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This South African integrate travels a universe for a living

  • Yusuf Omar and his mother Sumaiya have trafficked to over 40 countries on 4 continents to learn media companies how to do mobile journalism.
  • Omar says, by their network called “Hashtag a Stories”, they use income warranted from conferences to learn communities how to tell their possess stories. 

Yusuf Omar, mobile publisher and owner of Hashtag Our Stories, and his mother Sumaiya, 31, spent a final 8 months travelling to over 40 countries on 4 continents, training media companies how to do mobile broadcasting – shooting, modifying and distributing calm regulating cellphones.

“We believed that normal media missed [the presentation of] Donald Trump. Why? Because they stopped listening to people,” he says. 

“[Media companies] were listening to polls and pundits and experts, and commentators and they mislaid hold with genuine people on a ground.” 

Omar, a Rhodes University Graduate, left normal media in 2010 to transport 12,000 kilometres in Africa. 

“I wanted to be a unfamiliar match and no one would give me a resources,” he says. “So, we usually literally threw my ride to a wind, backpacked with aged T-shirts [and] a conduct full of immature dreams.” 

He was one of a few reporters on a belligerent in Egypt during a initial Arab open and Syrian polite war. 

After brief stints during 24-hour radio hire ENCA and Independent Newspapers, Omar finished adult during a Hindustan Times in India where he lerned 750 reporters how to do mobile journalism. 

In Mar 2017, his “big master grand prize’” arrived when he was allocated comparison amicable contributor during CNN in London. 

“[But] we started to realize that we didn’t need them anymore. we didn’t need their equipment; we didn’t need their brand; we didn’t need their satellite trucks.”

“That was a branch indicate in my life and in doing so we launched Hashtag Our Stories.” 

Watch Omar’s Instagram video with CNN’s acclaimed Christiane Amanpour here

Hashtag Our Stories, usually 8 months old, is a network of mobile reporters stating from over 7 countries, formulating video calm optimised for Facebook. 

“We are mojo’s: we are mobile journalists; we are selfie journalists; we are jeans journalists. Everything we need to tell a story fits in my pockets,” Omar explains. 

“I am fast, we am nimble, we am light – and many importantly we am intimate.” 

But his ultimate aim is to commission communities to tell their possess stories. 

“We are indeed Robin Hood,” he says. “We take from corporate newsrooms that wish to sight their staff how to fast revoke their cost … and we take that income and we deposit it into communities.” 

“We deposit it [for example] in training refugees opposite Europe how to tell stories with their phones, since we are sleepy of a [stereotypical] narrative.” 

Watch Yusuf Omar’s video ‘The Beautiful Girls Of Bhatkal’ here 

Omar, however, admits that his and his wife’s “crazy” lifestyle is not sustainable.

“Sumaiya is now 31,” Omar says. “ She wants to have kids, she wants to start to have some arrange of normality. She doesn’t wish to live out of a container anymore.” 

“[But] we am totally fine with usually with not carrying a base… [so for] as prolonged as we can learn people how to use a mobile phone to fire videos, we will keep on – journey awaits.” 

Article source: https://www.businessinsider.co.za/how-this-south-african-couple-travel-the-world-for-a-living-and-make-millions-along-the-way-2018-5