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Tweeter-in-chief prepared to confront China’s ‘great firewall’

America’s tweeter-in-chief is set to face off bit-to-bit opposite China’s “great firewall.”

President Donald Trump’s attainment in Beijing on Wednesday will offer as a exam of strech for his elite 140-character communications tool.

The White House is disappearing to criticism on a president’s ability to twitter in China or a precautions being taken to strengthen his communications in a heavily monitored state. It’s about some-more than cybersecurity. Knowing a president’s gusto for showmanship, some aides are perplexing to build adult amicable media torment before Air Force One is wheels-down in Beijing.

Spoiler alert: The American boss will get his way. Multiple officials informed with a procedures in place yet unapproved to plead them publicly pronounced a boss will, in fact, be means to twitter in China.

Twitter is blocked for domestic users in China, yet foreigners have had success accessing a amicable media use while regulating information roaming services that bond to their home mobile networks.

For an American president, it’s not that straightforward. Securing a president’s communications — and tweets — in China requires satellites, worldly wiring and a work of hundreds on mixed continents.

Trump, like his predecessor, has a secure dungeon phone, yet he uses it some-more for tweeting than phone calls. He’s sent during slightest dual dozen tweets in a initial 4 days of his outing to Asia. Developed in partnership between a National Security Agency and Secret Service, it has some unchanging functionality infirm to strengthen from hacking. But China poses a graphic challenge: Merely branch it on there is a confidence risk, as China’s mobile network is believed to be wholly compromised by a confidence services.

Several former administration officials pronounced they did not remember either President Barack Obama brought his dungeon phone to China. The White House declined to contend either Trump would be bringing his phone on a trip, yet tweets sent by him given he’s over Washington are noted as being sent from an iPhone.

Chinese officials seemed to commend a significance of a middle to their guest. Asked either Trump would be means to twitter from Beijing, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zheng Zeguang told reporters on Friday: “We take all into comment on receiving unfamiliar heads of state so we should have no reservations about Mr. President’s ability to keep in hold with a outside.”

But officials pronounced it would frequency be adult to China, as it would be improbable for Trump’s device to ever strech a Chinese network.

The White House maintains an ever-updating set of policies and regulations for abroad travel. According to stream and former White House staffers, officials are infrequently released new inclination privately for unfamiliar trips. Their phone numbers and emails are forwarded to a new inclination for a generation of a abroad stint, afterwards shifted behind to their stateside inclination once they return. The phones used on a outing are returned to a White House IT bureau for inspection.

In a eventuality a outing is to a high-risk cyber-espionage location, such as China, Israel or Cuba, aides are given endless briefings on cybersecurity. Among a precautions: Aides are strongly disheartened from branch on their inclination in a offending country.

Former White House press secretary Josh Earnest removed that confidence protocols altered frequently during a Obama administration, yet that aides were speedy to leave their personal inclination on Air Force One.

“While in a country, we were speedy to move all with us whenever we left a room, even for brief periods” such as a gym visit, Earnest said. “And, we were told never to use hotel supposing Wi-Fi.”

But, Earnest added, it “seems reasonable that these safeguards are easy to put in place for Trump’s phone.”

The White House Communications Agency, a 1,200-person troops command, is obliged for a president’s tellurian communications needs. The primary purpose is to say communications for vicious invulnerability purposes, like puncture communications with troops commanders. In each presidential motorcade, for instance, an armored SUV codenamed Road Runner provides for a tie to an array of troops and Secret Service communications networks. Abroad, it also enables paltry presidential traffic, like tweets.

On a trip, a WHCA, along with a White House conditions room staff, maintains a secure communications apartment during a presidential hotel for use by presidential staff. It includes both secure and unsecured phones, as good as entrance to a White House Wi-Fi network. It is swept customarily for espionage inclination and rhythmical 24/7. Overseas, “we’d have to be additional observant about restrictive personal — and even personal — discussions to this suite,” removed Ned Price, a former CIA researcher who worked as a orator for Obama’s National Security Council.


Associated Press author Christopher Bodeen in Beijing contributed to this report.


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