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Twitch Starts Phasing Out Original Subscription Plan In Favor Of Amazon-Linked ‘Twitch Prime’

From a video announcing a new service.

The game-streaming use Twitch will no longer offer $9/month Twitch Turbo subscriptions in a U.S. and other tools of a universe where Amazon Prime is available, a association announced today. That’s since a Amazon-owned Twitch is now charity ad-free Twitch subscriptions as one of a many perks business will get for $11/month Amazon Prime subscriptions.


The change was announced currently during a kick-off of Twitchcon in San Diego and is elaborated on in an extensive FAQ on a company’s website.

Those who have Turbo subscriptions can keep them or cancel to switch to Prime. Those who already have Amazon Prime are now automatically also Twitch Prime members as well. (You have to record into both Amazon and Twitch to couple a dual Prime services.)

In further to permitting Twitch users to watch streams but saying ads, a Twitch Prime use is slated to give business a revolution of giveaway games and a accumulation of digital perks. At launch, that includes some tradition equipment for Smite and Hearthstone and a duplicate of a streaming-oriented diversion Streamline. A Twitch repute indicated to Kotaku that Prime subscribers would keep entrance to their giveaway games even after it goes out of a giveaway rotation.


The many engaging perk competence be a choice for Prime users to allow to one Twitch channel a month for “free” with Amazon directly profitable a volume that that underling would routinely cost to a channel a user is subscribing to.

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Article source: http://kotaku.com/twitch-starts-phasing-out-original-subscription-plan-in-1787302282


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