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These Are The Most Dangerous Countries For Journalists In 2016


Russia binds a 148th mark on a Index.

“Leading eccentric news outlets have possibly been brought underneath control or throttled out of existence,” RSF said. 

State-controlled media dates behind to a Soviet era, though attacks opposite reporters have grown some-more infamous in new years. Igor Domnikov, an editor for a anarchist Russian paper Novaya Gazeta, was notoriously pounded and after died from his injuries in 2002.

In March, a organisation of reporters were beaten up while reportedly roving to Chechnya, a BBC reported.

The function of Crimea, Freedom House argued, has usually increasing promotion in a media. “Media outlets became some-more resolutely incorporated into a Kremlin’s process efforts, relocating from ancillary a supervision with biased news to actively participating in an “information war” with a viewed adversaries,” a classification pronounced final year.


Turkey ranks 151st on a list. Authorities in a nation have prosecuted some-more than 1,000 reporters for insulting a president and have arrested some-more than 100 journalists, RSF said.

An instance of how Turkish military provide journalists: They raided the offices of a media group, famous for a antithesis to President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, in October, a day before scheduled elections.

The raid was “linked to suspected terrorism financing and terrorism propaganda,” according to a government.

Crackdowns have notoriously influenced reporters covering Kurdish tools of a country. Authorities mostly impute to them as “terrorists,” according to The Guardian.

“Journalists are harassed, many have been indicted of ‘insulting a president’ and a Internet is evenly censored,” RSF said. “The informal context – a fight in Syria and Turkey’s descent opposite a PKK Kurds – is exacerbating a vigour on a media, that are also indicted of ‘terrorism.'”


Egypt, ranking 159th on a list, has a prolonged story of badgering and detaining journalists. It’s a second-worst jailer of journalists, according to a Committee to Protect Journalists.

“Under Gen. [Abdel Fattah el-]Sisi’s leadership, a stream authorities are orchestrating a ‘Sisification‘ of a media and a witch-hunt opposite a now-banned Muslim Brotherhood,” RSF said. 

Police arrested dual reporters Monday in an “unprecedented crackdown” on a country’s journalists’ union, Al Jazeera reported.

Several Al Jazeera reporters were famously found guilty in Jun 2014, and jailed, for helping a Muslim Brotherhood, deliberate a “terrorist organization” by a Sisi government.

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