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Tillerson Off To Middle East And South Asia For A Round Of Diplomatic Tests


Secretary of State Tillerson faces some tactful tests this week. He’s furloughed a Middle East and South Asia, where he has to conduct a lot of irritated relationships. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, both U.S. allies, are still during odds. He’s visiting each, and afterwards he heads to India and Pakistan and hopes to forge a common proceed on terrorism. NPR’s Michele Kelemen is roving with him.

MICHELE KELEMEN, BYLINE: Before withdrawal on his weeklong trip, Tillerson offering some discernment into his proceed to South Asia. He sees India as key, rising alongside China nonetheless in a some-more obliged way.


REX TILLERSON: The world’s core of sobriety is changeable to a heart of a Indo-Pacific. The U.S. and India, with a common goals of peace, security, leisure of navigation and a giveaway and open architecture, contingency offer as a eastern and western beacons of a Indo-Pacific.

KELEMEN: For India watchers, it was a acquire speech. Alyssa Ayres of a Council on Foreign Relations has combined a book about India’s arise on a universe theatre called “Our Time Has Come.”


ALYSSA AYRES: He clearly was signaling a enterprise to have a attribute with India that would be focused on support a magnanimous general sequence in a proceed that he clearly pronounced China is not.

KELEMEN: But while Tillerson criticized China for its, quote, “predatory economics in a region,” he didn’t offer sum about what a Trump administration competence do to foster clarity and development. Ayres points out that this administration has been slicing a unfamiliar affairs bill and compelling a supposed America First agenda.

AYRES: we consider a administration is going to have to figure out how to comprehend this thought of partnering with India to defend a magnanimous general sequence during a time when a kind of large vital signals that have been entrance out of a White House have been about retreat.

KELEMEN: Another plea for Tillerson is to keep India concerned in assisting to reconstruct Afghanistan while calming Pakistan that this is in a interests, too. Tillerson says elucidate Afghanistan requires a informal approach.


TILLERSON: And Pakistan is an critical component of that. India is an critical component of how we grasp a ultimate objective, that is a fast Afghanistan that no longer serves as a height for militant organizations.

KELEMEN: Before perplexing to conduct that India-Pakistan rivalry, though, a secretary has some other large disputes on his hands. He’s perplexing to reanimate a low difference between Saudi Arabia and Qatar and get them focused on fighting terrorism, according to his orator Heather Nauert.


HEATHER NAUERT: The secretary is, we know, positively disheartened that zero has been resolved only yet.

KELEMEN: This is one of a areas where Tillerson has seemed during contingency with President Trump, with a boss holding Saudi Arabia’s side while Tillerson expresses disappointment with Riyadh.

Michele Kelemen, NPR News, a State Department.

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