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Theresa May and Her Brexit Deal Are on a Brink. Here’s What We Know.

And Tory members of Parliament who support a cleaner detonation with Europe are submitting letters observant that they have mislaid certainty in Mrs. May, that could really shortly trigger a opinion on her future.

Mrs. May has weathered predicament after predicament as primary minister. But commentators contend she has never looked as alone as she does now.

The agreement, struck between negotiators in Brussels and Mrs. May’s government, faces a prolonged highway ahead, even if Mrs. May manages to reason on to her job.

The initial stop (if it gets that far) is a limit assembly of European Union leaders on Nov. 25. The understanding has their support, and it will eventually need a subsidy of a European Parliament.

More heavy is a mid-December opinion by a British Parliament, that also gets a contend on a agreement. Mrs. May needs 320 votes there for a majority. By one estimate, she will have to cobble together about 85 of those from members of a antithesis Labour Party and deeply doubtful allies.

The problem is that a divided nation has finally been joined — in disliking a deal.

For those who wish Britain to sojourn in a European Union, a understanding is worse than staying in a confederation underneath a stream terms, since it army Britain to adopt European trade manners but carrying a contend in what they are.

For those who wish to disjoin ties, it’s worse than a purify separate from a European Union, since a agreement could trap a nation in a regulatory complement it can’t unilaterally leave.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/16/world/europe/theresa-may-brexit-agreement.html