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This is what a sharpened star looks like from space

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Catch a descending star from a space station.

NASA/Randy Bresnik

Not to destroy a romance, though when we wish on a sharpened star, you’re indeed anticipating a tiny throw of stone or dirt will extend your fondest desire. Despite being caused by meteors, sharpened stars are still beautiful, and they’re even some-more intriguing when seen from a International Space Station. 

NASA wanderer Randy Bresnik posted several poetic looks during a sharpened star on amicable media Friday after he held steer of a meteor strike while filming a time-lapse video. 

Here’s his cropped, slowed-down demeanour during a meteor as it transforms into what Bresnik calls “a normal sharpened star formation:”

The sharpened star seemed over a west seashore of Mexico and creatively finished a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo in a dilemma of a minute-long night time-lapse video:

Mid-December is traditionally a good time for meteor-watching as a annual Geminids meteor shower puts on a uncover in a night sky. Most of us will never have a possibility to constraint a descending star from space, so it’s a good thing Bresnik has finished a work for us.


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