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Twitter Partners with GIPHY & Riffsy for Native GIFs – Android Headlines

We reported a few weeks ago that Twitter was A/B contrast a dedicated GIF button in their Android app. It usually seemed for a few users for a brief time. However, currently a association announced that dedicated GIF support is now accessible on both their Android and iOS apps. You’ll see a dedicated GIF symbol in a harmonise window of a app, from there we are means to hunt by GIPHY and Riffsy databases for a GIF we wish to supplement to your tweet. Making things most some-more fun on a amicable network. Twitter combined GIF support behind in 2014 – users have common over 100 million GIFs given – though now we are means to simply supplement a GIF though downloading and afterwards uploading it to a site yourself. Making it a bit some-more seamless.

With a GIF symbol in a harmonise screen, we are going to be means to hunt by keywords as good as trending GIFs and categories for opposite reactions like mic drop, YOLO, and many others. Twitter states that a underline is rolling out commencement currently to iOS, Android and Twitter.com. The hurl out will continue over a subsequent few weeks. So this appears to be a staged hurl out, though there’s still no word on either we are watchful on an app refurbish or if this is a server-side refurbish for a app. We aren’t saying it on a app on a inclination during this time, however.

Having Twitter partner with both GIPHY and Riffsy’s GIF databases is a large deal. Not usually for Twitter, though also for both GIPHY and Riffsy. While they already have a good series of users regulating their databases, their user-base is going to grow utterly a bit with Twitter integrating it into their apps. Considering Twitter has over 300 million monthly active users, itself. GIFs are unequivocally renouned right now, and they already auto-play on Twitter, and now your timeline is about to be even some-more full of GIFs from people that we follow on a amicable network. This is expected partial of Twitter’s devise to continue their possess user growth. After they saw it stagnate in a fourth quarter.

Article source: http://www.androidheadlines.com/2016/02/twitter-partners-with-giphy-for-native-gifs.html