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Trump cites bullets dipped in blood

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio called a story “bizarre” during an coming on NBC’s “Today” uncover Saturday morning.

“I’m certain people are offended. We wish people are annoyed by that. That’s not what a United States is about,” Rubio said.

Trump’s story took place during a convene in that a GOP front-runner reflected on his campaign’s amazing success.

“This all began Jun 16. Who knew this was going to happen? we figured maybe I’d be in a pack,” a resigned Trump pronounced as he began his final convene before South Carolina’s Republican primary on Saturday, that could palm Trump his second uninterrupted electoral victory. “I suspicion it was going to be like a equine race. I’d be in a center of a container and during a really finish I’d in. it out.”

But Trump isn’t in a center of a pack, prepared to in. out a feat in South Carolina. He’s heading it, with CNN’s average of South Carolina polling display Trump with a double-digit lead over his closest competitor, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The feat would be a useful one for Trump and a blow to several of his opponents, including Cruz, who has positioned himself as a regressive able of rallying a South to constraint a nomination.

At Friday’s rally, Trump ripped Cruz as someone “who lies some-more than any other tellurian being we have ever seen” and slammed politicians broadly as “all taken caring of by each industry.”

And while Trump touted his 20-point feat only a week progressing in a New Hampshire primary, he also sought to undercut his supporters’ — and a media’s expectations — propelling them not to demeanour during a polling display him staid to purchase a wilful victory, though instead to get out and opinion like they were scheming for a nail-biter.

“Who knows what a numbers are. The polls are really nice. Who knows? We can’t take a chance,” Trump pronounced in comments starkly in contrariety with his predictions of a “tremendous victory” in Iowa a day he eventually faltered with a second-place finish.

“It’s break time, folks. It’s break time,” he reminded a audience.

But Trump finished a night on a contemplative note, reminding his supporters that they are partial of a transformation of that he is simply a “messenger” — and propelling them to get out and vote.

“You’re going to contend to yourselves this was one of a biggest evenings and one of a good days of your lives,” Trump said.

“We’re going to make America good again. Thank you, everybody. we adore you.”

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