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These Celtics are opposite than final year’s Celtics

BOSTON — You don’t win a array in Game 1. Anyone aged adequate to remember a Memorial Day Massacre knows that. You don’t kick LeBron James in Game 1 and explain victory, either. Ask a Pacers about that.

With that in mind, one shouldn’t make too much of a C’s 108-85 Game 1 feat over a Cavaliers in a Eastern Conference Finals. They were a aggressors from a opening tip and it will be engaging to see if Ty Lue and a Cavs elect to start Celtic torpedo Tristan Thompson in Game 2. Thompson had his moments on a descent potion as he always does opposite this team.

What a Celtics did in Game 1 was announce that this will not be like final year when LeBron and a Cavs hardly pennyless a persperate in a five-game wipeout. These C’s are not those C’s.

Take Jaylen Brown, who was a bit actor in final year’s series. The second-year male went for a coolly fit 23-and-8 in a opener. Brown’s bravery as a rookie was excellent final season, though he’s grown into a arguable starter by this stage. Scoring nights like this might not be a given, though Brad Stevens knows what he’s removing when he puts him on a floor.

Or cruise Jayson Tatum, who was removing prepared for a breeze during this time final May. Last year’s Celtics didn’t have a wing actor who could emanate his possess shot like Tatum. He wasn’t as fantastic as he had been in a final turn opposite Philly, though he didn’t need to be that male in a opener. Instead, Tatum popped in 16 points in 11 shots and was a game-high plus-27.

“Our immature guys are special,” Marcus Morris said. “They’ve been display it all year. we know we guys cruise them as immature players, that they are, though their genius and a approach they lift themselves is fundamentally like veterans in this league.”

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game One

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Ever given they got by Milwaukee in 7 games in a opening round, a immature Celtics have been personification giveaway and easy. Brown, Tatum, and Terry Rozier have been gentle in their roles … and their certainty is boundless.

This is where their advantage lies in this series, since while a Cavs have a best player, a rest of a matchups exhibit jaunty mismatches adult and down a lineup in Boston’s favor. The Celtics have turn skilful during sport those mismatches and exploiting them any possibility they get.

They will play low into a shot time meaningful they can get a decent look. They also figured out fast that there is no large male watchful in a paint to reject their shots during a rim. Sixty points in a paint on 30-for-45 sharpened doesn’t lie.

It’s uncanny to contend after a home group takes Game 1 in convincing fashion, though now we know we have a array on a hands. LeBron and a Cavs will not go down lightly, though these Celtics are nobody’s pushover. They are mentally tough, totally fearless, and positively confident.

“We have a lot of guys that unequivocally usually don’t care,” Marcus Smart said. “Our whole life we’ve been fighting bigger opponents than us. And personification LeBron and that Cavs group is good – they’ve been here for a reason. We have talent as well. We’re fearless.”

Buckle up. This is going to be fun.

There will be a lot of courtesy paid to a pursuit Morris did on LeBron, though that’s blank a timberland for a trees. The Celtics are switching everything, that creates a matter of guarding LeBron a common effort. They know that, and they also know that a LeBron they saw in Game 1 will be unequivocally opposite from a LeBron they see on Tuesday in Game 2.

“Game 1 has always been a feel-out diversion for me, if you’ve ever followed my history,” James said. “So, I’ve got a good clarity of a approach they played me currently and how I’ll play going into Game 2.”

James started to moment a formula in a third quarter, as he and a Cavs sliced Boston’s 26-point halftime lead down to 14 by a start of a fourth. James and Kevin Love got improved shots and took 8 giveaway throws between them as a diversion slowed down to their pace.

Then Morris, who went for 21 points, started a fourth with a asperse and that keyed a 7-0 run that put a diversion out of reach. It was a method that James shouted from memory, as usually he can.

The critical thing from a Celtics viewpoint was they engrossed a blow and kept pushing. Again, that didn’t occur final year. The Celtics are responsive of what can occur when LeBron is pushed to a wall.

“I consider we’re unequivocally warning to a fact that we’ll get a heavyweight punch on Tuesday night,” Stevens said.

Speaking of Morris and Stevens, a manager stayed with Morris after he picked adult dual discerning fouls in a initial quarter. Stevens rarely, if ever, lets tainted difficulty foreordain his rotations.

“If he fouls out in a initial quarter, afterwards somebody else has to play,” Stevens said. “That’s a approach it goes.”

The Morris energetic is a fascinating one. He provides toughness and savvy, that is wonderful, though he also plays with a force that can leave people scratching their heads when he fires adult discerning shots and pull-up jumpers.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game One

Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Stevens can live with that since he knows Morris’ courtesy won’t vary on a defensive finish when he’s carrying an off night. It’s also unconditionally emblematic of this Celtics team. You never know when Morris or Marcus Smart will get prohibited and lift we for a stretch. That’s a symbol of this team: Let it fly and worry about it later.

The Cavs can contend with a true face that they missed a garland of shots they routinely make and that a Celtics connected on a array of tough looks. There’s any reason to trust that Game 2 will conclude a array distant some-more than a opener did. It’s value remembering that a Sixers pronounced flattering most a same thing after Game 1 of their series, and it didn’t assistance them recover.

The Sixers didn’t have LeBron, obviously.

“I have 0 turn of regard during this stage,” James said. “I didn’t go to college, so it’s not March Madness. You know, we get improved via a series. You see ways we can get improved via a series. But I’ve been down 0-1, I’ve been down 0-2. I’ve been down before in a postseason. But for me, there’s never no turn of regard no matter how bad we played tonight with 7 turnovers, how emasculate we was sharpened a ball.

“I’m usually as assured going into a array either it’s a 0-0 array or I’m down 0-1. So we have another event to be improved as a round bar entrance in Tuesday night, and we’ll see what happens.”

It has to be softly discouraging to James that outward of Kevin Love, a Cavs got small offense from their starters. They won’t get distant with J.R.. Smith, Kyle Korver, and George Hill sharpened 1-for-10 from behind a arc.

That has as most to do with a Celtics’ ability to switch via their lineup and still redeem to run shooters off a line and get a palm in their face. It’s what they do defensively and because they’ve been so good notwithstanding not carrying a classical edge guardian in a center of a paint.

If there was a good pointer for a Cavs, it was a contributions of their reserves. Thompson was a savage on a play and Jordan Clarkson and Rodney Hood any were means to settle a bit of a upsurge offensively. It’s not much, though it’s something. The universe waits for Cedi Osman to get behind into a rotation.

We’ve left this distant and haven’t mentioned a contributions of Al Horford, that is usually how Horford likes it. Let everybody else have their shine, he’s some-more than happy to defer when postgame regard is being handed out during a podium.

Let a record uncover that Horford was once again phenomenal. He had 20 points on usually 10 shots, and he also had 6 assists. When things bogged down, a C’s dumped it to him in a post where he corroborated his male down like a father operative his child in a backyard. Defensively, Horford was everywhere he indispensable to be, usually like always.

“Both ends of a floor, he lonesome for us a lot defensively,” Stevens said. “He did a good pursuit when he switched. He did a good pursuit when he was in help. He’s a rock. He’s a male we really, unequivocally gaunt on.”

Finally, a Celtics are a opposite group during home during a playoffs. They’ve now won all 8 of their games during a Garden and homecourt advantage should not be taken lightly. Whether it’s a throng or a gentle laxity of a building, a C’s play with an additional appetite and rebound on Causeway Street.

Game 2 behind in a Garden will conclude this series. If a Cavs come out and chuck that heavyweight punch afterwards this array will take on a new dimension. If a Celtics can take that blow and continue to play with poise, afterwards we’ll see usually how distant a Cavs are peaceful to pull back.

We’re usually removing started, though this feels like a whole new section in a tale of LeBron contra Boston.

Article source: https://www.sbnation.com/2018/5/14/17350610/celtics-cavaliers-game-1-lebron-james-al-horford-brad-stevens