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This Is Why Facebook Thinks You Have 46-Year Friendships


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1969 brought us a moon landing, a Beatles’ final manuscript and apparently a whole lot of Facebook friends, according to a amicable media site.

Thanks to a glitch in a amicable media site, users of all ages were speedy to applaud a 46th anniversary of their friendships on Thursday.

Facebook mostly alerts users to certain milestones, including a anniversaries of when dual people people initial friended any other on Facebook. Though a amicable media site has usually been around for 11 years and many of a users are underneath a age of 46, a program bug in a site’s coding told users on Thursday that they should applaud their roughly half-century of intercourse with certain friends.

Courtesy of Anthony Cosentino

People took to Twitter and, yes, Facebook to gleefully ridicule a site’s error:

Facebook expelled a matter observant their engineers were operative to repair a problem “so everybody can ring in 2016 feeling immature again.”

So what happened? Though a association didn’t offer any reason as to how a screwup happened, Microsoft operative Mark Davis posted his possess supposition to Facebook:

I was amused as anyone else when Facebook distinguished my 46 years of loyalty with someone this morning. Naturally, a middle nerd in me can’t only take during face value–to those of we unaware, a Unix Epoch (aka a date that has an inner value of ‘0’ on a Unix system) is 1/1/1970, that formed on time section adjustments, can turn a pointless hour on 12/31/1969. Which is 46 years ago today.

Now, we competence be wondering, so what? Why is it in my Facebook feed? Well, if we click on your “memories” page, you’ll see a subset of we friends listed as carrying a 46 year aged Facebook memory today. Scrolling by my list, it’s a people I’ve been friends with on Facebook for a really prolonged time – chances are, a “friends with since” underline was implemented AFTER we became friends with those people. And as such, it’s stored in a database as ‘0’ rather than a tangible date. The developer who wrote a “friends with since” memories algorithm should have combined a box ‘WHERE friendsWithSinceDate != ‘0” or something along those lines. But they didn’t so those people seem in today’s query.

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