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Twitter warns some users of probable state-sponsored cyber attack

SAN FRANCISCO Twitter Inc released an warning to some users warning them that state-sponsored hackers might have attempted to obtain supportive information from their accounts, a association said, a initial such warning by a micro blogging site.

The notice pronounced there was no denote a hackers performed supportive information from what it pronounced were a “small organisation of accounts” targeted.

It did not yield additional information about a conflict or probable suspects in a investigation.

Twitter’s notice is a latest amid regard about cyber attacks by state-sponsored organizations. Government agencies, businesses and media have all been hacked.

Motherboard, a tech news site, and a Financial Times progressing reported on Twitter’s warning.

One classification that pronounced it perceived a notice, a Winnipeg-based nonprofit called Coldhak, pronounced a warning from Twitter came on Friday. The notice pronounced a enemy might have been perplexing to obtain information such as “email addresses, IP addresses, and/or phone numbers”.

Coldhak’s Twitter account, @coldhakca, retweeted reports from a series of other users who pronounced they perceived a notice. Coldhak and a other users did not prove because they might have been singled out.

Colin Childs, one of a first directors of Coldhak, told Reuters his classification has seen “no conspicuous impact of this attack”.

Google and Facebook have also started arising warnings to users presumably targeted by state-sponsored attacks.

(Reporting and essay by Stephen R. Trousdale; modifying by Grant McCool)

Article source: http://in.reuters.com/article/twitter-hack-idINKBN0TX07K20151214