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The Walking Dead: Returning actor on that intolerable reveal

SPOILER ALERT: Read on usually if we have already watched Sunday’s “The Damned” partial of The Walking Dead.

The latest partial of The Walking Dead featured a fondness operative to gain guns during a Saviors armory while also aggressive several outposts. But a many intolerable impulse happened in a final seconds as Rick — distracted and unhappy after anticipating a baby — had a gun incited on him by one of a Saviors. And a male holding that gun was nothing other than Morales, final seen in deteriorate 1 vacating from a organisation with his family for Birmingham, Alabama, while a others finished their approach to a CDC.

Time (and destiny episodes) will tell what has happened to Morales and his family given deteriorate 1, and how and since crony has now turn foe. But we spoke to a actor who plays him, Juan Gabriel Pareja, to find out how his lapse to a uncover happened and what it was like entrance behind to a set 7 years later. (Also make certain to check out a partial QA with the male who plays Jesus, Tom Payne.)

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ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: So how and when did they strech out to we about entrance behind to a show?
JUAN GABRIEL PAREJA: As many people know, via a years there’s always been conjecture and a rumors each year that we was creation a return. we also tweeted a design as kind of a fun corresponding to Negan saying, “The usually thing that’s going to stop a bad male with a bat is a good male with a bat,” with a design of Morales from deteriorate 1. But then, we consider it competence have been in April, we got a call from a casting officers adult in Canada reaching out and fundamentally contrast a waters to see if there would be any seductiveness on my partial to lapse to a show.

And as we continued as a viewer and a fan of a show, we maybe a small too energetically accepted! [Laughs] After they spoke with my reps for a small bit, it was still kind of an up-in-the atmosphere thing. It was not a decisive finished deal. It was fundamentally usually kind of like, “Well, maybe in dual months we competence be giving we a call, we usually wanted to see if we would be meddlesome if that were a case.”

So we left it during that. It was kind of adult in a air, and with that two-month space and anticipating for a best, we motionless to strike a gym hard. we got a trainer, who rocked my universe and usually remade me into a new chairman altogether. we was means to get about dual months of tough work in a gym to get prepared for that moment, and afterwards certain enough, as a date approached, we got a call observant that yes, it is a finished deal. But we was still unequivocally most in a dim about to what ability and to what degree, so it was usually a blind step in that direction.

Were there any other points over a past 7 years where we suspicion we competence come back?
Back in a day when [Glen Mazarra] was a aged showrunner, we had listened that they were operative on a probable lapse story of mine, though it was unequivocally informal, kind of infrequent conversations here and there. And there competence have been one other time when it came up, though this was unequivocally a initial central out in this capacity.

So what was it like going behind to that set 7 years later?
It was flattering remarkable. From a impulse we stepped feet on a ground, it was usually all a informed faces, and a prolongation on down to a cast, so it was conspicuous to contend a least, and a totally mint location. Andy had a unequivocally welcoming, inexhaustible suggestion that finished us feel like we were picking adult from where we left off. It was unequivocally nice.

What was it like operative with Andrew Lincoln again?
It was terrific. It was like aged times. We had several scenes that were usually Andy and we early on in a initial season, and he usually always had such a inexhaustible spirit, and a kindness, and an honesty that hadn’t changed, and hadn’t discontinued or faded whatsoever, so that was unequivocally good to collect adult with that dynamic. If we know Andy, we know that he’s got usually a kind of sweetest energy, so that was nice. That was unequivocally good to be welcomed by that.

What’s it been like gripping a tip that we would be behind on a show?
It’s been equivocal unbearable. It’s been unequivocally something. That’s been a hardest part, honestly, carrying to punch my tongue for as prolonged as we have, and afterwards also usually saying a partial myself usually a day or dual ago. That was unequivocally something to indeed see that impulse adult on a shade that had been so many years in a creation and so many years coming.

It’s been 7 years. How do we get behind in a headspace of this impression again, or is he so opposite now that it unequivocally doesn’t matter since it’s roughly like a totally new character?
I consider in many regards that it is a mint impression ,because as we saw in a episode, a approval kind of starts to settle into Rick’s eyes and he’s like, “Your name is Morales.” The usually thing Morales has to contend to that is that was a prolonged time ago, buddy. So he is indeed a opposite guy, and honestly, even as an actor, there wasn’t a whole lot of prep that we could do since we was kept flattering most in a dim myself until it was go time. And afterwards we had to unequivocally usually learn a element in that approach and usually make it happen. There’s not most we unequivocally could have finished to ready for that seven-year transition. It’s usually a whole new male altogether.

So before we got this call, had we finished adult your possess story in your conduct for what happened to Morales?
I had always insincere that Morales was flourishing out there and creation it work, always anticipating for a best, unequivocally being a survivor. we consider we saw that strain in him in a initial season. Other than that, man, we usually figured he was out there flourishing and doing substantially some unequivocally nasty things in sequence to survive. I’m kind of genuine and confident that he was still being a family man, and holding caring of his family, and flourishing out there in a awful universe of The Walking Dead.

Was it good to get behind in that Atlanta heat?
Oh, man, let me tell you: That’s one thing we did not miss.

I know we can’t contend much, though what can we provoke as distant as what we’ll learn about Morales relocating forward?
I can’t contend too much, though we’ll unequivocally learn a small bit of a backstory from Morales and what’s been going on with him over a years, and a small bit of what’s lead to his mutation and transition into one of Negan’s group as a Savior.

Make certain to check out a partial QA with the male who plays Jesus, Tom Payne. And for some-more Walking Dead scoop, follow Dalton on Twitter @DaltonRoss.

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