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Travelers arrive during Dayton International days after being stranded on easterly coast

Dayton International Airport. (WDTN Photo)
Dayton International Airport. (WDTN Photo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Several vital eastern US cities still digging out, and operative to get behind to normal, after this weekend’s snowstorm — that is now blamed for during slightest 48 deaths.

The mid-Atlantic and northeast states were strike hard. Federal offices in a Washington D.C. area remained sealed Tuesday… given shutting during noon on Friday and schools in Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C. also sealed today.

The airline attention is also operative to get flights behind on schedule. Millions of flyers behind or stranded, including some here. At Dayton International we spoke to travelers, who are only removing in currently after being stranded for days during aiports of a easterly coast.

Also, some are only now headed behind that approach who were scheduled to take off Sunday. Nearly 12,000 US flights were cancelled between Friday and Sunday, including some here during Dayton International. That additional transport time is costing some hundreds in hotel bedrooms and new flights.

Some people we spoke to were means to devise and re-route their flights forward of time to equivocate those additional costs. Many travelers had joining flights in Baltimore and Phildelphia, that they were means to re-route by airports like Atlanta and Detroit to save on costs.

Also, purchasing transport word with your airline can assistance cover on astonishing changes fees when we do run into a problem. Airlines are now observant airports in DC and New York will resume normal operations starting tomorrow morning.

Some of a passengers we spoke with were visiting family here in Dayton and a contend they were happy since charge finished adult operative out in their favor.

“It was good since if I’d been reticent adequate to leave Dayton and fly into Baltimore we would have been stranded there for dual days with no family and no motel, no showering and no warmth,” Bridgette King, who is roving behind to Tampa, said.

“I kept examination all of a news and we kept going to a airfield website,” Tiffany Robinson, who is roving behind to Connecticut, said. “It kept observant each moody to Philadelphia was cancelled and we knew that was where my tie was so we only reserved adult for American Airlines to get a presentation 3 hours before my flight.”

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Article source: http://wdtn.com/2016/01/26/travels-arrive-at-dayton-international-days-after-being-stranded-on-east-coast/