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To Date or Not to Date a Girl Who Travels?

Don’t date a lady who travels says this video. Do date a lady that travels says that article.

But what about a lady who travels?
Who does she wish to date?
Does she even wish to date?
Have we ever asked one?


I am a lady who travels. Whether we wish to date me or not doesn’t unequivocally matter to me, during least, a doubt is not gripping me adult during night. Unless, of course, we like we and we am eyeing a suspicion to date you. In that case, we competence consternation if we like me too, yet many expected a suspicion that me roving has anything to do with a matter wouldn’t have occurred to me. That was until my mom asked me a few months ago if I’d stopped roving if we met a man we fell in adore with. we unequivocally didn’t know a question, it seemed so stupid to me ,and so my respond was, “Why a heck would we do that?” (Sounding even reduction expressive in German.) Only after did it emergence on me, that there competence indeed be guys out there who, A) indeed spend time meditative about a pro and cons about dating a lady who travels a lot; and B) who subsequently competence not wish to date one.

She’s a one with a disorderly hair.

I was a bit confused since we never suspicion in terms of such… practicality, we speculation we could call it. we transport and we have blue eyes; we make good pizza and like giraffes; we adore scuba diving and don’t mind craft food and not one of these things does conclude me some-more than a other, during least, that’s what we always thought. Would we not wish to date me since we don’t like giraffes and your many blazing enterprise is not to go dive with a Mola Mola? Probably not, so since would a roving partial be any different? we have tighten friends in so many opposite countries and don’t adore them any reduction customarily since they are distant divided — a suspicion of dissing someone since of vicinity seems rather peculiar to me.

Then again, we haven’t had a attribute to pronounce of for a while, so maybe I’m removing this all wrong.

She’s tasted life and it noted her with flaws.

The law is, though, that dating as a roving introvert ain’t easy. we don’t like a judgment of dating most to start with, yet now how to proceed someone if we dislike swarming bars, hostels, full-moon parties and crowds in general? Or should we indeed mount in a museum anticipating for a large foreigner to wander by, interlude subsequent to me, enraptured by a same portrayal and/or me? Does a aged line of, “Can we put sunscreen on my back?” still get used, and does it work besides warding off cancer? If we could conduct to find someone with any of a above or other unbeknownst ways, how do we date and always leave?

How can we not glory that someone is committed adequate to wish me as their “plus one” for a summer wedding, when in fact we have no suspicion where we will be in summer? we consider we can all agree, zealous travelers or not, that community matrimony assemblage is outrageous in a relationship, yet so is a outing to Iceland or New York. How do we censor a fact that a suspicion of Bali and Mola Mola gives we some-more butterflies than a chairman we are fibbing in bed with, and who — hopefully — customarily gave we mixed orgasms? How can we explain to someone that they unequivocally do need to let we go in sequence for we to come behind to them? Not once, not twice, yet all a time. Maybe it unequivocally is me and not you, yet that brings me behind to a beginning… what about a lady who travels, who does she wish to date and how will that work for her?

She follows her heart.

The other day, we review a smashing post about a lady customarily like me. Who travels and who still dares to dream about anticipating love. Who still believes opposite all contingency of a space-time continuum that she will find this person, and that time and space will not matter when she does. That her travels are irrelevant to a tie that can be made, that one common impulse will be adequate to find it/him. Call me a fool, yet we trust it too.

Oh well, now that I’ve certified to a internet, a.k.a. a whole world, that we am looking for love, we competence as good tell we what we did subsequent since while this is all good and good in theory, we suspicion predestine could use a small help. So we started to wear mascara on prolonged stretch flights (not a biggest idea!) and waterproof mascara on diving trips (no mascara is that waterproof it turns out). we also started to demeanour adult from my Kindle once in a while when I’d go for cooking on my possess to see if there was anybody out there. That was substantially a improved suspicion if it wasn’t for a fact that we am apparently a customarily chairman in this universe to ever go to cooking alone when traveling. Single guys who travel, do we not eat? we also started to be generally some-more accessible and talkative to debate guides, salesmen, and cab drivers to benefit some flirting use and collect kismet spirit points that customarily resulted in proposals of all sorts: camels, marriage, matrimony with goats as dowry.

After we incited down a Morrocan runner salesman who offering me 600 camels for my palm in marriage, something we was indeed utterly chuffed about, me being in my thirties and not blonde, we satisfied that we indispensable to be some-more active. Men don’t grow on trees, and they really don’t customarily tumble into your path either.

When a waves are calling, life stops.

With that realization, we motionless that some-more petrify movement was indispensable and we downloaded Tinder onto my phone. Well, indeed initial we contacted a South-African ex who we remembered fondly while we was in Cape Town. Though he was primarily keen, he afterwards satisfied that a mishap of his final attribute was still too daunting to see me for an open-ended drink. we contingency acknowledge we was utterly bummed when he canceled, and so we do censure him for finale adult on Tinder.

Believe it or not, Tinder treated me good enough. The offers weren’t too creepy, no unsolicited dick cinema were sent — and afterwards we even met HIM. European, my age, former diving instructor, transport designer, and a brave of note (lately we have combined “beard” on my ideal man wish list). The ideal man on paper and he seemed to feel a same approach about me. After a week of messaging we met. There were drinks, there was food, we kissed, we finished adult during his place (kids, don’t try that during home!) and afterwards we left too quickly. Something was not utterly as ideal as we would have favourite it.

Every place a reminder, she contingency let go. And she goes.

We met once some-more and that’s when it strike me — was we maybe personally anticipating for someone to stone my universe so most that we would wish to stop traveling? That we indeed couldn’t trust my possess view that it would be probable to do both, to adore and to travel, to adore both equally, to not crave one some-more than a other?

As we lay in bed we talked about diving. About Indonesia, sharks and buoyancy. He talked about things he had seen, we spoke of creatures we ached to meet. Then we left, again, too quickly. we wanted to censor my glow. A heat that didn’t come from his hold yet his words, not from his actions yet from him fueling my dreams. While he wasn’t meant to be a one to love, he was a one who pushed me to go serve — in my travels, my dreams, my office of carrying it all.

Maybe adore and transport are possible, will be possible, even for me. Until we find that person, until he finds me, we will let go and customarily go.



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