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Trump travels to West Bank for talks with Palestinian leader

President Trump trafficked to a West Bank Tuesday to accommodate Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, pledging to do “everything we can” to move Israel and a Palestinians toward a assent accord.

To strech a biblical city of Bethlehem, Trump’s motorcade upheld by a confidence separator shutting off a West Bank from Israel. 

In remarks delivered as a dual leaders sat together, Trump pronounced he looked brazen to operative with both Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “toward a durability peace.”

Trump combined that “if Israel and a Palestinians can make peace, it will start a routine of assent all via a Middle East, and that would be an extraordinary accomplishment.”

Abbas, vocalization by a translator, pronounced he hoped to “keep a doorway open to discourse with a Israeli neighbors.” But he stressed that Palestinian final sojourn unchanged: a Palestinian state with a collateral in easterly Jerusalem.

“Our Palestinian people’s achievement of their leisure and autonomy is pivotal to assent and fortitude in a world,” he said. “The problem is not between us and Judaism. It is between us and occupation.”

The dual leaders shook hands, though their physique denunciation was distant some-more unbending and grave than a regard and friendship displayed in Trump’s encounters with Netanyahu given his attainment on Monday.

During corner appearances in Jerusalem on Monday, Netanyahu addressed a boss as “Donald” and spoke regularly of a unbreakable bond between a U.S. and Israel.

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