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Travels and transience

Jen Smith with a work from her exhibition.
Transience 3, from Jen Smith’s exhibition.

Scottish artist Jen Smith’s initial Dunedin exhibition
papers not usually her travels though also a affability of
strangers, writes Shane Gilchrist.

A year ago, Jen Smith quit her government pursuit in Dundee,
Scotland, and set off with her father to transport a world.

A year later, she is vital and operative in Dunedin and
scheming to showcase design desirous by her journey.

Her exhibition, “Transience”, that opens during a Robert
Piggott Art Gallery, Dunedin, this Friday, May 6, will
underline a preference of photographs comprising monochrome
portraits, landscapes (some of that are in colour) as well
as sculptures done with found and rejected objects.

As a pretension implies, a muster papers change.

Though that could be noticed in a some-more verbatim clarity of
relocating from place to place, of reconfiguring one’s existence,
Smith says her work also attempts to try a intensity of
astonishing friendships.

“People have been so inexhaustible on a travels. People have fed
me, picked me up, driven me to places, dressed me. It’s
implausible a lengths a finish foreigner will go to help.

“The muster is all about a past year, a tour from
Edinburgh to here. It’s a reduction of sculpture and
photography, including portraits of people who showed us a
lot of kindness.

“Photography was my categorical middle while we was travelling but
given I’ve been in Dunedin, that has usually been a few months,
I’ve been means to emanate a earthy work.”

Smith, who graduated with a bachelor of humanities grade from
Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee in
2012, says one of a toughest aspects of travelling was
carrying to diminish her gusto for collecting objects.

“I’m also really visual, really tactile. we like making
three-dimensional objects, be it wood-turning or operative in
plaster. However, travelling with only a carrier meant I
couldn’t make things. So this is me channelling that titillate to
emanate when we don’t have anything. Hopefully, that might
inspire people to see an event for creativity despite
not carrying anything.

“The sculpture has a some-more epitome feel. we use found and
rejected objects, looking during that thought of transience and

“Normally, we would use materials such as timber and ceramics
and a lot of collection in a workshop. This time, I’m perplexing to
get people to consider about anticipating beauty in other things, and
also inspect a impact on a places we visit, be that an
environmental thing or by a review or relationship
that we form.

“I have diminutive anecdotes via a muster that will
hopefully rivet people in review and get them to think
about their possess stories and relations with people.”

One sculpture uses eggshells to inspect a thought of
impermanence and fragility, a repeating forms of a broken
shells a criticism on a likeness of daily activities,
routines common by people, be they in a North American city
or a Fijian village.

“I found that wherever we trafficked people all over a world
have a same arrange of rituals,” Smith (26) explains.

That clarity of new-yet-familiar knowledge extends to Smith’s
stream situation: she grew adult in Edinburgh though feels during home
in Dunedin, where she has cumulative a pursuit as associate director
of a New Zealand International Science Festival (to be held
in July).

Being formed during Otago Museum has a advantages, too.

Her father works there as a scholarship communicator.

“As fitness would have it, we are now operative within about 20m
of any other.”


The exhibition

Jen Smith’s exhibition, “Transience” opens on Friday, May 6,
during Robert Piggott Art Gallery, 8 Jetty St. Members of the
open are invited to accommodate a artist and suffer refreshments
from 5-7pm. The muster will run until May 17.



Article source: http://www.odt.co.nz/lifestyle/magazine/381372/travels-and-transience