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Toyota is remaking a iBot, a stair-climbing wheelchair that was forward of the time

The iBot motorized wheelchair was initial denounced behind in 2001, though it still looks remarkably unconventional today. The device was combined by Segway contriver Dean Kamen, and could stand stairs, lift users from sitting turn to eye-height, and transport during a solid walking gait in this “standing” configuration. However, with prices starting during $25,000, a device was too costly for a mainstream marketplace and was eventually discontinued in 2009. Now, it’s creation a comeback, with assistance from Toyota.

rebuilding a ibot with 15 years of advances

This weekend, a carmaker announced that it’s fasten army with Kamen’s association DEKA to “support mobility solutions for a infirm community.” This includes building and rising a subsequent era of a iBot, with a association edition a print of an iBot 2.0 prototype. The device has a same simple blueprint as a strange iBot, though is most slimmer, and Kamen says a new device will be “[enhanced] with 15 years of improvements in technology.” Hopefully that will meant a cheaper cost too.

“As we’ve seen people suffer a coherence and a leisure and a autonomy that an iBot brings — and that no wheelchair can move — we’ve famous that we have to move this record to some-more people who need it around a world,” says Kamen in a promo video, available from Toyota and hosted around a YouTube counterpart above.

As partial of a agreement with DEKA, Toyota will be chartering balancing technologies from a association for a possess products. The automaker says these will be used for “medical remedial therapy and potentially other purposes.” Toyota has formerly invested $1 billion in a research hospital building robotic helpers and associated products, and it’s probable that a record protected from DEKA could feed into these ambitions as well.

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