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Top U.S. General Says Russia Poses ‘Existential Threat’ to Country

WASHINGTON — Russia presents the greatest hazard to U.S. inhabitant confidence and its function is “nothing brief of alarming,” Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford told lawmakers on Thursday as they weighed his assignment to become authority of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Dunford also combined his voice to those Pentagon officials who have upheld providing fatal arms to Ukraine to help it urge itself from Russia-backed separatists, a step that President Barack Obama has so distant resisted.

“My criticism today, senator, is that Russia presents the greatest hazard to our inhabitant security,” pronounced Dunford, the Marine Corps commandant, who is approaching to swiftly win Senate acknowledgment to become the top U.S. infantry officer.

Relations between Moscow and the West have plunged to a post-Cold War low given Russia’s involvement in Ukraine upended assumptions about the security of NATO’s eastern flank.

“If we wish to talk about a nation that could poise an existential hazard to the United States, I’d have to point to Russia. And if we demeanour at their behavior, it’s zero brief of alarming,” he said.

White House orator Josh Earnest pronounced after the administration was aware of Russia’s destabilizing activity though Dunford’s criticism reflected “his possess viewpoint and doesn’t indispensably simulate the … accord research of the president’s inhabitant confidence team.”

In Dunford’s view, Russia is at the tip a list of security concerns that also enclosed China, whose fast expanding infantry has dumbfounded Pentagon officials, North Korea and the hazard from Islamic State militants.

Without weapons to counter tank and artillery fire, Ukrainian infantry would not be means to fend off “Russian aggression,” he said.

“From a military viewpoint it’s reasonable that we yield that support to the Ukrainians,” Dunford said.

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has also pronounced he was prone to provide defensive arms to Ukraine. But Carter has competent that position, observant mercantile sanctions should be the primary concentration for exerting vigour on Moscow.

The wide-ranging conference lonesome all from Dunford’s views on the dispute in Syria to the flourishing U.S. infantry concentration on the Asia-Pacific and how he got his nickname, “Fighting Joe.”

Asked either Obama’s plan of pursuing a multi-sectarian Iraq would be successful, Dunford concurred the country is raid by a low narrow-minded order that is fueling the Islamic State movement.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/525390.html