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Thousands of strangers gave a ill 9-year-old an early Christmas. He died days after celebrating.

Jacob Thompson, 9, died Sunday after fighting a singular cancer for 4 years. (Family photo)

Jacob Thompson spent scarcely half of his brief life battling cancer.

The 9-year-old boy, who desired penguins, died Sunday, 4 years after he was diagnosed with Stage 4 neuroblastoma, a singular cancer that affects mostly immature children.

As his family had expected, Thompson didn’t live prolonged adequate to applaud Christmas, a holiday he loves. But before his death, thousands of finish strangers desirous by a terminally ill Maine boy’s story brought an early Christmas to him.

They decorated his sanatorium room with a tree, requested a special revisit from Santa Claus, and sent him gifts and scores of homemade holiday cards.

Jacob and his family distinguished Christmas on Nov. 12.

He died a week later.

“Each and each chairman who sent Jacob a Christmas card, a gift, a Facebook summary or video, or a request done a disproportion in a final days of his life,” his family wrote on a Facebook page they used to chronicle his journey. “You brought Jacob joy, and we brought us all confidence for a future. Thank we for holding a time, and holding an seductiveness in a honeyed boy’s journey. Sadly, there are many others like him that we wish we will continue to help.”

Jacob was certified to the hospital “for a final time” Oct. 11, his mother, Michelle Thompson Simard, wrote on a GoFundMe page. The cancer had widespread to his skull and to several skeleton in his middle ear.

His hip was so lonesome with tumors that it looked like lace, Thompson Simard wrote. Chemotherapy and deviation had offering little signs of hope.

The boy’s family was “told that we should be spending as many time as probable with him and we should start creation arrangements for his passing,” Thompson Simard wrote, adding later, “No one thinks about carrying to do this form of formulation for their child and since of that we did not nor do not have life word on him.”

The GoFundMe debate had lifted scarcely $165,000 as of Tuesday morning to compensate for Jacob’s funeral.

Thompson Simard documented a response from people who sent Christmas cards and toys to make a early holiday noted for Jacob.

On Nov. 1, she posted a design of Jacob with a initial label he received. It featured a penguin, that his family, from Saco, Maine, pronounced was his favorite animal.

For days, Jacob was showered with presents.

Pictures his mom common on amicable media showed boxes of toys, games, books, cards and, of course, more penguins — including penguin socks.

He even perceived a video nod from actor Rob Lowe and a expel of “Code Black.”

Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital in Portland, Maine, where Jacob was being treated, said a response was “wonderfully overwhelming” though asked people to not privately broach cards to a sanatorium since of reserve concerns.

On Thursday, 3 days before Jacob died, his family common a picture of him in his sanatorium bed wearing a blue Superman T-shirt. His dog, Piper, was fibbing nearby his feet.

Jacob had only left by a turn of deviation to assistance him with some pain in his leg, his family wrote.

“Jacob spends many of his time resting, though has had a few good hours to play and open all your cards and gifts,” his family wrote.

In a post announcing Jacob’s death, his mom pronounced she hoped his box would assistance lift recognition about neuroblastoma, a singular form of carcenogenic growth that affects mostly infants and immature children, according to a American Cancer Society. There are about 700 new cases each year in a United States. The infancy are diagnosed by age 5.

“We wish that Jacob’s story and a huge escape of support from around a universe will have a durability impact on lifting recognition for this disease,” she wrote. “We wish that donations will be made, and a heal will be detected as a result.”

She requested that any donations in Jacob’s respect be done to Operation Gratitude or a penguin rescue group. “Or, compensate it brazen in your community,” she wrote. “Do something for others, present blood and platelets, or use your talents to move shelter, nourishment or fun to those in need in respect of Jacob’s memory. And many importantly, remember to #LiveLikeAPenguin for Jacob.”

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