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To Brexit or Regrexit? A dis-United Kingdom ponders misunderstanding of EU divorce

LONDON To leave, or not to leave: that is a question. Still.

After Britain’s ancestral opinion to leave a European Union, there is no denote that a supposed Brexit will occur soon. It maybe never will.

Prime Minister David Cameron, who is resigning, has pronounced he will not take a grave step to an EU divorce on a drift that his inheritor should. Because a referendum is not legally-binding, some politicians are suggesting a council opinion before rigourously triggering Brexit.

A petition on a UK government’s website on holding a second referendum has gained some-more than 3 million signatories in only dual days.

European leaders, confronting a biggest hazard to European togetherness given World War Two, are divided over how quickly divorce talks should start. Paris wants promptness and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is propelling patience. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker pronounced he wanted to “start immediately”.

And on Sunday, Scotland’s personality pronounced Scotland competence halt Brexit altogether. Under devolution rules, a parliaments of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales are compulsory to determine to any EU divorce, according to a news by a House of Lords.

Most British politicians determine such a wilful 52-48 win for Leave in a referendum means a divorce contingency happen. Anything reduction would be a slap in a face of democracy.

“The will of a British people is an instruction that contingency be delivered,” a choking Cameron pronounced in his abdication speech, that noted a many scattered finish to a British premiership given Anthony Eden quiescent in 1957 after a Suez crisis.

Still, a upswell of gibberish – #regrexit is trending large on chatter – over either Britain competence be means to recur speaks to a dishonesty retaining this continent in a arise of a opinion that has unleashed financial and domestic mayhem.

Sterling has plunged, and Britain’s domestic parties are both crippled. Cameron is a lameduck leader, and a categorical antithesis Labour celebration on Sunday attempted a manoeuvre opposite a leader, with 9 tip officials resigning.

“The kaleidoscope has been jarred adult not only in terms of a attribute with a EU though in terms of who runs a parties, who governs a republic and what a republic is finished adult of,” pronounced Anand Menon, Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs during King’s College London.

“It is really tough to see where a pieces are.”


The law provisioning an EU member country’s exit from a kinship is Article 50 of a Lisbon Treaty that is effectively a EU’s constitution. It has never been invoked before.

Before a vote, Cameron had pronounced Article 50 would be triggered true divided if Britain voted to leave. Over a weekend, several EU officials also pronounced a UK indispensable to rigourously separate right divided – presumably during a Tuesday EU meeting.

But officials of a Leave debate – including former London mayor Boris Johnson – are stepping on a brakes. They contend they wish to negotiate Britain’s post-Brexit attribute with a EU before rigourously pulling a trigger to divorce.

European officials and observers contend such a understanding is unlikely, generally deliberation a troublesome issues involved.

For example, it is doubtful that a EU would extend Britain entrance to a singular marketplace – pivotal to permitting Britain trade products and services in a EU – but London usurpation a giveaway transformation of EU workers. But a biggest emanate for those who voted to leave a confederation was boundary on immigration – something a Leave campaigners promised.


On Sunday, a petition to call for a second referendum was gaining supporters, reaching 3.3 million signatories by a afternoon. David Lammy, a lawmaker for a antithesis Labour Party, pronounced it was within parliament’s powers to call a second referendum and urged that it be done.

Perhaps a many outspoken insurgency to a British exit is entrance from Scotland.

Scotland, a republic of 5 million people, voted to stay in a EU by 62 to 38 percent, compared to a 54 percent in England who voted to leave.

Under a United Kingdom’s formidable arrangements to devolve some powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, legislation generated in London to set off an EU divorce would have to benefit determine from a 3 devolved parliaments, according to a news by a House of Lords’ European Union Committee.

Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon told a BBC on Sunday that she would cruise propelling a Scottish council to retard such a motion. It is not clear, however, either such a unfolding would ever manifest or be binding. Sturgeon’s orator after pronounced that a British supervision competence not find determine in a initial place.

Moreover, Sturgeon is simply laying out a grounds for a new referendum on Scottish autonomy from a United Kingdom –something a initial apportion pronounced was “highly likely.”


While there is no fashion for Article 50, a House of Lords has discussed how any Brexit would work. In May, it published a news after consultations with authorised experts.

In a report, Derrick Wyatt, one of a professors involved, pronounced that while it would be politically difficult, a law allows a UK to change a mind after invoking Article 50.

“In law, a UK could change a mind before withdrawal from a EU and confirm to stay in after all,” pronounced Wyatt.

(Editing by Alessandra Galloni)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-brexit-insight-idUSKCN0ZC103