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Trump’s Attack on Mika Brzezinski Comes during a Tense Political Moment

Christine Matthews, a Republican pollster who specializes in a views of womanlike voters, pronounced a president’s use of Twitter to aim a distinguished lady was quite striking, observant that he used usually one derogative word — “psycho” — to report a show’s co-host, Joe Scarborough, and a residue of his singular characters to strike on deleterious stereotypes of women.


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“He enclosed dumb, crazy, old, homely and desperate,” Ms. Matthews said.

“The continued tweeting, a fact that he is so outrageous, so unpresidential, is apropos a outrageous problem for him,” she added. “And it is quite unhelpful in terms of building relations with womanlike Republican members of Congress whose votes he needs for health care, taxation reform, and infrastructure.”

Republican leaders have adopted a plan after such comments of condemning Mr. Trump, afterwards subsidy him politically. It was misleading either a vehemence of a latest conflict would embolden members of his celebration to spin contempt into defiance.

“The president’s tweets currently don’t assistance a domestic or inhabitant sermon and do not yield a certain purpose indication for a inhabitant dialogue,” pronounced Oklahoma Senator James Lankford, a Republican.


Representative Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas and others in a House criticized President Trump’s remarks on Thursday.

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“Please only stop,” Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican who against Mr. Trump’s nomination, wrote on Twitter. “This isn’t normal and it’s underneath a grace of your office.”

Senior Republican leaders, including Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, a Senate infancy leader, cycled by what has turn a informed array of emotions and calculations after a Twitter post, according to staff members: a peep of anger, tab of probable repairs and finally a integrity to pull past a debate to pursue their bulletin with all counsel speed.

“Obviously, we don’t see that as an suitable comment,” House Speaker Paul D. Ryan pronounced during a Capitol Hill news conference.

Then he told reporters he wanted to speak about something else.

Nancy Pelosi, a House Democratic leader, demanded an apology, job a president’s Twitter posts “sexist, an conflict on a leisure of a press and an insult to all women.”

Ms. Brzezinski, who has questioned Mr. Trump’s cunning and mental state, was dumbfounded by a attack, revelation a tighten crony that “I unequivocally don’t need this.” Ms. Brzezinski’s father, Zbigniew K. Brzezinski, a former inhabitant confidence adviser, died in May. Her mother, Emilie Benes Brzezinski, has suffered dual heart attacks given he died, according to a friend.

The ties between Ms. Brzezinski, Mr. Scarborough, Mr. Trump and his family are prolonged and complicated. The boss and Mr. Scarborough had a friendly, sarcastic attribute until this year when it soured as Mr. Scarborough started to frequently plea Mr. Trump’s actions on air.

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Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/29/us/politics/trumps-attack-on-mika-brzezinski-comes-at-a-tense-political-moment.html