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This Incredible Footage Of A Massive Great White Shark Caught In Shallow Water Is Going Viral

This video of a great white shark thrashing around in shoal H2O has a internet holding a common gasp.

It’s not mostly that we see such up-close-and-personal video of a good white shark in action, and when we do, it’s generally hundreds of feet underneath a H2O around a dauntless essence holding a camera in a shark cage. But not this video!

That’s Not A Hammerhead!

In this monumental footage constraint in May, a male and diver named Dale Pearson captures a good white shark thrashing and striking in only 3 feet of water. He fast determines that it’s neither a pilot whale or hammerhead as he and his crony primarily suspected.

hammerhead photo
Flickr | Erik Charlton

As we can see in a video below, the good white appears to be badly wounded. The 14-foot shark expected was harmed by a blades of a vessel propeller.

This video was taken in a remote area of a Gulf of California, infrequently called a Sea of Cortez, nearby a Baja California Peninsula. Here’s an estimate plcae from Google Maps:


As Pearson explains, “There is no phone use of any kind [there]. You can not call anyone for help.” In other words, they couldn’t call any sea wildlife experts to assistance tend to a shark’s wounds.

But, don’t worry. Pearson says that a shark changed continuously, and notwithstanding substantially being in pain, “It had sum control over where it was and how low of H2O it was in.”

Experts determine with Pearson’s experience, observant that good whites are intensely tough and have smashing recovering ability. (After all, scientists consider certain shark class have existed for 175 million years, so we figure they know a thing or dual about survival.)

And, while many people are shocked of sharks (especially good whites), a existence is that 100 million sharks are killed by humans any year, and we are some-more expected to be killed by a falling coconut than a shark.

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Was He Stranded Or Just Eating?

In fact, as we can see in this footage, a people in a H2O are not harmed by a shark—but by a stingrays in a water! Ouch.

stingray photo
Flickr | gwaar

“All three people in a H2O that day perceived injuries from stingrays,” Pearson says. “After weeks of antibiotics and drugs they will recover.” (In box we still were deliberation coming a shark in a water—which we shouldn’t—those stingray injuries will substantially remonstrate we to stay away!)

In fact, Pearson thinks a shark was eventually not stranded in a shallows during all though that it was feeding on a stingrays that finished adult severe Pearson’s group.

As for a good white in this video, a story does have a happy ending. Pearson says, “After 30 mins in a shoal H2O a shark swam divided underneath a possess energy and was seen for a subsequent dual days.” Back for some-more stingray supper, it is presumed.

Check out a video subsequent (but be warned, Pearson is totally taken aback by his shark encounter, so he uses some flattering choice language! If we don’t like swear words, we can simply tongue-tied your device and still suffer this overwhelming footage).

Whew. Glad to see this pleasing quadruped lived to float another day. To learn some-more about sharks and shark charge efforts, greatfully revisit Project Aware.

And, by a way, stingrays are not expected to conflict unless annoyed or incidentally stepped on—as is mostly a case. While a damage from a stinger can be intensely unpleasant and is during risk of apropos infected, stingray injuries are customarily not fatal. In a box of a deadly stingray conflict that killed wildlife consultant Steve Irwin, a stinger had pierced his chest.

steve irwin photo
Getty Images | Justin Sullivan

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