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Trump Holds First Talks with Top Chinese Diplomat, Discuss Possible Xi Meeting

U.S. President Donald Trump, who has pounded China on issues from trade to a South China Sea, hold his initial face-to-face talks with a member of a Chinese care on Monday, and a White House pronounced it was a probability to plead common confidence interests and a probable assembly with President Xi Jinping.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi, China’s tip diplomat, met Trump quickly after talks with a new U.S. National Security adviser, H.R. McMaster; Trump’s son-in-law and comparison adviser, Jared Kushner; and White House arch strategist Steve Bannon.

A comparison U.S. administration central pronounced discussions enclosed common team-work and a probability of arranging a assembly between Trump and Xi, though no date was set.

The central pronounced a assembly with Trump lasted 5 to 7 minutes.

White House orator Sean Spicer called it “an event to contend ‘hi’ to a president” before Yang left.

“This was an event to start that review and speak to them on common interests of inhabitant security,” he combined during a unchanging news briefing.

trump223 U.S. President Donald Trump pauses during an an talk with Reuters in a Oval Office. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Yang, who outranks China’s unfamiliar minister, is a initial tip Chinese central to revisit a White House given Trump took bureau on Jan. 20.

His revisit followed a phone call between Yang and U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson final week, during that a dual endorsed a significance of a constructive U.S.-China relationship.

It was a latest step by a world’s dual largest economies to try to put family behind on an even keel after a hilly start following Trump’s choosing victory.

Trump has been a clever censor of Beijing, accusing China of astray trade policies, criticizing a island building in a vital South China Sea, and accusing it of not doing adequate to constrain a neighbor, North Korea.

Trump angry Beijing in Dec by articulate to a boss of Taiwan and observant a United States did not have to hang to a “one China” policy, underneath that Washington acknowledges a Chinese position that there is usually one China, of that Taiwan is a part.

Trump after concluded in a phone call with Xi to respect a “one China” process in a tactful boost for Beijing, that vehemently opposes critique of a explain to self-ruled Taiwan.

China’s state news group Xinhua quoted a researcher during a government-backed consider tank as observant a contention of when and where Trump and Xi would accommodate initial would be on a tip of a bulletin during Yang’s visit.

In an talk with Reuters on Thursday, Trump pulpy China to do some-more to rein in North Korea’s chief and barb programs, observant Beijing could solve a emanate “very simply if it wanted to.”

China on Friday discharged Trump’s remarks, observant a crux of a matter was a brawl between Washington and Pyongyang. Beijing has regularly called for a lapse to negotiations between Pyongyang and universe powers.

As Yang hold talks during a White House, comparison officials from a United States, Japan and South Korea met during a State Department to plead additional measures to throttle off appropriation to North Korea’s weapons program.

“The officials deliberate other probable measures underneath inhabitant authorities, including means to shorten serve a income sources for North Korea’s weapons programs, quite unlawful activities,” they pronounced in a corner statement.

They also concluded that North Korea’s chief and ballistic barb programs directly threatened their confidence and “strong general pressure” was indispensable to pull behind during Pyongyang, a matter added.

Plans for renewed contacts with North Korea in a United States were canceled final week after a U.S. State Department denied a visa for a tip attach� from Pyongyang, a Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday.

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