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Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson ends in infancy draw

NEW YORK — Tyron Woodley and Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson went behind and onward for 25 minutes, though when it was all over a quarrel finished in a infancy draw.

It was a exhausting preference for both fighters after 5 tough rounds as Woodley and Thompson both gave all to leave a welterweight title. Ultimately, Woodley still reason onto his belt, though he leaves New York though a win.

As a quarrel got underway, Thompson showed a lot of certainty in a opening moments of a fight, though that was scarcely burst after his initial flog was held by Woodley, who afterwards drilled him to a belligerent with a large takedown.

Once Woodley got a quarrel to a ground, Thompson offering adult no try to get behind adult again as he was quiescent to play invulnerability and only tarry until a horn sounded. Woodley on a other palm kept adult a vigour and burst Thompson with a outrageous shot only before a turn finished that non-stop a cut that started draining into his eyes.

Thompson stoical himself between rounds and he was means take a core of a Octagon right divided before stalking Woodley opposite a enclosure for a infancy of a 5 notation session.

It was some-more of a same in a third, nonetheless Thompson’s outlay slowed down though Woodley’s was scarcely self-existent for a many partial as he kept relocating divided with his behind opposite a cage.

Just when it seemed that Woodley was negligence down with a vanishing gas tank, a champion came resounding behind in a fourth turn after alighting a grievous right palm that staggered Thompson, promulgation him careening opposite a cage.

Woodley pounced on Thompson with a fusillade of strikes, looking to get a finish though to a No. 1 ranked contender managed to tarry to equivocate a finish.  Once a knockout didn’t happen, Woodley transitioned to a guillotine throttle before descending to a pad and jacket his legs around Thompson to tie a hold.

It seemed that a throttle was on tight, though somehow Thompson stayed studious before finally slipping out with only seconds remaining in a round. Thompson landed a few some-more shots on a belligerent as a turn came to an end.

The final turn saw Thompson behind in control with higher enclosure control nonetheless Woodley never unequivocally engrossed any critical damage. Still, Woodley seemed to be subsidy adult for some-more of a turn as Thompson stayed on a attack.

After 5 tough fought rounds, it was an impossibly tough quarrel to measure — and a judges agreed.

The scorecards came behind with one in preference of 48-47 for Woodley and a other dual tied adult during 47-47, definition a quarrel finished in a infancy draw.

There was some difficulty primarily after Woodley was announced as a separate preference winner, though officials simplified a scorecards to announce a quarrel a infancy draw.

The pull means Woodley retains his title, though it all though signifies a rematch during some indicate down a highway with “Wonderboy” who gave a champion all he could hoop over 5 rounds.

Article source: http://www.foxsports.com/ufc/story/tyron-woodley-vs-stephen-wonderboy-thompson-ends-in-majority-draw-111316