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Trump tees off on Kasich-Cruz alliance

ROCKVILLE, Md. — One day after Republican presidential claimant John Kasich embarked on a bold
maneuver to retard Donald Trump’s nomination, a New York billionaire lashed back, charging it is “
disgusting” a approach a Ohio administrator speaks to reporters while eating.

In what gives new definition to a word “food fight,” Trump mocked Kasich during a convene in Rhode
Island Monday, observant a administrator “has a news discussion all a time when he’s eating. we have
never seen a tellurian being eat in such a outrageous fashion.”

“This man takes a pancake and he’s shoving it in his mouth,” Trump pronounced as a throng responded
with laughter. “It’s disgusting. Do we wish that for your president? we don’t consider so.”

Trump, who was referring to Kasich chowing down on Italian food this month before a TV cameras
while visiting a Bronx food market, erupted with ire after

Kasich and
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz shaped a proxy alliance

to keep Trump from winning a 1,237 representatives he needs to win a Republican
presidential assignment on a initial list this summer in Cleveland.

Kasich concluded to concede a May 3 Indiana Republican presidential primary to Cruz while Cruz
agreed not to plea Kasich in a Oregon primary after subsequent month and New Mexico’s in June. By
Kasich surrender Indiana, Cruz has a improved possibility to win Indiana, where polls uncover he is running
close to Trump.

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Trump pronounced a fondness usually “shows how weak” Kasich and Cruz are, adding “if we supplement both votes
and we supplement adult both delegates, they’re both behind me,” indicating out Kasich has usually been means to
win one primary — his home state of Ohio.

In a Philadelphia area today, according to a Associated Press, Kasich urged Indiana
residents to opinion for him. “I’ve never told them not to opinion for me. They ought to opinion for me,”
Kasich pronounced only 13 hours after earnest to give Cruz “a transparent path” in Indiana. He pronounced he had
simply concluded not to spend “resources” in Indiana.

At a city gymnasium assembly Monday in Rockville, a Maryland suburb of Washington, D.C., Kasich
avoided responding to Trump’s accusations, revelation a throng of about 300 collected in a community
center that “running on a certain side of things doesn’t always get we attention.”

But Kasich orator Chris Schrimpf, in a transparent anxiety to Trump’s assault, pronounced “day in and
day out, Donald Trump demonstrates because he loses to Hillary Clinton in each check and because he would
give Democrats control of a White House, a Senate and a Supreme Court.”

Earlier Monday in Philadelphia, Kasich discharged Trump, asking, “What are we teasing me?
Collusion? What does that even mean? Does he even know what that means?”

Kasich’s preference to temporarily fan himself with Cruz is regarded by analysts as possibly an
eleventh-hour bid to keep his debate alive or maybe inject his name as a intensity vice
presidential using partner for a contingent GOP nominee. Kasich has consistently deserted a idea
of being on a sheet as clamp president.

“It’s a short-term fondness that seems to advantage Cruz some-more than Kasich,” pronounced Jeff Sadosky, who
served as a orator for a super domestic movement cabinet that upheld former GOP presidential
candidate Marco Rubio. “That’s like trade divided your star actor for a initial turn collect in the
2020 draft. If it becomes a prolonged tenure alliance, that’s a opposite story.”

“These alliances to a certain limit are myopic in that electorate have shown regularly an
unwillingness to go along with what elites are revelation them what to do,” Sadosky said. “To assume
they are going to blithely tumble in line and opinion for a claimant they weren’t formulation on voting
for in a initial place is rather naïve.”

Republican J. Kenneth Blackwell, Ohio’s former state treasurer who done an catastrophic run for
governor, told MSNBC Kasich’s plan is designed to “get as tighten to 300 representatives as possible
and afterwards he becomes some-more appealing to Trump and Cruz as a clamp presidential pick.”

Yet Larry Sabato, a highbrow of politics during a University of Virginia, pronounced a alliance
between Kasich and Cruz “would’ve done a lot some-more clarity if it happened dual months ago.”

“Loads of people — loads of people — were enlivening this fondness between Cruz and Kasich
ages ago and both were like, ‘absolutely not.’ And boom! Here it is. Indiana has a prolonged limit with
Ohio. There is each reason to consider Kasich will do good in those counties adjacent Ohio. I’m not
sure how this happens. It’s unusual. If it’s successful, look, it’s brilliant. If it doesn’t, the
critics will have a margin day.”

Paul Beck, a highbrow of domestic scholarship during Ohio State University, called it “the longest of
long shots,” reporting “it’s tough to see what kind of trail is left for” Kasich.





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