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‘The Voice’ Season 13 Winner Is Here — Find Out Who Won!

The Voice has announced a deteriorate 13 winner!

Chloe Kohanski took home a tip esteem during Tuesday night’s live formula uncover finale. The 23-year-old rocker from Tennessee was on Team Blake, and it’s no warn that she looked visibly vehement and a small bit astounded when she was announced a champ.

She also got a large cuddle from her coach, Blake Shelton, as confetti fell. The 41-year-old nation crooner — and a usually manager besides Adam Levine to be on a uncover all 13 seasons — is now a six-time coaching champ.

As if she indispensable to infer she was a sum rockstar, Chloe’s culmination opening was “White Wedding” alongside Billy Idol himself.

One of the strain competition’s youngest contestants left in a competition, Addison Agen (Team Adam), was a runner-up, while Brooke Simpson (Team Miley) came in third and Red Marlow (Team Blake) came in fourth.

During a press discussion following a finale, Chloe told reporters that she hadn’t felt like a pretension was really hers as she competed. “I never had a impulse where we thought, ‘I have this in a bag,’ yet what we did notice was personal expansion via a foe and only watching, not obsessively, yet only going behind and examination performances and meditative like, ‘OK, something is happening. Every time, I’m roughly elaborating a small bit some-more and some-more as an artist.’ So, it only instilled a lot of certainty in me.”

She did, however, feel like she picked a right coach. “I trust Blake when he says he does take caring of his group and his people that he works with, whatever that would have looked like, even if that was only being means to collect adult a phone and ask for advice,” she explained. “I consider that would have been something that would have happened regardless of winning, so I’m really stoked that we won this together. That’s really fun, but, regardless, we consider we would have worked together and [we should] keep it going. It’s not only for a uncover — it’s real!!”

As for Blake, he only wants Chloe to go out and emanate with people who don’t “really indispensably make clarity to you.” “I consider that’s been a pivotal partial of your find on this uncover for yourself and for people, and there’s been so most strain that Chloe detected on this show…” he pronounced while giving recommendation to his mentee. “She’s 23, so she went and detected this things she maybe would have never experienced, so we would only contend go into it with an open mind and a artistic mind, and we’re all failing to know what you’re going to come adult with, including your aged double chin manager over here.”

All 4 put on extraordinary performances via a evening, yet Addison removing bluesy with Norah Jones on “Don’t Know Why” and Sia behaving in a life-sized doll box while belting out “Titanium” with Brooke were really highlights.

And as is tradition with a Voice finale, copiousness of A-listers took a theatre as well. Kelly Clarkson — who will be a Voice judge next season — achieved a TV entrance of her new song, “Medicine,” while Demi Lovato brought down a residence with her new single, “Tell Me You Love Me.”

BeBe Rexha kicked off a show, singing her nation strike with Florida Georgia Line, “Meant to Be,” alongside formerly separated contestants Keisha Renee and Adam Cunningham. Plus, Levine even took a stage, personification guitar as Charlie Puth achieved “How Long.”

Additional highlights included former contestant Noah Mac coming behind to sing “World Gone Mad” with Bastille, and dual former judges returns. Alicia Keys introduced deteriorate 12 leader Chris Blue, while Pharrell was behind with N.E.R.D. to sing their song “Lemon.”

For some-more on The Voice, watch a video below.


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