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UFC 205: Conor McGregor knocks out Eddie Alvarez in second turn for lightweight title

Nov 12, 2016; New York, NY, USA; Conor McGregor (blue gloves) fights Eddie Alvarez (red gloves) in their lightweight pretension hitch during UFC 205 during Madison Square Garden.( Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

UFC 205 mostly delivered as betrothed and so did a featherweight champion Conor McGregor, who lived adult to a hype and flog Eddie Alvarez for a lightweight tag to turn a initial male in a promotion’s story to concurrently reason twin belts. The UFC, too, finished story by showcasing churned martial humanities has on one of boxing’s biggest stages — Madison Square Garden.

McGregor left a route of insults in his trail to a tip and in a diminutive hours of Sunday morning after he knocked out Alvarez at just over 3 mins into a second round, a 28-year-old Irishman showed 0 remorse.

“I’ve ridiculed everybody on a roster,” McGregor said. “And we customarily wish to say, from a bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this possibility to apologize to positively nobody. The double champ does what a [expletive] he wants!”

And really, when it comes to anything MMA, that’s flattering many true, and if it’s not, positively Saturday night was not when to tell him otherwise. McGregor distant Alvarez with picture-perfect lefthand counters and simply pressed a champion’s takedowns before putting him down for good in a second round.

The rest of a label delivered clever movement as well. Strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk shielded her belt in widespread fashion, while in a co-main event’s welterweight pretension fight, Tyron Woodley defended his pretension in an entertaining, back-and-forth quarrel that finished in a draw.

The prominence of a night, however, belonged to Cuban Olympic wrestler Yoel Romero, who took a china award during a 2000 games. Romero landed an implausible drifting knee that knocked out former middleweight champion Chris Weidman in a third turn of a rival quarrel to supplement another scalp to his collection. He also punched his sheet for a pretension quarrel with local titleholder Michael Bisping, who flipped a bird to Romero on a Garden’s video residence after examination the victory live.

There were no delayed moments during a five-fight categorical label nonetheless there was a touching one when former women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate astounded quarrel fans by announcing her retirement. She pronounced she formed her preference partly her muted opening on Saturday that saw her dump a preference to Raquel Pennington in a main-card opener.

The undercard, too, offering adult remarkable moments. Lightweight Khabib Nurmagomedov announced himself as a subsequent large thing with an illusory arrangement of wrestling and grappling in a feat over Michael Johnson. He surfaced his opening with an over-the-top call-out of McGregor, however.

“I wish to quarrel with your chicken,” he pronounced in front of a aloud booing crowd, perfectionist a shot during a title. “This is easiest quarrel in lightweight division.”

Scroll down or click on a links subsequent to relive all a action, as chronicled by MMA consultant Patrick Wyman (@Patrick_Wyman) and Washington Post staff author Marissa Payne (@MarissaPayne). Wyman provides technical research arriving label any Thursday brazen of vital UFC events. — MP and PW 

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Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor tries to turn a initial male to concurrently reason twin UFC titles as he takes on Eddie Alvarez for a lightweight belt in UFC 205’s categorical event. Alvarez is an doubtful champion who got a shot during Rafael dos Anjos some-more on a basement of his career accomplishments than a span of split-decision victories over Gilbert Melendez and Anthony Pettis, nonetheless he finished a many of his eventuality with a first-round knockout win. McGregor separate twin fights with Nate Diaz after using by a featherweight division, a latter of that became a highest-selling quarrel in UFC history. This is a good stylistic matchup in further to a box-office implications, pitting Alvarez’s frail fighting and vigourous wrestling opposite McGregor’s outrageous energy and pressure-focused game. The genuine questions are either a hittable Alvarez can take McGregor’s manly left palm how many Alvarez is means to wrestle, nonetheless however it plays out, we’re expected to get fireworks. — PW

Dana White described UFC 205 as carrying “the “biggest, baddest, biggest label ever fabricated in sports history” final week, and so far, so good. The twin prior pretension fights have left a stretch and this one could, too. But not if McGregor’s prophecy comes true. Amid an try to toss a chair during Alvarez during a press contention progressing this week, he expected he’d hit his competition out in a initial round. — MP

Round 1: Alvarez comes out with a integrate of leg kicks as McGregor works his poke and a front kick. Alvarez comes in and McGregor drops him with a purify left hand, nonetheless Alvarez is right behind to his feet. The champ tries for a bluff takedown, nonetheless McGregor stuffs it easily. McGregor’s poke is looking good early, and as Alvarez rushes in, McGregor tags him with another opposite left. McGregor knocks Alvarez down again, this time with a lead left, and a Irishman is operative from tip position. Alvarez is adult and seems to have recovered, nonetheless he’s stranded on a fence. He shoots for a takedown, that McGregor stuffs, and Alvarez cooking an bend for his difficulty on a break. Aggression competence be removing a improved of McGregor here, and he’s not picking his shots as carefully. Alvarez comes in with a good body-head multiple and afterwards lands a physique flog a impulse later. As a turn ends, Alvarez seems to be settling in. 10-8 McGregor on a basement of a knockdowns. — PW

Round 2: Alvarez opens adult with a tough physique flog nonetheless cooking a lift opposite from McGregor, holding a left palm right on a chin. A bluff takedown comes nowhere tighten to subsequent for Alvarez. McGregor tosses out a array of side kicks to a thigh and physique to force Alvarez back, and afterwards lands a opposite left. Alvarez lands a right hand, afterwards another, nonetheless takes another left palm in an exchange. Finally Alvarez pushes McGregor into a fence, where he tries for a double. This kind of harsh will offer him good as a quarrel goes on. McGregor breaks off and lands another left, afterwards a front flog to a body. A left-right-left multiple lands for McGregor and that’s all she wrote for Alvarez. Wow. McGregor gets a knockout in a second round. — PW

Summary: Conor McGregor defeats Eddie Alvarez by knockout (punches) during 3:04 of a second round. What can we unequivocally contend here? That was an evisceration of a putative best lightweight on a face of a planet, a top-to-bottom dump of epic proportions. He distant Alvarez by adhering him on a finish of his prolonged reach, creation larger use of a poke than he has in prior fights, and afterwards sketch a champion onto left-hand opposite after left-hand counter. It was unequivocally that simple, and Alvarez had no answers for it. Now McGregor is a initial two-division champion in UFC history, a biggest lift in a sport’s history, and a warrior so apparently special that his like has never been seen before in this sport. — PW

The male deserves to strut. — MP

Meanwhile, Gordon Ramsey is personification with a dude’s balding head.

Yes, it’s a good night for a UFC and a new owners Hollywood talent group WME-IMG. Looks like they’re already commencement to see a boon of their $4 billion buy. According to ESPN’s Darren Rovell, UFC 205 set a new sheet reveue record during Madison Square Garden.  — MP

Tyron Woodley retains belt over Stephen Thompson (majority draw)

Tyron Woodley (red gloves) fights opposite Stephen Thompson. (Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

Newly crowned champion Woodley defends his belt for a initial time opposite karate master Stephen Thompson in an glorious welterweight championship fight. Since a sole detriment of his career, Thompson has won 7 in a row, including a knockout of former champion Johny Hendricks and a far-reaching preference over former challenger Rory MacDonald, display off pointy distinguished skills that make this a illusory matchup. Thompson will try to hang Woodley on a finish of his prolonged kicks and jab, while Woodley will try to raze brazen into his heartless right palm or grub this out in a bind and with takedowns. — PW

The throng would adore to see Woodley remove his belt, generally to “Wonderboy” Thompson. Woodley doesn’t seem to mind a haters, however, and this week he finished one some-more when he intent in a Twitter argument with feudmaster Conor McGregor. — MP

Round 1: The twin fighters start slowly, encircling and gauging a operation and timing early. Thompson is watchful for Woodley to uncover him his speed, and Woodley doesn’t wish to give Thompson something to counter. The challenger is pressuring a bit some-more than he customarily does, nonetheless he’s not dire that advantage, tossing out customarily a integrate of kicks. The initial blast comes after twin minutes, as Thompson fires off a low flog that Woodley catches and runs into a double-leg takedown in a center of a cage. The champion is operative from tip position and lands a array of brief punches and elbows. They’re in a center of a cage, so there’s unequivocally nowhere for Thompson to go. Woodley’s control is stifling, and he’s bloodying Thompson up. 10-9 Woodley. — PW

Round 2: Again a twin fighters start slowly, and Woodley allows Thompson to press him behind to a fence. Woodley waits for Thompson to dedicate to a punching combination, afterwards grabs a bind and controls Thompson opposite a cage. Thompson breaks off and tries a gnawing turn flog as he pressures Woodley toward a fence, nonetheless he’s struggling to let his shots go. Woodley tries his initial bomb rush with a right palm nonetheless comes adult good short, and Thompson lands a flush spinning behind flog to a body. Thompson attacks with a combination, afterwards lands a poke and a opposite right palm after a Woodley jab. The champion backs adult to a blockade and cooking another combination. Woodley lands his initial right hand, nonetheless Thompson wears it and stays in a pocket. He’s vouchsafing his shots go as Woodley is calm to keep his behind on a fence. Woodley tries to finish a turn with an explosion, nonetheless it’s too little, too late. 19-19 after two. — PW

Round 3: Woodley tries to get after Thompson with a forward-moving right palm nonetheless cooking a opposite left as he comes forward. The right palm comes by for Woodley a impulse later, nonetheless again he cooking a opposite as he comes forward. Thompson is dire Woodley toward a blockade during will, and now he’s starting to let his shots go, shifting brazen with head-body punching combinations. Woodley’s perplexing his poke and a few low kicks, nonetheless increasingly a counters are there for Thompson when Woodley throws. Woodley lands a opposite of his own, and afterwards gets into a clinch, nonetheless can’t contend position. A infamous low flog lands for Woodley that unbalances Thompson, and as they sell to finish a round, Woodley lands cleanly. That was a razor-thin round, nonetheless 29-28 Thompson. — PW

Round 4: Not a lot function to start a fourth until Woodley lets go with a integrate of jabs and cooking a Thompson opposite in return. Woodley lands a discerning right palm that puts Thompson on a house and jumps on Thompson, afterwards lands another shot that drops a challenger a impulse later. Woodley is looking for a finish, nonetheless Thompson is behind up. A array of knees and elbows dump Thompson and Woodley looks for a choke. Somehow, Thompson has survived, and he presses Woodley behind opposite a fence. Woodley drops down for a guillotine choke, and again, Thompson is still in a fight. Incredible heart from Thompson to tarry that flurry, and with a notation left, a challenger has tip position and an tired Woodley underneath him. Thompson lands a few brief shots, afterwards postures to land harder ones as he ends a round. 38-38, nonetheless we wouldn’t disagree with a 10-8 for Woodley there. — PW

Round 5: The twin fighters cuddle to start a fifth round. Thompson opens adult with some-more vigour and tries for a integrate of conduct kicks as Woodley backs to a fence. A punching multiple and afterwards a low flog lands for Thompson. Despite carrying Woodley on a fence, Thompson isn’t vouchsafing his shots go with regularity. Thompson lands a frail jab, afterwards a tough right as Woodley tries to raze forward. Woodley doesn’t have many left in a tank here, and Thompson is picking him off a shot during a time. A good right palm lands for Woodley after a Thompson combination. Woodley’s rush comes adult brief and he cooking a counter, and as Thompson goes on a attack, he lands a array of combinations. 48-47 Thompson on this card, nonetheless a 47-47 lift would also be a viable score. — PW

Summary: Fight ends in a infancy lift (47-47, 47-47, 48-47 Woodley)
Despite Bruce Buffer’s improper proclamation of a outcome — it was a infancy draw, not a separate preference — Woodley retains his belt. The judges who motionless to measure a fourth turn 10-8 finished a good decision, and a twin fighters put on a fantastic, back-and-forth performance. With that said, both fighters missed their opportunities; Woodley competence have finished with strikes if he hadn’t left for a choke, and Thompson regularly let Woodley off a offshoot when he corroborated adult to a fence. A rematch isn’t out of a doubt in a wide-open welterweight division. — PW

Woodley was not happy when Buffer stopped mid-sentence to scold himself, nonetheless Twitter had some fun with it. Majority draws aren’t common. — MP

Tennis star Caroline Wozniacki is kickin’ it during Madison Square Garden. — MP

Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Karolina Kowalkiewicz (unanimous decision)

Joanna Jedrzejczyk (red gloves) fights opposite Karolina Kowalkiewicz. (Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

Poland’s Jedrzejczyk creates a fourth invulnerability of her pretension opposite her countrywoman Kowalkiewicz in a fun strawweight championship matchup. Both fighters cite to work on a feet, and that kind of quarrel drastically favors a champion, a maestro of 70 Muay Thai fights and one of a best technical strikers in all of MMA. Kowalkiewicz depends on her continuance and pace, and that substantially doesn’t bode good opposite someone who can compare her descent outlay with improved energy and technique. — PW

This quarrel is certain to have a entirety of Poland glued to their televisions, UFC President Dana White pronounced final week. He pronounced Kowalkiewicz is apparently a improved famous warrior there, so Jedrzejczyk’s on a goal to infer “she’s a one.” But it appears White’s already convinced. He finished me guarantee to demeanour adult on his Instagram comment a video he re-posted (“scroll past a square of pizza) that shows Jedrzejczyk throwing elbows during a speed of a hummingbird. “It’s insane,” White said. — MP

😳 holy shit!!!!

A video posted by Dana White (@danawhite) on Oct 18, 2016 during 11:13am PDT

Round 1: Jedrzejczyk opens adult with her poke and a integrate of low kicks as Kowalkiewicz tries to vigour into range, nonetheless she cooking a two-punch multiple as she walks into Joanna’s range, afterwards twin punches followed by a kick. Kowalkiewicz is perplexing to time Jedrzejczyk’s kicks with counterpunches nonetheless isn’t landing, and a champion slams home another integrate of punches and kicks. Her punch-kick combinations are positively on indicate tonight, and so is a timing on her counters. Kowalkiewicz is spending a lot of time in southpaw, nonetheless Jedrzejczyk has seamlessly practiced by throwing left low kicks and afterwards shifting opposite to a outside. The initial time they clinch, Kowalkiewicz pushes to a fence, nonetheless Jedrzejczyk facilely turns her and lands a pointy bend and a array of knees to a body. Kowalkiewicz slashes her with a bend on a break, and Jedrzejczyk responds in open space with nonetheless another punch-kick combination. They bind again, and Jedrzejczyk is display off her tallness and stretch advantage on a inside. Easy 10-9 for Joanna Jedrzejczyk. — PW

Round 2: Kowalkiewicz comes out aggressively once again and cooking twin tough physique kicks to open proceedings. They bind again, and Jedrzejczyk lands a infamous bend on a break, afterwards another low flog behind in space. Kowalkiewicz is diversion and she’s trying, nonetheless each time she walks into operation she’s eating shots. She doesn’t have a firepower to go strike for strike with Jedrzejczyk. More low kicks land for Jedrzejczyk, and when Kowalkiewicz tries to clinch, she cooking another integrate of elbows. Back in a center of a cage, Jedrzejczyk lands a array of low kicks. Kowalkiewicz shoots for a takedown and scarcely completes it opposite a fence, nonetheless Jedrzejczyk stuffs it and breaks off. The champion tries for a conduct kick, nonetheless Kowalkiewicz grabs it and tries for a takedown. Once again, she can’t finish it, and Jedrzejczyk lands a span of elbows in a bind before removing behind to open space. She grazes Kowalkiewicz with a high flog and scarcely takes her conduct off with a spinning backfist. 20-18 Jedrzejczyk. — PW

Round 3: The twin fighters bind early and Kowalkiewicz lands a good knee nonetheless can’t reason Jedrzejczyk opposite a fence. They mangle off into open space, and as Kowalkiewicz comes in, she cooking a opposite right palm and another flog to a body. Jedrzejczyk lands a tough physique flog and slips into a clinch, where she slams home a integrate of knees and a punching multiple on a break. Again, Kowalkiewicz comes into range, and again she cooking a punching combination. Jedrzejczyk’s management of a stretch with her poke and kicks is so pointy that Kowalkiewicz has to start her vigour from so distant outward that it gives Jedrzejczyk all a time she needs to prepared her counters. A good flog lands for Kowalkiewicz, nonetheless Jedrzejczyk comes behind with one of her possess a impulse later. They bind in a center of a enclosure and Jedrzejczyk lands a array of knees and elbows, afterwards another bend on a break. This is removing some-more and some-more one-sided. 30-27 Jedrzejczyk. — PW

Round 4: More low kicks open record for Jedrzejczyk, and Kowalkiewicz bulls her approach into a slot before whiffing on a array of punches and finale adult in a clinch. Jedrzejczyk smiles customarily before she elbows Kowalkiewicz, nonetheless a champion cooking an bend from a challenger on a approach out. Another 3 low kicks land for Jedrzejczyk, nonetheless Kowalkiewicz clips a champion with a tough shot and has her in trouble. Kowalkiewicz unloads opposite a blockade nonetheless Jedrzejczyk looks to have recovered and scarcely gets Kowalkiewicz’s back. The champion lands a tough flog that Kowalkiewicz catches, nonetheless once again, she can’t finish a takedown. Another tough flog lands for Jedrzejczyk, and Kowalkiewicz replies with a tough righthand counter. They finish a turn with a flurry in that both fighters land. Despite Kowalkiewicz’s moments, that was still Jedrzejczyk’s round. 40-36 Jedrzejczyk. — PW

Round 5: Jedrzejczyk’s nose looks to be badly damaged as we start a fifth round. More kicks land for Jedrzejczyk and a twin fighters find themselves in a clinch, where a champion lands another bend on a break. Kowalkiewicz comes in with a multiple and lands a shot, nonetheless cooking a low flog a impulse later, afterwards another. Jedrzejczyk puts together a span of three-punch combinations, alighting to a physique and head, and afterwards slashes Kowalkiewicz with an elbow. Kowalkiewicz is dire brazen and still alighting a occasional shot, nonetheless a champion’s counters are still on point. I’m not certain what Kowalkiewicz is finished out of, nonetheless she’s too tough to be human, that’s for sure. They bind in a final notation and Jedrzejczyk is alighting knees and elbows, afterwards a conduct flog on a break. As a bell sounds, Kowalkiewicz presses brazen and cooking one some-more shot. 50-45 Jedrzejczyk. — PW

Summary: Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Karolina Kowalkiewicz by unanimous preference (49-46 x3). That was a pleasing opening from Jedrzejczyk opposite a tough, durable challenger who gave her all she could handle. The quarrel wasn’t quite close, nonetheless Kowalkiewicz’s eagerness to quarrel in a slot and in a bind finished it tough on a champion. Both fighters are clearly still improving and it wouldn’t be startling to see them accommodate again. — PW

Conor McGregor’s latest rivalry Eddie Alvarez is in a residence looking dapper. Between him and a Irishman, it’s tough to tell who’s winning a neat fit battle. — MP

Yoel Romero defeats Chris Weidman (KO)

The surging Romero, who has won 7 in a quarrel to start his UFC career, earnings to movement opposite former middleweight champion Weidman in his initial hitch behind after losing a belt to Luke Rockhold final December. Both fighters desperately need a win here: Romero is 39 and entrance off a drug suspension, while Weidman needs to infer he still belongs during a tip of a multiplication full of intensity contenders. It’s tough to contend what a matchup will demeanour like, as a hyper-athletic Romero tends to raze into astonishing bursts of assault and Weidman competence be a bit gunshy after a year on a shelf. It’s substantially protected to design Weidman to pressure, though, and Romero to hang and pierce while looking for an eventuality to land a large shot. — PW

Round 1: Weidman comes out encircling and starts things off with a pointy low flog and a glancing physique flog as a southpaw Romero bides his time. Romero finally throws his initial strike, a infamous physique kick, 1:15 into a fight. Weidman gets in on a takedown and roughly gets Romero down, nonetheless a Cuban springs behind to his feet. A span of tough physique kicks land for Weidman and he shoots another takedown, nonetheless comes adult brief again. He’s treacherous Romero with his volume and activity, even if he’s not indeed alighting much, and Romero has nonetheless to unequivocally lift a trigger on anything. Weidman gets Romero down with 30 seconds to go and tries to spin to a back, nonetheless can’t get anything going. 10-9 Weidman. — PW

Round 2: Weidman starts things off with a heartless physique kick, nonetheless comes adult brief on nonetheless another takedown. Still, by forcing Romero to urge he’s gloomy a Cuban’s offense and wearing down his singular gas tank. A tough low flog lands for Romero, nonetheless he’s clearly negligence down. Romero lands a large overhand left, nonetheless Weidman lands a good physique flog shortly afterward. Weidman pokes Romero in a eye and we get a brief stoppage. When a movement resumes, Romero slams home a left physique kick. When they clinch, Romero kicks out one of Weidman’s legs and spins around to his behind in a scramble. He pins Weidman opposite a blockade and knees his legs, afterwards quick takes him down. Romero explodes into a center of a enclosure and completes a purify takedown with 30 seconds left, alighting a few tough shots to finish a round. 19-19 after two. — PW

Round 3: Again, Weidman starts off with a tough physique kick. When he ducks in for a takedown, Romero times it with a drifting knee that catches Weidman on a approach in. It’s a ideally timed strike. Romero wins by knockout during :24 of a third round. — PW

Summary: Yoel Romero defeats by knockout (flying knee) during :24 of a third round.
Weidman looked flattering good in a initial round, display off some frail distinguished skills, nonetheless couldn’t understanding with Romero’s wrestling skills in a second. In a third, Romero timed his turn change with a heartless drifting knee, one of a many infamous knockout shots I’ve ever seen in my years of covering this sport. I’m not certain where Weidman goes from here, after a year of injuries and twin uninterrupted losses, nonetheless that was a bad shot. Romero will get a pretension shot opposite Michael Bisping, and he’ll enter that quarrel as a odds-on favorite. — PW

Then things got a small weird, as infrequently they tend to in UFC. Bisping is commentating for this event, so how available that he’s there to manage this contenders’ match. When a camera pans adult to him, he decides to flip it off, so flattering many confirming Romero’s his new enemy. — MP

Conor McGregor’s in a house, hopefully wearing a tear-away fit that he’ll still be sporting when he strolls into a octagon. — MP

Just in time for a holidays. — MP

Raquel Pennington defeats Miesha Tate (unanimous decision)

Miesha Tate (red gloves) fights Raquel Pennington. (Adam Hunger/USA TODAY Sports)

Former UFC bantamweight champion Tate earnings to movement 4 months after dropping her belt to a fearsome Amanda Nunes and tries to get behind on lane opposite a rising Pennington. Tate’s competition is no slouch: Pennington went to a tighten preference with former champion Holly Holm and has won 3 in a row. Both fighters are means everywhere, nonetheless broadly speaking, Pennington would cite a distinguished matchup and Tate would like to get this to a ground. The bind will substantially be a determining factor, and both fighters have clever skills in that phase. — PW

Round 1: Pennington comes out looking to pressure, nonetheless Tate backs her off with a poke and a integrate of kicks, and and Pennington’s combinations in a slot come adult short. Shortly after, Pennington lands a purify left offshoot and afterwards a jab, afterwards lands another poke impulse later. A third poke lands during a same time as Tate lands a low kick. Pennington is now alighting her poke during will, and Tate’s not fondness it during all. As Tate comes in, Pennington grabs a clinch, nonetheless she gets a worse of a sell as Tate lands a array of brief punches. Pushing Pennington opposite a fence, Tate looks for a takedown chain, nonetheless Pennington defends good and thatch adult a guillotine choke. Tate is doing all probable to defend, including using adult a cage, and hardly manages to equivocate a submission. She finally gets a takedown and looks to pierce to a behind as Pennington scrambles behind to her feet. 10-9 Pennington in a initial on a basement of a landed strikes and nearby choke. — PW

Round 2: Pennington comes out looking to vigour again and lands a frail jab, afterwards another. When they clinch, Tate grabs a collar tie and lands a pointy knee, nonetheless when they get behind to range, Tate cooking nonetheless another jab. They bind again, nonetheless this time, Pennington sticks her with a array of shots. Tate pushes her to a blockade and lands a integrate of pointy knees. An attempted takedown goes nowhere, nonetheless Tate maintains control. Pennington creates a hasten and gets around to Tate’s back, standing, and Tate grabs a blockade to equivocate a takedown. Now Pennington is progressing control opposite a fence, and she’s alighting brief punches during will. Tate goes to a double-collar tie and lands a integrate of tough knees with her behind to a fence, nonetheless is still giving adult control to Pennington. They sell position a integrate of times, nonetheless Pennington is clearly removing a improved of these exchanges. 20-18 Pennington. — PW

Round 3: Tate punches her approach into a clinch, thatch adult an arm, and pulls guard, nonetheless Pennington has her pinned adult opposite a blockade and is raining down elbows and punches from a top. Tate switches between triangles and armbars, nonetheless isn’t removing quite close, and now Tate tries for a brush that fails badly. Pennington gets to north-south position, nonetheless Tate scrambles out and looks for a takedown. Pennington gets a front headlock and tries for a guillotine, that fails, nonetheless she establishes tip position. Tate looks for a heel hook, nonetheless Pennington escapes, and Tate is entrance adult with zero as she looks for takedowns after takedown. They’re in a bind again, and Pennington is harsh her down with brief punches. She takes Tate down with 30 seconds left and lands a few absolute punches from a top. 30-27 Pennington. — PW

Summary: Raquel Pennington defeats Miehsa Tate by unanimous preference (30-27, 30-27, 29-28). That was a good opening from Pennington, who dominated Tate with her poke during distinguished range, in a clinch, and on a mat. There were no holes in her diversion and frankly, Tate didn’t demeanour like a warrior who won a title. The former champion has taken a lot of repairs in her nine-year career, and that competence be throwing adult with her. Pennington should get a top-five competition in her subsequent outing. — PW

And that’s it for Tate as distant as churned martial humanities goes, it appears. After her latest dissapoint loss, a 30-year-old has motionless to hang adult her gloves. — MP

“I’m announcing my retirement, we guys,” she told Joe Rogan after a loss. “I adore this competition forever, nonetheless it’s not my time anymore. It’s a future’s time.”

The UFC 205 assembly gave her a station ovation, while Twitter reels in shock. — MP

UFC’s ring girls had some fun brazen of a categorical card. Check out their gash during a mannequin challenge.

Unsurprisingly (they’re models, after all), they’re unequivocally good during this. And oh, look, Madonna! — MP

Frankie Edgar defeats Jeremy Stephens (unanimous decision)

Frankie Edgar, bottom, rises Jeremy Stephens. (Julio Cortez/AP)

Former lightweight champion Frankie Edgar headlines a Fox Sports 1 prelims opposite maestro puncher Jeremy Stephens in a clever featherweight bout. Edgar is looking to get behind on lane after losing to Jose Aldo for a second time during UFC 200, while Stephens is looking for a biggest win of his career here. The doubt here is either Edgar will be means to work his stick-and-move, in-and-out multiple of distinguished and wrestling nonetheless eating too many absolute punches from Stephens. — PW

Round 1: Edgar comes out as he customarily does, encircling and slicing angles to sign a distance. He shoots in with a double-leg takedown, nonetheless Stephens stuffs it and lands a tough flog to a physique on a approach out. Again, Edgar shoots for a takedown, nonetheless gets no fun aside from a left offshoot on a exit. Edgar lands a pointy physique flog and looks to be gauging a stretch with his jab, and afterwards sticks Stephens with a pointy jab-cross combination. Stephens stairs into a pocket, nonetheless Edgar ducks under, grabs a clinch, and army Stephens to a fence, where he lands a integrate of tough knees before perplexing a single-leg takedown. Stephens defends it well, putting his stretch advantage to good use, and pops right behind adult after Edgar gets him down. Edgar gets Stephens down a second time, nonetheless again, Stephens pops behind up. Finally, Stephens breaks off, and now he’s perplexing to pressure, nonetheless he pokes Edgar in a eye and a arbitrate stops a action. Stephens looks like he’s perplexing to opposite Edgar when he comes in, nonetheless he’s customarily a reason too delayed on everything. 10-9 Edgar for a control opposite a blockade and a few purify shots he landed. — PW

Round 2: Edgar shoots a bluff takedown early, nonetheless a physique punch strays low and catches Stephens in a groin. When they restart, Edgar comes in with a multiple and lands a good right hand, nonetheless Stephens also lands a glancing opposite left hook. Again, Edgar sticks Stephens with a right, and Stephens’ opposite comes adult good short. Edgar lands a purify jab-cross opposite a blockade and quick gets a takedown, afterwards gets Stephens’ behind before slamming him with authority. Stephens pops adult and Edgar lands a three-punch combination, afterwards another right hand. Stephens throws a conduct flog that catches Edgar and knocks him down! Edgar recovers quick and shoots a takedown, nonetheless Stephens defends, creates space, and is stalking a former champion, alighting a few shots. Edgar is still on rubber legs, though. He lands a three-punch multiple as Stephens comes in, and when Stephens overcommits, Edgar blasts him off his feet with a takedown and afterwards thatch adult a guillotine choke. Edgar is on tip and postured up, alighting a few shots. He finishes a turn with a mounted guillotine try and afterwards a few large elbows. 19-19 after twin in a heck of a fight. — PW

Round 3: Stephens starts a turn with a tough low flog and afterwards a jab. Edgar catches a low flog and completes a takedown, substantiating himself in half guard. Stephens is looking for a kimura from a bottom, nonetheless Edgar defends and uses a eventuality to land a array of punches and elbows. Stephens manages to get behind to his feet and Edgar slams him to a pad once again with 2:30 left. Finally, Stephens gets behind to his feet, and he lands a unbending right hand, that Edgar follows with one of his own. Edgar is darting in and out while alighting some good shots, and Stephens’ counters are customarily a bit too delayed to land cleanly. Another multiple lands for Edgar, afterwards nonetheless another right hand. Stephens lands a good right hand, nonetheless cooking twin some-more shots during a bell. 29-28 Edgar in a unequivocally good fight. — PW

Summary: Frankie Edgar defeats Jeremy Stephens by unanimous preference (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
Edgar gets behind on lane with a formidable nonetheless transparent preference win that maintains his position as an chosen featherweight, nonetheless doesn’t do many else. Still, entrance out on tip in a bit of a trap quarrel is a genuine accomplishment. Stephens transparent himself well, nonetheless he seems to be stranded during a fringes of a tip 10. — PW

Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Michael Johnson (submission)

Nurmagomedov has cut a tie of gloomy dump by a lightweight division, using his record to an undefeated 23-0 mark. Following a feat over destiny lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in Apr 2014, Nurmagomedov mislaid twin years to injuries, nonetheless returned with a tune-up win over Darrell Horcher this past April. The Russian faces a surging Michael Johnson, who brutally knocked out Dustin Poirier in Sep to reestablish himself as a legitimate contender. With a win, Nurmagomedov would be one of a unreserved tip choices to quarrel a leader of tonight’s pretension quarrel between McGregor and Alvarez, and Johnson could insert himself into that contention as well. — PW

This comes down to Nurmagomedov’s gloomy grappling opposite Johnson’s smooth, stick-and-move southpaw distinguished game. Johnson is a clever defensive wrestler, nonetheless Nurmagomedov’s takedown bondage are simply otherworldly, and nobody has nonetheless proven means to quarrel during his gait for 3 rounds. Still, he has never faced a striker as quick or as manly during Johnson.— PW

Round 1: Johnson comes out circling, tossing out a integrate of light low kicks. Nurmagomedov isn’t unequivocally perplexing to cover a stretch yet, and he cooking a integrate of loyal lefts before alighting a purify right palm of his own. Johnson is doing a good pursuit of adhering Nurmagomedov on a finish of his reach, and a southpaw is teeing off with combinations. He lands a purify left palm that staggers Khabib, nonetheless before long, Khabib gets into a bind and works a tour opposite a fence. Nurmagomedov passes into side control and lands a few brief strikes. The Russian is postured adult and alighting heartless belligerent strikes now. The control is positively stifling, and Nurmagomedov’s shots are carrying critical power. Johnson wants zero to do with these shots, is hardly defending, and Nurmagomedov is looking during a arbitrate to stop this. Despite being staggered by a shot, this was a 10-8 for Nurmagomedov. — PW

Round 2: Johnson gets right behind to work during operation as a second turn begins, tossing out kicks and left hands, one of that lands. Nurmagomedov gets in on a distinguished movement with an uppercut-left offshoot multiple and slides into a clinch, nonetheless can’t reason Johnson opposite a fence. Johnson stuffs a good takedown from Nurmagomedov, nonetheless Nurmagomedov grown-man throws him into a cage, and for some reason, Johnson tries a guillotine; that customarily leads to Nurmagomedov boring him to a mat. Nurmagomedov is operative from a tip now and passes into side control, afterwards to a crucifix, and he’s raining down infamous shots. As Johnson tries to escape, he’s giving Nurmagomedov opportunities to land even harder shots, now from a tip ride. This is a heartless mauling and a arbitrate could cruise interlude a fight. With 15 seconds left, Nurmagomedov entirely postures and lands 6 or 7 infamous shots to finish a round. 20-16 Nurmagomedov. –PW

Round 3: Johnson is behind to circling, nonetheless he cooking a tough three-punch multiple from Nurmagomedov to start a round. At a 4:30 mark, Nurmagomedov gets in on a single-leg takedown and finishes it easily. He has Johnson pinned opposite a blockade and he’s postured up, raining down punches and elbows. This quarrel should be stopped, and arbitrate John McCarthy is doing Johnson a harm here. Nurmagomedov passes to mountain and is now looking for an arm-triangle choke; Johnson counters by looking to use a blockade to hurl out, nonetheless Nurmagomedov maintains free control. The Russian is digging for a kimura on his left arm, and Johnson taps. — PW

Summary: Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Michael Johnson by acquiescence (kimura) during 2:31 of a third round. There has never been a wrestler or grappler like Nurmagomedov in MMA. He’s simply on another level. If he gets his hands on his opponent, a turn is as good as over; there’s simply no shun from his takedown bondage and belligerent control. Even worse for Nurmagomedov’s foes, he’s removing even some-more infamous with his belligerent strikes. Frankly, we don’t consider there’s a 155-pound warrior out there who can flog him. — PW

Nurmagomedov might not be a domicile name, nonetheless he certain thinks he should be. After violence Johnson and thanking him for a good fight, a unapproachable Dagestan local incited his sights on a “UFC PR machine” and complained about his inability to get a pretension shot, notwithstanding his now 24-0 record.

“I wish to quarrel with your chicken,” he said, referring to Conor McGregor, one of UFC’s biggest draws.

Well, during slightest he found one male to side with him.

“I consider we really merit a pretension shot,” announcer Joe Rogan said, wearing Nurmagomedov papakha, a normal sheepskin hat. — MP

Tim Boetsch defeats Rafael Natal (TKO — punches)

Veteran middleweights accommodate in what looks like a gritty, grinding, and potentially fun quarrel during 185 pounds. Natal has been a arguable participation in a multiplication and recently notched a four-fight winning streak, while Boetsch snapped a three-fight losing strain by knocking out a late Josh Samman in his final outing. Neither warrior is going to contend for a title, nonetheless they’re experienced, schooled competitors who have lost some-more about fighting than many of their contemporaries have ever learned. — PW

Round 1 and summary: There’s a reason they call Boetsch a “Barbarian.” Coming tough loyal outta a gate, Boetsch took it to Natal and didn’t let up. With a initial punch of a night, a Barbarian clipped Natal early, putting Natal off his diversion until a quarrel finished early interjection to a TKO. Boetsch shot a tough right fist to his challenger, who was corroborated adult opposite a wall, promulgation him to a ground. Boetsch took advantage, peppering Natal with punches on a pad until a arbitrate called a quarrel during 3:22 seconds. — MP

With his 20th quarrel and his 12th career knockout, Boetsch told announcer Joe Rogan after his victory, “I feel like that sword’s removing good and sharp. we wish to seee how distant we could go.”  — MP

Vicente Luque defeats Belal Muhammad (KO — punches)

An movement matchup during 170 pounds gets us started on Fox Sports 1. Muhammad, a local of Chicago, has constructed a span of fun fights in his twin UFC outings, while Luque has been a startling find, notching both pointy submissions and one-punch knockouts in his brief UFC career.

Both are pointy strikers, with a fighting corner going to Muhammad and a kicks to Luque. Luque is a some-more dangerous grappler, nonetheless Muhammad is a stronger wrestler. Wherever it plays out, this should be fun. — PW

Round 1: Luque is adhering and relocating early, shifting in a span of tough low kicks as Muhammad tries to longhorn his approach into a pocket. Another tough flog lands for Luque, this one to a body, and now Luque is pressuring. A purify left offshoot lands in an sell for Luque, and Muhammad goes down! A few follow-up punches finish a job. Vicente Luque defeats Belal Muhammad by knockout during 1:19 of a initial round. — PW

Summary: That was a heartless knockout, a second one-punch finish in a quarrel for Luque after a span of submissions. He has now won 4 in a quarrel and looks like an intriguing awaiting during 170 pounds. — PW

And a celebrities have started to arrive, including Zac Efron, who found a chair subsequent to a bird-flipping Donald Cerrone, who was ostensible to be in a octagon tonight. Unfortunately for him, his competition Kevin Gastelum unsuccessful to make weight, so his quarrel was scratched from a card. — PW

Demi Lovato is also in a house, sitting subsequent to former middleweight champion Luke Rockhold. — MP

Jim Miller defeats Thiago Alves (unanimous decicion)

Jim Miller (red gloves) fights Thiago Alves. (Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports)

Former welterweight pretension challenger Alves takes on a maestro Miller in a firecracker of a matchup that serves as a Fight Pass categorical event.

Alves missed weight badly yesterday, entrance in some-more than 6 pounds over a extent for his initial quarrel during 155 pounds, that adds another dimension to an already intriguing fight. Neither male is expected to get into a chosen of a low weight class, nonetheless they’re contending for a remunerative pretension of aristocrat of a lightweight movement fighters.

If Miller can get this to a mat, his grappling skills should be a difference, nonetheless Alves is a pointy striker with superb defensive wrestling skills. Either way, it’s a barnburner in a making. — PW

Round 1: Miller comes out looking to vigour and slips a tough loyal left into Alves’ breadbasket. Alves times Miller’s subsequent rush and grabs ahold of a clinch, shifting in a pointy knee that catches Miller on a chin. Another left palm lands for Miller, and Alves’ opposite right comes adult short. The Brazilian is looking a bit indolent early, maybe given of a heartless unsuccessful weight cut. Miller lands a left, nonetheless Alves replies with a punching multiple and finishes with a high flog that glances off Miller’s head. Miller catches it, though, and finishes a takedown. He’s operative from tip position nonetheless isn’t removing many done, and Alves manages to get his behind to a fence. He creates a mistake as he tries to hasten behind to his feet, though, and allows Miller to get to his back. The Brazilian adjusts beautifully and scrambles behind to standing, alighting a pointy knee before reestablishing distance. Miller lands a heartless left flog to a physique that backs Alves off, and afterwards slips nonetheless another loyal left onto Alves’ chin. They’re exchanging now, and Alves gets a improved of it. Alves pressures to finish a turn nonetheless it’s substantially not enough. 10-9 Miller. — PW

Round 2: The twin fighters turn early and skip on a few shots, nonetheless Alves starts to get his kicking diversion going with a physique and afterwards a low kick. The Brazilian is picking adult a speed and volume now and seems to be anticipating his operation and timing. They exchange, and Alves lands a pointy left hook, afterwards a right hand, afterwards a physique flog that army Miller to fire a bad takedown. Alves stuffs a takedown, and now he’s pressuring, nonetheless Miller times a jumping knee, catches it, and takes Alves to a ground. As Alves tries to hasten behind to his feet, Miller looks for a choke, that he gives adult to contend position. He does so again when Alves gets to a fence, and while Miller isn’t alighting many in a approach of strikes, he’s determining position and melancholy with submissions. Finally, Alves gets behind to his feet, and he’s behind to pressuring once again. A pointy left lands for Miller, nonetheless Alves replies with a tough combination. He’s eating Miller adult in a exchanges now, nonetheless Miller pushes him opposite a blockade to buy time. A integrate some-more exchanges tighten a round, and these go to Miller. The second was close, nonetheless it’s substantially 20-18 Miller. — PW

Round 3: The twin fighters sell low kicks to start a round, and afterwards they trade a Miller loyal left for an Alves physique kick. Miller backs adult to a fence, and as they exchange, Alves is shifting in pointy shots in a pocket. Again, however, he pauses for customarily a impulse too long, and Miller takes advantage by changing levels and blustering him off his feet with a double-leg takedown. Miller’s doing an glorious pursuit of melancholy with passes to a behind or chokes from a front headlock whenever Alves looks to emanate space to scramble, nonetheless Alves manages to trip out of a throttle and get to his feet. He lands a glancing conduct flog on Miller, and both fighters are clearly exhausted. They trade physique kicks, and Miller lands a pointy left before throwing nonetheless another flog and finishing a purify takedown. As Alves tries to hasten again, Miller grabs a guillotine, that he uses to brush to tip position. He has Alves mounted briefly, and again, he’s looking for a throttle from a front headlock. Alves slips out, though, and he’s on tip with 20 seconds left. He ends a quarrel dropping bombing belligerent strikes from a top. 30-27 Miller in a fun, back-and-forth outing.— PW

Summary: Jim Miller defeats Thiago Alves by unanimous preference (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)
Miller looked excellent, quite with a timing and technique on his takedowns. Every time Alves planted his feet to throw, Miller was prepared to change levels and raze through. Alves, on a other hand, looked indolent and slow, nonetheless his cunning and ability on a feet finished it a tighten affair. Miller retains his climax as a aristocrat of a lightweight movement fighters; it’s behind to a sketch residence for Alves, whose initial tour during (almost) 155 pounds didn’t energise his slipping career. — PW

Liz Camouche defeats Katlyn Chookagian (split decision)

Liz Carmouche lands a punch on Katlyn Chookagian. (Michael Reaves/Getty Images )

A clever bantamweight hitch opens tonight’s record during Madison Square Garden as former pretension contender Liz Carmouche draws undefeated awaiting Katlyn Chookagian.

This is an engaging matchup between a physical, harsh character of Carmouche and a stick-and-move fighting diversion of Chookagian. If a awaiting can keep it during range, she should peppers Carmouche with a solid tide of jabs and crosses, nonetheless Carmouche can browbeat her in a bind and on a pad if Chookagian can’t contend a distance. — PW

Round 1: Chookagian is adhering and moving, pumping her poke and tossing out bluff leg kicks, nonetheless all is entrance adult short. A tough low flog lands for Carmouche and she presses forward, removing ahold of Chookagian and holding her down opposite a fence. Carmouche can’t entirely settle position, and Chookagian scrambles behind to her feet. Though she’s determining Chookagian opposite a fence, Carmouche isn’t doing many until she finally lands another takedown. This time, she controls Chookagian on a mat. Chookagian is calm to work from her back, attempting a triangle, nonetheless with her hips pinned opposite a blockade she’s going nowhere. 10-9 Carmouche for a takedowns and control. — PW

Round 2: Chookagian gets behind to business to start a second round, peppering Carmouche with strikes. After a brief clinch, Chookagian gets behind to operation and turns adult a volume with both punches and kicks. Carmouche catches a idle physique flog and finishes a large impact in a center of a cage. Chookagian tries to scramble, nonetheless Carmouche catches a clever front headlock and uses that to reestablish tip position. Carmouche isn’t doing many from tip position, alighting customarily brief punches, nonetheless Chookagian is distant too calm to play off her behind and give divided time. Finally, Chookagian gets behind to her feet, nonetheless now she’s pinned opposite a blockade in a clinch. Once she reestablishes prolonged range, Chookagian lands a array of light punches and kicks, including a good opposite right, nonetheless it’s too little, too late. 20-18 Carmouche. — PW

Round 3: Carmouche lands a tough low flog to open proceedings, and afterwards another one, as Chookagian tosses out some bluff punches. Chookagian presses brazen and lands a punching multiple that she finishes with a flush conduct kick, and Carmouche goes down! Chookagian jumps in for a finish and lands a purify knee, nonetheless Carmouche pins her opposite a blockade and buys some time to recover. Chookagian separates and lands a purify combination, and it’s transparent Carmouche is still hurt. An overhand right lands for Chookagian and Carmouche is in presence mode, draining from her nose, with 3 mins left. Carmouche gets in on a takedown and drags Chookagian to a mat, eating adult scarcely a minute. Finally, Chookagian gets behind to her feet and creates space. She’s removing after Carmouche now, pressuring her toward a fence, nonetheless Carmouche has recovered. Another multiple lands for Chookagian, nonetheless Carmouche replies with a tough low kick, and afterwards another drops Chookagian to a ground. Carmouche changes levels, shoots, and presses Chookagian opposite a blockade once again, and that’s how a quarrel ends. 29-28 Carmouche. — PW

Summary: Liz Carmouche defeats Katlyn Chookagian by separate preference (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
While Chookagian finished a many of a third turn with a purify conduct kick, she couldn’t get a finish, and we saw clearly a stipulations of her game. She’s a bit plodding and doesn’t container many power, so if she can’t quarrel a ideal fight, she’s in trouble. Carmouche, on a other hand, did a good pursuit of creation this a kind of dirty, close-range quarrel that favors her strength and physicality. This was a large win that reestablishes Carmouche as a gatekeeper to a 135-pound elite. — PW


Mixed martial humanities will take over one of boxing’s biggest stages Saturday night when UFC hosts a first-ever eventuality during Madison Square Garden in New York City.

UFC 205’s card is “the biggest, baddest, biggest label ever fabricated in sports history,” UFC President Dana White pronounced final week, clearly not underpromoting a event.

While those latter twin superlatives are debatable, a former was loyal — until Friday when Kevin Gastelum failed to make weight and his quarrel opposite Donald Cerrone was cut from a strange six-fight categorical card. Now, there will be 5 fights on a categorical card, including 3 pretension fights.

Featherweight champion Conor McGregor will try to turn a twin belt hilt by holding on lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez, during whom he attempted to toss a chair during a press contention on Thursday. The quarrel looks good on paper, so it’ll be engaging to see it play out live. Both fighters have a ability to go a distance, nonetheless McGregor predicts a first-round knockout.

The night’s penultimate hitch will settle either or not Tyron Woodley can urge his welterweight pretension opposite Stephen Thompson, a slight favorite. Woodley’s contingency of winning aren’t bad, nonetheless he let himself get a bit dreaming on Friday when he feuded with McGregor on Twitter.

Then there’s a initial pretension quarrel of a night between women’s strawweight champ Joanna Jedrzejczyk and fellow Poland local Karolina Kowalkiewicz. White voiced sold fad about this one in a phone talk final week.

“I’ve been in a quarrel business given we was 19 years old,” a former fighter said, “and I’m blown divided by [Jedrzejczyk]. … The initial night she ever fought with us, we had somebody go get her and we wanted her to lay subsequent to me a rest of a night and watch a fights with me. we knew she was gonna be a star. … Joanna wants to infer to Poland that she’s a one.”

Joining a pretension fights on a categorical label are Chris Weidman contra Yoel Romero and women’s bantamweights Miesha Tate contra Raquel Pennington.

The categorical label is scheduled to flog off during 10 p.m. EDT on pay-per-view. Preceding it will be a rough and early rough cards, that start during 7 p.m. on UFC Fight Pass, before a movement transfers to Fox Sports 1 during 8 p.m. — MP

Here’s a full card. All fights are 3 rounds, unless differently noted.


  • Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor (five-round pretension fight)
  • Tyron Woodley vs. Stephen Thompson (five-round pretension fight)
  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Karolina Kowalkiewicz (five-round pretension fight)
  • Chris Weidman vs. Yoel Romero
  • Miesha Tate vs. Raquel Pennington


  • Frankie Edgar vs. Jeremy Stephens
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Michael Johnson
  • Rafael Natal vs. Tim Boetsch
  • Vicente Luque vs. Belal Muhammad


  • Jim Miller vs. Thiago Alves
  • Liz Camouche vs. Katlyn Chookagian

Article source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/early-lead/wp/2016/11/12/ufc-205-live-results-analysis-recaps-and-highlights/