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Twitter Is Ditching 140 Characters

Finally, there’s a third finding, that is that people with a 280-character extent don’t indeed twitter many longer, in many cases, than those cramped to 140. That might seem counterintuitive, though it was during a core of Twitter’s logic when it announced a exam in September. It had beheld that people regulating Twitter in languages such as Japanese, where we can demonstrate some-more in 140 characters than we can in English, simply didn’t need their full subsidy in many cases. Now Twitter says that a identical element appears to request in English and other languages: The infancy of tweets will still be shorter than 140 characters, even as some run on to 200, 240, or 280. You can see a change in placement in a draft below:

Article source: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2017/11/twitter_is_giving_everyone_280_characters_it_s_the_right_move.html