yards, a pass to Wims gains another three, and a Sooners send a residence on third-and-4. Fromm is called for conscious education perplexing to equivocate a pouch by Kenneth Murray.

Nizialek booms a 58-yarder, and Lamb looks like he’s got an alley for a vast return, yet Sanders trips him adult during a OU 12. Georgia is creation each shoestring tackle right now.

12:19. OU starts with an finish around to Brown that looks promising, yet Roquan Smith plays it perfectly, and it gains usually one. Anderson picks adult 4 to set adult a third-and-5, yet notwithstanding an OU hold, a pass to Andrews comes adult brief of a chains. Another three-and-out. Seibert’s punt checks adult short, too. A nightmarish half continues for a flush and cream.

  • Mayfield in a second half: 4-for-8 for 19 yards, 3 sacks, and an interception.
  • Average starting margin position in a second half: UGA 48, OU 15.

13:57. GEORGIA 38, OKLAHOMA 31. TOUCHDOWN. The Dawgs take a lead. Fromm to Wims. A 24-0 run by UGA.

14:48. INTERCEPTION. Uh oh. Dominick Sanders picks off a terribly dismissed Mayfield pass on a initial play of a quarter. Sanders earnings it 39 yards to a OU 4. The Dawgs are about to take a lead.

0:00. OU’s calamity third entertain comes to an finish with increasingly informed circumstances: third-and-long. Third-and-10 from a 18, to be precise.

What a widespread entertain for a Dawgs.

0:41. GEORGIA 31, OKLAHOMA 31. TOUCHDOWN. Once again, a initial play of Georgia’s expostulate is good — an 11-yard locate by Godwin. Chubb is pressed for a detriment on a subsequent play, yet Fromm finds Wims for 20 yards opposite a blitz. Ball during a OU 41.

After a brief run by Michel and a throwaway by Fromm, it’s third-and-seven as a time ticks down in a quarter. OU desperately needs a stop … and doesn’t even come close. From changes a play during a line, and Michel takes a loyal handoff and rolls inexperienced for a 38-yard score.

This diversion had gotten divided from Georgia late in a initial half. The Dawgs have been ideal since.

3:16. A Mayfield pull earns OU’s initial initial down of a second half, yet Georgia doesn’t punch on a flea flutter that falls incomplete, and Roquan Smith slows down a Mayfield hasten for dual yards. (A unequivocally vast Georgia defender lands on Mayfield during a finish of a play, and he stays on a belligerent harm for a moment.) On third-and-8, a extraordinary call (draw play!) turns into a great one. Anderson weaves around tacklers for 25 yards out to a OU 39.

From there, OU goes backwards. Mayfield takes another coverage pouch (this time from Ledbetter), afterwards falls plant to a try and gets sacked again (Clark). That’s five! On third-and-forever, Anderson goes nowhere, and Seibert’s punt is satisfactory held during a 29.

8:08. After dual Michel rushes benefit 6 yards, Swift incidentally runs into his lineman and falls usually brief on third down. And notwithstanding a belligerent diversion averaging 16 yards per carry, Georgia punts on fourth-and-inches. Come on. Nizialek’s beautiful punt is downed during a 2, and we still hatred that call.

10:10. After Anderson is pressed on initial down, Mayfield finds Lamb for a brief gain, afterwards takes a outrageous team-picture pouch from Lorenzo Carter and flattering most each other member of a UGA front seven. Two three-and-outs to start a second half. Seibert’s punt is downed during a 28. This diversion has completely changed.

12:25. OKLAHOMA 31, GEORGIA 24. TOUCHDOWN. No, that was accurately a start UGA needed. On a Dawgs’ initial snap, Chubb runs by tackles during a line of struggle and rumbles 50 yards for a touchdown.

OU was adult 17 with 6 seconds left in a initial half. The lead’s already down to seven.

12:36. After a brief Badet flog return, OU starts a half from a 14. Anderson gains 3 yards, afterwards Mayfield loses dual on a scramble. On third-and-9, a discerning rope to Brown usually gains eight, and Hardman earnings a Seibert punt to midfield. Exactly a start UGA needed.

Some stats:


  • Mayfield: 13-for-18 for 200 yards and a touchdown and dual sacks, dual non-sack carries for 12 yards, and a two-yard touchdown reception.
  • Anderson: 13 carries for 125 yards and dual touchdowns. (Sermon has dual carries for 34 yards, too.)
  • Brown: 4 catches for 76 yards and a touchdown.


  • Fromm: 12-for-17 for 109 yards, a touchdown, and dual sacks.
  • Chubb and Michell: 8 carries for 184 yards and a touchdown. Maybe, uh, give them a round more.

By a way, this has been about a best arrangement of first-down offense you’ll ever see. Georgia has run 16 plays on initial down for 239 yards; OU’s run 19 for 182. Riley and Chaney had their particular units all sorts of prepared for this one.

0:00. OKLAHOMA 31, GEORGIA 17. An OU squib flog goes awry, and Georgia downs it during a OU 47 with 5 seconds left. That allows for a brief pass to Godwin, a timeout, and a 55-yard try from Blankenship. He nails it. Georgia is still in trouble, yet that was a gift 3 points from a Sooners. Never squib. Never ever squib.

0:06. OKLAHOMA 31, GEORGIA 14. This time Lamb takes an finish around to a right, yet this time he fires to Mayfield, who has drifted open in a finish zone. Touchdown.

Absolutely gorgeous.

0:13. With Murray behind in a backfield, Badet takes a jet brush (well, a jet-sweep pass) around a right side, yet Roquan Smith and Lorenzo Carter keep him out of a finish zone. OU calls another timeout. Third down from a 2.

0:20. Tyler Clark blows adult a handoff to Flowers, and OU calls timeout. Second down from a 6.

0:25. Sermon immediately flips a margin behind with a 31-yard run down a right flank, yet Anderson is stopped for a yard, and Mayfield misses Lamb low over a middle. On third-and-9, though, Mayfield hits Brown on a shoal cross, and he shoots upfield for 45 yards. Goodness, he’s fast.

After a six-yard pass to Lamb, Anderson gains three, and Mayfield sneaks forward for a first-and-goal from a 2.

With 25 seconds left in a half, Oklahoma comes out with a uncanny quick-huddle thing, and Georgia calls timeout. OU comes behind out with two quarterbacks (Mayfield and backup Kyler Murray) in a backfield, and Kirby Smart calls another timeout. Cat and mouse. OU’s about to magnitude and gets a round to start a second half. Smart has to do all he can to reason a Sooners to a margin goal.

3:28. Georgia’s not corroborated adult for long, as Chubb bursts adult a left sideline for 45 yards. But Steven Parker sacks Fromm on a ideal reserve shell — why are we throwing so much, Georgia? — and Tre Norwood breaks adult a chuck to Wims. On third-and-17, a dump to Michel gains nine, and Nizialek pins OU during a 10. No points, yet a Dawgs flipped a field, during least.

5:37. Anderson’s behind in, and his initial lift gains 7 yards. On second down, however, Mayfield gets a small too gentle and waits too prolonged to find an open man. David Marshall trips him up, and on third-and-12, a pass to Brown comes adult short. Humongous stop by a Dawgs, even yet Seibert’s punt takes an extraordinary rebound and goes out of finish during a UGA 2.

7:42. A good Mecole Hardman flog lapse is negated rather by an bootleg block, and UGA starts during a 20. Wims takes another brief pass 16 yards, yet after a brief Swift run, Fromm misfires to both Ridley and Michel, and Nizialek half-shanks a punt to usually a OU 42. Lots of vigour on a Georgia invulnerability right now.

9:12. FIELD GOAL. OKLAHOMA 24, GEORGIA 14. Mayfield looks left, afterwards fires to Andrews over a center for 29 yards, afterwards dual Anderson carries benefit 7 yards to set adult another third down. On a second carry, about 600 pounds’ value of Georgia defenders land on tip of him, presumably knocking his exhale out. He stays down on a sideline for a while.

With Anderson out, Mayfield fakes to backup Trey Sermon and runs an easy screw for a initial down. From a 32, dual shots to Lamb can’t bond — one on a double-covered low ball, and one off his hands on a indicate — that sets adult a initial tangible third-and-long of a afternoon. And a Sooners convert. A gorgeous shade to Lamb gains 14 into a UGA red zone.

Sermon gains 3 yards, afterwards Lamb drops another contested pass over a middle. Third-and-long again, and Georgia finally gets a stop — Tyler Clark captures Mayfield in a collapsing pocket, forcing OU to settle for a 38-yard Austin Seibert margin goal. Small victories.

14:00. TOUCHDOWN. OKLAHOMA 21, GEORGIA 14. Damn. Sony Michel, 75 yards. Touchdown.

Georgia used suit to get OU’s linebackers out of position, and Michel strike a jets.

This is a ruin of a football game, we guys.

14:12. TOUCHDOWN. OKLAHOMA 21, GEORGIA 7. Mayfield finds Mark Andrews for 11 yards to start a quarter, afterwards it’s Anderson again. He bolts left for 41 yards and a third touchdown in 3 OU drives.

Seventeen plays, 209 yards, 21 points. Mayfield is 6-for-7. Anderson has 8 carries for 107 yards. This is already a third-most points Georgia has authorised in a diversion this year. Georgia will still substantially make adjustments and figure some things out. But what’s a magnitude going to be when that happens?

0:00. It took roughly a whole initial entertain for Georgia to force a third down, yet on third-and-3, Mayfield simply finds CeeDee Lamb for 10 yards to a OU 48. That’s how a stirring initial entertain ends.

1:48. A Chubb cutback gains 11 to start Georgia’s third drive, afterwards carries by Chubb and D’Andre Swift mix to benefit seven. On third-and-3, Fromm simply finds Woerner to pierce a bondage again. And for good measure, he connects with Woerner again for 11 yards to a OU 38.

An easy pass to Tyler Simmons gains 9 yards, yet after a fake start, Pernell Motley cooking adult a discerning RPO pass to Terry Godwin to set adult a third-and-5. Fromm has to dump to Michel underneath pressure, and Motley takes him down 3 yards short. Rodrigo Blankenship’s 48-yard try drifts just left. Feels like a use break.

6:56. TOUCHDOWN. OKLAHOMA 14, GEORGIA 7. A nine-yard pass to Brown and a three-yard rush by Anderson pierce a bondage for OU, and after an deficient low shot toward Brown, it’s a Rodney Anderson show. He bolts 45 yards down a left sideline, gains nine, afterwards gains 9 again for a touchdown.

OU has gained 140 yards in 12 plays. Goodness.

8:27. TOUCHDOWN. GEORGIA 7, OKLAHOMA 7. Exactly what Georgia needed. Chubb hits a dilemma on a initial play of a Dawgs second expostulate and rumbles for 25 yards. Two plays later, Sony Michel races off right tackle for 20 some-more to a OU 29. Fromm fires high again to Woerner, who reels a round in for a brief gain, afterwards a beginner creates a good pass to Wims for 14 yards. From there, he finds Michel out of a backfield for a 13-yard score.

Not certain they even needed to chuck a round on that drive, yet it worked.

11:31. TOUCHDOWN. OKLAHOMA 7, GEORGIA 0. After Jonathan Ledbetter cooking adult Rodney Anderson for no benefit on OU’s initial play, Baker Mayfield rolls right and hits H-back Dimitri Flowers far-reaching open over a center on back-to-back passes for 16 and 26 yards. After a hands-to-the-face chastisement on a brief Mark Andrews catch, OU is already inside a UGA red zone.

From a 15, Mayfield flips to Anderson for a two-yard gain, afterwards hits Marquise Brown in a finish section off of play-action.

That was easy. Georgia will adjust, yet it improved occur flattering quickly.

13:37. Georgia comes out throwing, perplexing to get Jake Fromm in an early rhythm. He hits Javon Wims, who cuts upfield for 21 yards, yet Wims drops a second pass. After a three-yard Nick Chubb run, it’s a initial third-and-long of a game: Fromm has time yet throws off-target on a flattering easy pass to parsimonious finish Charlie Woerner. Cameron Nizialek’s initial punt is boomed into a finish zone.

Guess we didn’t learn usually a ton about OU’s invulnerability there, yet you’ll take a four-and-out on each possession.

15:00. Oklahoma wins a toss and defers to a second half. Really extraordinary about how both of these defenses will hoop a unaccompanied tests forward of them. We’ll find out something about OU’s D first.

The Rose Bowl has traditionally been a showdown between a West Coast and Middle America as a Pac-12 and Big Ten champions have left to conflict in balmy Los Angeles. But in 2018, interjection to a College Football Playoff, it will give dual of a nation’s tip 4 teams a unaccompanied event to watch a Parade of a Roses live. Kickoff in a semifinal diversion between a No. 2 Oklahoma Sooners and No. 3 Georgia Bulldogs is scheduled for 5 p.m. ET and will be promote on ESPN (live stream).

It’s a Bulldogs’ initial Rose Bowl given a 1942 deteriorate when they kick UCLA in a 9-0 barnburner. For a Sooners, it’s their initial postseason outing to a City of Angels given a 2002 season, when Nate Hybl led a group to a vast win over Washington State.

2017 Heisman Trophy leader Baker Mayfield will try to outgun a Bulldogs offense led by a manly three-headed rushing attack. Georgia ran for an considerable 5.8 yards per lift this fall. The Bulldogs need to be usually as inclusive to keep adult with a Sooners’ third-ranked flitting offense on Monday.

  • Time: 5 p.m. ET
  • Location: Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.
  • TV: ESPN
  • Streaming: WatchESPN
  • Odds: Georgia is adored by 2.5 points

OU heads in ranked a insignificant 95th in Def. SP+. The Sooners are a usually CFP group though a top-10 defense, and they’re not even close to that mark. They’ve gotten divided with it since of their absurdly good offense, yet it’s protected to assume that Mayfield and association aren’t going to put adult 50 points on UGA. The Sooner D is going to need to make some stops.

Despite a altogether numbers, OU has spent half a deteriorate personification plain defense. The other half, not so much.

Question 1: What kind of crew package allows we to matchup?

Oklahoma’s bottom “21 personnel” organisation (two RBs, one TE, dual WRs) is formidable to compare adult against. A conduct manager from a Mike Leach tree who also frequently trots out a TE and FB is flattering unique, yet a approach a Sooners do it unequivocally complements a atmosphere raid elements.

Miami reserve Nadab Joseph visited Georgia late in a recruiting routine yet seemed set to hang with his joining to a Alabama Crimson Tide this morning. But it was not to be, and a Bulldog coaching staff landed one nationally ranked partisan on a day. Joseph is tabbed a #18 cornerback in a republic and a #161 awaiting altogether by 247Sports. Joseph was an LSU dedicate before to his Tide pledge, yet had been on a UGA staff’s radar for utterly a while.

  • Which propagandize has constructed a improved using behind talent in a story — Oklahoma or Georgia?

A washing list of big-time ball-carriers is a substructure of any RBU argument. For Georgia, guys like Frank Sinkwich, Charley Trippi, Willie McClendon, Rodney Hampton, Lars Tate, Garrison Hearst, Terrell Davis, Knowshon Moreno, Todd Gurley, and even stream Bulldog Nick Chubbreinforce any RBU claims in Athens. You competence have beheld how we didn’t even discuss a mythological Herschel Walker, who is arguably a biggest college football player, regardless of position, in history:

Back on indicate – a good thing (and there were many good things) about this diversion is a emancipation and a fact that we will not have to hear about a Nov 11 detriment ever again. Ever. Yeah, we competence get to see a prominence whenever someone facilities Auburn in a future. But that diversion was zero yet a bad memory that has been now erased. We had a final giggle and they don’t get a mulligan. That contingency burn.

Can Jake Fromm live adult to a vigour of his initial play game?

Fromm usurped Jacob Eason’s starting purpose as a loyal beginner this year, and while he shined in a SEC pretension game, a immature passer will face some-more vigour than ever before to perform in a biggest diversion of UGA’s deteriorate to date. Fortunately, a Bulldogs don’t need him to be inclusive in sequence to win. Fromm usually has 3 games this deteriorate in that he’s thrown for 200-plus yards. If a Sooners can’t stop a Georgia using game, Eason could have all a embodiment he needs to collect a Oklahoma delegate apart.

Mayfield’s unaccompanied talent could be adequate to pull a Sooners to victory, yet a some-more offset Georgia group takes this one in a high-scoring affair.

Be certain to check out all a bowl predictions here.

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