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The Surprising Way One Woman Doubled Her Income And Travels Full-Time

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Kristen Bor, atop a Sprinter Van that doubles as her home and office. Pictured here along Canada’s Icefields Parkway.

Have we ever wanted to quit your job, live in a outpost and transport full-time? Kristen Bor did it — and she’s never been happier (or had some-more money).

After removing her masters in environmental management, Bor landed a brotherhood in Washington D.C. working for a U.S. congressman, where she was obliged for a natural resources portfolio. Then she shifted into the non-profit sector, operative as a lobbyist to foster tolerable general fisheries policy. Three years in, she began to comprehend that a D.C. grub wasn’t a good long-term fit. “I cared about a work, yet we knew that a career arena we was on wasn’t where we wanted to be 10 or 20 years down a road,” says Bor.

Bor never grew adult camping or hiking, yet she motionless to chuck it all and start Bearfoot Theory, an outdoor transport website where she helps women overcome their fears and build some-more certainty in a outdoors. “I wanted to spend some-more time outside, yet we couldn’t find an online apparatus we could describe to,” she says. “So we motionless to emanate one.”

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Sleeping underneath a stars during Lake Powell’s Lone Rock Beach.

Now, three-and-a-half years later, Bor has been living and operative in a converted Sprinter Van and roving via North America. She runs a successful business where she employs 3 other women, is earning some-more income than she ever illusory and has been invited to pronounce during places like REI’s Force of Nature Event about creation a outward some-more thorough for women, no matter where they are in their outward journey.

Bor credits outpost life as partial of a reason she is means to make — and save — so many money. Here, she tells how she remade her career and how anyone can follow in her footsteps.

Photo pleasantness of Kat Carney/@katcarney

Kristen Bor on a transport by Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Laura Begley Bloom: What desirous we to spin transport into a career?

Kristen Bor: Before grad school, we worked as a SCUBA instructor in Thailand and as a deckhand in Hawaii, and we always wanted transport to be partial of my job. One reason we worked for my final employer was given we worked on general issues, and my colleagues were constantly roving all over a globe. That unequivocally intrigued me. Soon after we got hired, though, we satisfied that business roving mostly meant drifting median opposite a world, sitting in a discussion room for a integrate of days and drifting home, yet a event to indeed see a nation or do anything outward of work. That wasn’t a kind of transport we was meddlesome in.

Photo pleasantness of Duane Prentice/@duaneprentice

A fantastic setting: Lake O’Hara in British Columbia’s Yoho National Park.

Begley Bloom: How did we confirm to emanate Bearfoot Theory?

Bor: When we was in my prior job, we started to investigate other options and stumbled on a few successful transport bloggers who were creation a full-time vital from blogging, including Kiersten Rich who runs a Blonde Abroad. She was charity a one-on-one mentorship program, that we motionless to take.

Prior to starting my brotherhood in D.C., we had spent dual months backpacking around Indonesia where we kept a blog for family and friends. we had a blast doing it, so we was flattering vehement to find out it was probable to make a full-time vital doing a kind of transport we indeed wanted to do.

Aside from creation money, we saw a few other opportunities in transport blogging. we figured by pity my practice online I’d be some-more expected to plea myself and try new activities that we competence differently be fearful of. we also suspicion blogging would yield me an entrance to continue being an environmental advocate.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

The perspective from Bor’s bed in North Cascades National Park.

Begley Bloom: How did we get a suspicion to live and work full-time in a van?

Bor: I had been blogging for about a year and a half, and we customarily got behind to a U.S. from a three-month solo highway outing around New Zealand where we was vital in a tiny camper van. Things with my blog were going well, and we was on a highway some-more than we was home. One night we was pushing behind from a backpacking trip, and we was right by a Grand Canyon. It was unequivocally cold and pouring rain, and we thought, “If we had a van, we could lift over, revise my backpacking photos, get a good night’s nap and see what a continue is like tomorrow.” But instead, we gathering home, fervent to get my backpacking outing adult on a blog. That’s when we started to get critical about anticipating a automobile where I could absolutely nap and work while we was traveling.

One of my friends had customarily systematic a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Van, and this seemed like a ideal adventure-mobile. You can mount adult inside and it can hoop all kinds of terrain. Plus, we wanted something arguable and secure given we mostly transport by myself. we had customarily sole a condo we owned in D.C., so we motionless to put that money into a Sprinter Van.

When we got my van, we was vital by myself in a one-bedroom unit in Salt Lake City. we was already on a highway many of a year, and by giving adult my place we could save $14,000 a year. we figured if we ever indispensable a home bottom for a while, we could always go home and stay with family or we could simply find a new unit in Salt Lake. we unequivocally had zero to remove by giving it a try.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

In her converted Sprinter Van nearby Park City, Utah.

Begley Bloom: How many did all of this cost?

Bor: A new 4×4 Sprinter runs about $55k. we put about $45k into a conversion, including a solar system, rack, heater and all of a other things that make a outpost run. If we buy a used van, source a materials, already have a collection and take a few months of giveaway time to modify a outpost yourself, we can do it for as tiny as $20k. I know people who’ve spent a lot more, as good as those who’ve spent a lot less. You unequivocally have to demeanour at the value of your time and confirm possibly we would suffer a DIY slight or whether it’s value profitable a association to do a conversion for you.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Another perspective of a van’s interior in McCall, Idaho.

Begley Bloom: What are your annual vital costs when you’re vital in a van?

Bor: I don’t have accurate numbers, yet we do know that I’ve never had as many income in my bank comment than we do after one year of outpost life. Being on a highway and constantly removing new calm for my blog has helped my business and web trade grow, and now I’m creation over double what we finished in my prior job. At a same time, my losses vital in a outpost are less. Gas is my biggest expense, followed by groceries. we try to prepare a infancy of my dishes and many of a activities we extract in are free, like hiking. we do compensate for a occasional campsite, generally when I’m roving solo, and those customarily run between $10-20 per night. The easiest approach to save income on a highway is to equivocate cities and spend as many time in inlet as possible.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Preparing a dish in McCall, Idaho.

Begley Bloom: How has this knowledge finished we a improved business person?

Bor: During my time in D.C., there were so many things we squandered income on. Coffee each morning. Lunch. Happy hour. These things were partial of my daily routine. we looked brazen to them, and they helped me cope with a fact that we was unsatisfied. Collectively, though, it combined adult to utterly a lot of nonessential spending. Now being self-employed, I’ve cut out a lot of those daily expenses. I’d rather use that income to compensate an employee to get some-more calm adult on a blog, breeze my weekly newsletter or representation brands we wish to work with. Plus, we work tough for each penny we acquire and reinvesting it in my business — contra spending it on things we don’t need — means we won’t have to work as tough a few years down a road.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

On a go: Icefields Parkway in Alberta.

Begley Bloom: Any other career ah-ha moments that have come out of vital and operative in a van?

Bor: Being in a outpost and carrying this flexibility has encouraged me to do whatever it takes to continue being my possess boss, even if that means holding a mangle from a highway each now and then. Living in a outpost creates work both easier and some-more formidable to finish sometimes. It creates removing a stories and photos for my blog a lot some-more convenient. On a other hand, with all that tour during your doorstep, we possibly don’t wish to lay behind a computer, or it creates we feel like we aren’t creation a many of your time when we select operative in a Starbucks over play.

Begley Bloom: What have we schooled along a way?

Bor: I’m a planner by nature. we review reviews, demeanour during maps and check out too many pics before we go roughly anywhere. The outpost is solemnly chipping divided during a type-A me and training me how to go with a flow. Some of my best practice in a outpost have been a ones that have been random and unexpected, and mostly it’s a tiny things. Eating a van-cooked cooking during an extraordinary sunset, listening to loon calls, examination a stars, assembly cold people, anticipating a isolated campsite with extraordinary views. That’s what we live for out here.

Being my possess trainer has also postulated me a leisure to go on some bigger adventures. Right after we quit my job, we spent 22 days backpacking the John Muir Trail in a Sierras. That was a life-changing experience, and it was on that transport where we finished some critical decisions about my long-term goals.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Taking in Utah’s Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area.

Begley Bloom: Has being a lady ever been a challenge?

Bor: I wouldn’t go as distant as observant it’s an impediment, yet I’d be fibbing if we pronounced that it didn’t impact a forms of places I’m peaceful to stay and how distant off a grid I’ll go when I’m alone. we try not to be scared, yet there are a lot of voices in my conduct revelation me a things we should and shouldn’t do, as distant as safety. However, a fact is, I’m unequivocally unapproachable of myself for carrying a bravery to be roving solo in my van. When we got my outpost we was singular and customarily out of a seven-year relationship, and we didn’t wish a fact that we was a solo womanlike stop me from vital a life we wanted to live. Overall, I’d contend it’s been an lenient knowledge and I’m a some-more assured and eccentric lady given of it.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

The perspective from Paget Peak in Yoho National Park, British Columbia.

Begley Bloom: And what about safety?

Bor: There are a series of things we do to safeguard my safety. we never nap anywhere we don’t feel comfortable. If I’m alone, I’m customarily not venturing down different mud roads for a night customarily to save a few bucks on camping. we like to stay in state park, timberland service, inhabitant park and other dynamic (but still wild-feeling) campgrounds where there are a few other folks around. we also always transport with a GPS Transponder that we can use to promulgate in box of an puncture or automobile problems. we can also use that to let my family know my locale when we don’t have dungeon use and I’m hiking alone, for instance. we recently finished a YouTube video and wrote a blog post on this theme of solo womanlike safety that people can check out for some-more tips.

Begley Bloom: What’s a best recommendation anyone’s ever given we via this journey?

Bor: My father told me, “Your thirties are going to be a best and many prolific years of your life.” So far, he’s been mark on. Right now during 34, we have a freedom, lots of appetite and a miss of critical financial commitments, that allows me to pursue my passion. He told me if we follow my dreams now with full intent, we will reap a rewards in my 40s, when we wish some-more fortitude and time to relax.

Begley Bloom: Worst advice?

Bor: Any unequivocally bad recommendation I’ve gotten has been prolonged forgotten. As distant as my travels go, we mostly hear we should equivocate certain places given they are too crowded. Yosemite, Zion, etc. Well, these renouned places are renouned for a reason. Frankly, we consider it’s sparkling to see people removing out to a inhabitant parks, exploring a open lands and finding a mental and earthy advantages of a outdoors. Plus, if we are peaceful to go over a vital surveillance points and trails, we can simply find seclusion. Some of a many enchanting places I’ve been have been those “crowded” places other people have told me to drive transparent of.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

Watching a Beehive Geyser in Yellowstone’s Upper Geyser Basin.

Begley Bloom: What’s your recommendation to other women who wish to do something like this?

Bor: Anyone can make income on a internet if they are dynamic and wish it bad enough. It doesn’t occur overnight and we have to work like crazy, yet I’m vital explanation that it’s totally probable to build something out of nothing. Just listen to a Smart Passive Income podcast, a favorite of mine, and you’ll see: People are building successful online businesses doing all kinds of crazy stuff. The customarily thing interlude we is you.

As distant as outpost life, we also don’t need a imagination Sprinter Van to suffer life on a road. Maybe it’s a tiny transport trailer, maybe it’s a Chevy Astrovan. There are ways to do it on a inexpensive if income is a thing holding we back.

Being a self-employed businessman is a best preference we ever made, yet it’s not a customarily approach to transport or do a van-life thing. My Sprinter Van friends Joe and Emilie, who run a Instagram account @permanentroadtrip, saved adequate income to quit their jobs and transport in their outpost for a few years yet carrying to work while they’re on a road. That seems like a flattering good approach to go, as well.

Begley Bloom: What’s next?

Bor: Soon, I’ll be starting to write an e-book about Sprinter Van life, and there’s no approach I’ll ever get it finished if we was roving in a outpost like we have been for a final 14 months. For that reason, I’ll take a tiny mangle from a outpost and set adult emporium in Salt Lake City for a few months this winter, where a work/play change will be a tiny easier for me to juggle. My wish is we can conquer a e-book this winter, and a additional income will concede me to some-more entirely suffer being behind on a highway full-time subsequent summer.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

In Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park.

Begley Bloom: What are a tip 5 things to know about vital in a van? 

Bor: 1) Keep your build simple, during slightest during first. I went all out with my van, and while the end outcome is beautiful, it is a lot of work to maintain. If we could go behind to the design proviso of my van, I’d highway outing in it for a bit first, see how we was regulating a space and I’d expected finish adult with a easier build.

2) If we don’t use it during slightest once a week, it’s not value a space. Those towering bikes, camping games and imagination clothes? All of those things take adult changed space in a van. Before we strike a highway for good, take a two-week outing and see what we use. When we come back, embankment anything that didn’t move we a lot of enjoyment.

3) Travel slow. If all we are doing is rushing from one place to a next, you’re blank out on so many advantages of outpost life — like assembly other cold people and removing off a beaten path.

Photo pleasantness of Kristen Bor/@BearfootTheory

The outpost from above in Moab, Utah.

4) It’s not always as glamorous as it looks on Instagram. Van-lifers on Instagram are customarily customarily display a best tools — a pleasing vistas, a fun adventures, a just-cleaned and orderly van. They aren’t display a late night (and infrequently stressful) hunt for campsites, gas-station bathrooms, McDonald’s wi-fi, greasy hair, unwashed garments and how cluttered and close these vans can unequivocally be. Van life is awesome, yet infrequently amicable media sets unrealistically high expectations yet display people a genuine day-to-day life.

5) Van life provides a ultimate freedom. You can collect adult and go anywhere during any indicate yet carrying to devise ahead. With a genuine home and a mortgage, we spend your weekends using errands, shopping seat and cleaning. You are propitious if we have time for anything fun during a finish of a day. At slightest that’s what happened to me when we owned my condo in D.C. You are giveaway from many of that in a van. There are still chores, yet your priorities change in a vital approach — and for me that’s been a biggest advantage.

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