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This lady travels around a universe totally giveaway staying in oppulance hotels – though there’s a catch

A jetsetter is travelling a universe on holiday for giveaway interjection to an online dating site where group compensate thousands to drive her away.

Natalie Wood, 30, from Canterbury, Kent, assimilated Miss Travel dual years ago and has given been flown around a universe by strangers she’s never met.

She has trafficked to countries including Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, a Maldives, Australia, Czech Republic, Kuwait and Miami.

As good as profitable for her flights and accommodation dates mostly yield a beautician with spending income for engineer products and dash out on peep cars, yachts and impracticable parties.

Natalie estimates that her dates have collectively spent over £60,000 to be in her association so distant and notwithstanding being labelled a ‘gold digger’ she insists she’s customarily a luxury traveller .

Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives
Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives

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Natalie said: “I positively adore to travel, so we motionless to join a site in a hopes of anticipating group who have a same passion as we do.

“Over a past dual years we have been on around 80 dates with group from all around a universe – and they have all been amazing.

“I am honest about what we am looking for, we am singular and suffer assembly new people and being spoilt.

“I adore to parasite off opposite countries around a world, we suffer oppulance cars, yachts, prohibited continue and a trips that we am going on are customarily removing better.

“Most of a men, who are customarily a small comparison than we am, are successful business group who are sleepy of travelling alone and have adequate supports to be means to share their outing with me.

“But we always put my reserve first, we insist on skyping and always ask to see their ID before we arrange to meet, though each male we have met has been a loyal gentleman.

“It’s tough to put a figure on it though group have spent tens of thousands on my flights and accommodation, we consider it would sum in additional of £60,000, though we don’t keep lane of it.

Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives
Natalie Wood on a date in Maldives

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“People infrequently call me a ‘gold digger’ though we cite to be called a oppulance traveller, we consider they’re customarily sceptical of my adventures.

“I like a finer things in life and this lifestyle allows me to have them.”

After fasten Miss Travel dual years ago, Natalie has given been flown around a universe to places she never dreamed of visiting.

In June, Natalie trafficked to Kuwait to accommodate an general accountant who invited her to his home nation to explore.

She pronounced of a trip: “His crony had a yacht with jet skis and we partied in lush villas all week.

“I didn’t spend a penny while we was there, he paid for all and also gave me income to go selling to provide myself to some engineer clothes.

“Our attribute was quite platonic so we stayed in one of his apartments and he had his own.

“But we am formulation on saying him after on in a year in Canada, that of march will all be paid for.

Natalie Wood on a date in Miami
Natalie Wood on a date in Miami

“Dubai was another prominence for me, for a initial half of my outing we stayed in a oppulance hotel and for a second partial we stayed in a guy’s villa.

“I flew to Perth in Australia to me accommodate a opposite male who owned private planes, he had a outrageous collection and we was means to float in one.

“There’s no vigour to have a passionate attribute with a group we date though we don’t order sex out, we always make certain we am captivated to them initial and a tie has to come naturally.

“I have had so many unusual experiences, being means to transport so openly has altered my life.”

Natalie is now in Miami, where she has bought a one approach sheet and hopes to bond with as many group online as probable to continue her adventures.

Natalie said: “I flew to Miami to accommodate a male who is a really successful surgeon and we have had so most fun.

“We explored a city in a red automobile mustang and even went to a nudist beach that was a new knowledge for me.

Natalie Wood on a date in Kuwait
Natalie Wood on a date in Kuwait

“Unfortunately he had to fly behind to London for business so we organised to accommodate another male who works in construction.

“I am drifting to a Bahamas subsequent week, we am always so fervent to revisit new places and never wish my adventures to end.

“My dream would be to open my possess spa, and as we have been travelling we have taken impulse from a countries we have visited, we now have so many ideas that we would adore to put into practice.

“I would adore to tumble in adore and marry an general business male but, until we do, we will lift on regulating Miss Travel.

“I can’t regard a site enough, we would never have been means to go to all of these unusual places but a group we accommodate by a site, a possibilities are endless.”

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