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This Mysterious Entrepreneur Uses Instagram to Show Off Art and Her Travels and Now Has Half a Million Followers

By simply looking during her Instagram account, a puzzling feeling arises. Who is this “Aureta” lady with a beautifully curated, colorful criticism marker full of fashion, art, pattern and approbation — a few selfies?

With images taken from locations around a world, no final name on her criticism and captions hardly longer than 3 difference — she could be anyone: a transport blogger, a conform designer, a painter. It turns out, Aureta Thomollari is usually a lady with an implausible eye for aesthetics and Instagram is her hobby. In fact, Thomollari’s categorical concentration is on her career as an entrepreneur and investor.

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While she’s always desired fashion, art and design, she didn’t primarily spin to Instagram to share her passions with a world. Around 4 years ago, after fasten Instagram underneath a clarity that it was a print filter app and posting thousands of personal pictures, Thomollari’s sister forked out that she had a following of scarcely 7,000 users and that she wasn’t following anyone herself. After a impulse of panic, Thomollari afterwards began regulating a app to request her sparkling life, pity photos she loves to assistance others shun by her imagery.

From photos of outlandish trips around a universe to inspirational images, Thomollari uses her Instagram to fuel her passions and as a open print diary with some-more than 486,000 supporters today. What’s been a tip to her success? Mystery. From a looks of her account, one would never know that she graduated summa cum laude from business school, yet a singular B in her life, and now dabbles in a series of opposite business ventures.

“They substantially cruise we can’t even speak. we adore a poser in things,” she tells Entrepreneur. “When people are mysterious, we wish to know more.”

Eventually, after flourishing her personal account, being a businessman she is, Thomollari saw an opportunity. After seeing that her crony and now business partner, Thomas Watson, also had an Instagram criticism (@love.watts) that was doing utterly well, they motionless to join forces.

Watson and Thomollari launched @watts.on, @watts.place and @watts.world, any with followings in a thousands and hundreds of thousands, that they’ve used to precedence and benefit supporters to their possess personal accounts.

Thomollari continues to concentration on her entrepreneurial ventures while flourishing her Instagram account. “I demeanour during it as a gallery space [that] I’m curating. I’m so unwavering of a colors and a shapes of a design subsequent to a other,” she shares.

Eager to find out some-more about a puzzling entrepreneur-slash-Instagram icon, we chatted with Thomollari to learn how she uses Instagram and her tips for others looking to start on a platform.

A post common by Aureta (@aureta) on Sep 3, 2017 during 1:48pm PDT

How did we get your start with Instagram?

It was about 4 years ago and we suspicion it was a filter app until one day my sister goes, “You have 7,000 supporters and you’re following zero.” And we said, “Following zero?” we remember it was Fashion Week and we started going crazy deletion them — it contingency have been some-more than 2,000 pictures. we wasn’t wakeful that it was a height where [anybody] could perspective your pictures. I’ve always been late in new technology.

[After] that indicate we was wakeful and we saw it as a code since no matter how large or how small of a following, you’re putting yourself out there. [But] there was a observation and people watching, so apparently [I was] some-more wakeful of what [I was] presenting to a world.

I complicated business government in college and changed to Los Angeles about 14 years ago to open a valuables store, [but then] we sole my commission in that. we got into a business universe and it was one try after another. we was an entrepreneur. [Now I] deposit in opposite companies, and some investment banking and genuine estate. [Instagram] is kind of my hobby.

Aureta is my personal one. Jordan Watson and we share a other accounts — @watts.on, @watts.place and @watts.world.

What other platforms do we use and what commission of a time do we spend on them vs. Instagram?

Honestly usually Instagram. we dabbled a small bit with Snapchat final year and afterwards we remember we was in Italy carrying breakfast when we found out that Instagram introduced Stories and we was so relieved. we adore how elementary Instagram is and how it’s a visible diary. Even if it wasn’t popular, we would [still] use it since it’s such a ideal approach of documenting my life.

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A post common by Aureta (@aureta) on Aug 6, 2017 during 10:33am PDT

What creates Instagram a improved height than other amicable media?

For me, it’s so simple. It’s usually a upsurge of images and not too most work. we don’t unequivocally like to change people and give my opinion. The other ones, [Facebook and Twitter], are a small pushy. we like people to shun by images, and we cruise when people start articulate too most they turn reduction interesting.

How most of your time do we persevere to it?

At slightest dual hours a day. Not [just] formulating calm yet scrolling through. Through meetings, I’m checking my Instagram [and] my messages.

How do we foster your account? What’s your series one approach to benefit followers?

I saw that a accounts were doing so good and pronounced [to Watson] let’s open something together where we can put whatever we want, where it’s not so unwavering since it doesn’t unequivocally have a names. So that’s how it started.

Through a other accounts — we repost any other’s accounts. When we started @watts.on, we would post cinema and we would contend around @watts.on. So we’re regulating all of a platforms to pull [other] platforms.

How do we rivet with others on a platform?

I adore a new underline [where] we can “like” comments. we cruise a series one approach we uncover that I’m reading a comments and all is by liking. And artists have been sketch me a lot, that is unequivocally flattering, so we repost their images that they pull and we criticism and like.

A post common by Aureta (@aureta) on Aug 28, 2017 during 2:10pm PDT

How mostly do we post?

At slightest 3 cinema per day and limit five. When I’m home, it’s substantially one design of myself and dual art [or] inspirational pictures. When we travel, that happens unequivocally often, I’m on a highway and we post a lot some-more — Fashion Week would be one of them [and] all a opposite art fairs.

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I’m formed in Los Angeles. we tell people this is where my closet is even yet final year we was in 24 countries. I’m on this goal to strike 100 countries by a age of 40. I’m during 73.

What’s your calm strategy?

I demeanour during it as a gallery space [that] I’m curating. I’m so unwavering of a colors and a shapes of a design subsequent to a other.

A lot of people usually demeanour during it as when [they] corkscrew by [a] feed, since we go to a categorical page and make certain that a colors are in peace with a ones subsequent to it — with a design to a left, to a right, underneath it. I’m looking during it as a gallery, as a white wall space. [It’s] finish passion — usually a approach we see a world. So my mood on formulating calm always changes on how I’m feeling that sold moment.

I’m a unequivocally private chairman so even yet it competence seem that I’m pity a lot, it’s unequivocally controlled. we try not to ever be unhappy even yet I’m a tellurian and we have my moments. But we try to usually uncover beauty and hopefully assistance people shun by my posts.

A post common by Aureta (@aureta) on Aug 30, 2017 during 5:53pm PDT

How has your calm plan developed as Instagram has combined features?

Lately I’ve been meditative that I’m going to start doing videos. we always suspicion it would be implausible to approach something [but] we always shied divided from it since we have unequivocally successful executive friends. [But] I’ve seen that people unequivocally conflict to a approach we [feel] and a approach we even do my Stories. I’m so highly-strung to crazy levels. So newly I’ve been operative on this 15-second video that I’m going to start introducing. There isn’t an accurate strategy, we usually adore pleasing images and enchanting things. I’m sharpened whatever comes to my mind that day. It changes, it’s like sauce adult — a operation is so wide.

What’s your best storytelling trick?

Mystery — we try to contend as small as humanly possible. No one even knows we went to college, no one knows that we never got a B in my life [and] that we graduated summa cum laude. They substantially cruise we can’t even speak. we adore a poser in things. When people are mysterious, we wish to know more. When people start articulate too much, it’s usually too much.

Even a approach we fire my Stories, I’m always perplexing to [make] them wonder: Who took this? Who is your photographer? Who is roving with you? Even yet no one indispensably — it’s usually some pointless chairman that we tell how to stand.

How do we set yourself detached from others on a platform?

Honestly, not to sound cliche, yet we have to be yourself. Like a observant goes, “[Be yourself], everybody else is [already] taken.” So I’m usually perplexing not to get shabby by anybody, no trends, nothing. I’m who I’ve always been. If we are your possess person, you’re going to mount apart.

How do we precedence your Instagram and to what border do we monetize it?

[Instagram] is kind of my hobby, yet we have been means to monetize it. But I’ve been so clever about monetizing it. we wish to be disdainful and we don’t wish to usually contend “yes” to everything. It’s not my initial line of work and providing a vital for myself. we always wish to be clever that we [don’t] oversaturate myself and [say] “yes” to everything. Any partnerships with a code has to totally make clarity to me and it has to be organic.

I usually did a large activation with [designers] Oliver Peoples and Alain Mikli. That’s been a latest one. It’s [both] formulating calm and posting, also joining them with opposite artists who can also emanate calm for them.

A post common by Aureta (@aureta) on May 20, 2017 during 7:38am PDT

What recommendation do we have for other Instagram influencers or people who wish to build brands on a platform?

Be different. There are so many influencers, so many bloggers, there’s so most — a internet [and] a whole universe [are] so oversaturated. But we cruise usually be yourself. You have to. The usually thing that is going to tarry is being singular and different. Don’t be fearful of your quirkiness or your differences. Don’t try to fit in ever ever ever.

I tell people all a time: never contest with other humans, we are not in foe with another lady or another man. You’re always in foe with yourself in life. That’s how we see it. we wish to be improved each singular day with calm [and] with usually life in general.

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What’s a myth many people have about Instagram?

It takes a lot of time. we cruise myself very, unequivocally busy. we have 3 lunches currently and dual dinners to go to and we still have to Instagram since if [I] dedicate to something, we have to do it. You can’t usually not do it. It’s not easy when you’re essay for something to be perfect. It’s a lot of work and people that are doing it as a full-time pursuit are spending 5 [to] 6 hours [every day].

Article source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/299825