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UFC 211: Miocic vs dos Santos – Winners and Losers

This label had some vital expectations, mostly due to a venue and a names compared with it. The UFC indispensable a large win here, with their offerings being mostly underwhelming this year to many fans, and a financial pressures they reportedly have to understanding with.

What we approaching was fireworks. What we got was a unequivocally good card, nonetheless maybe not a marvellous tip to bottom eventuality many had hoped for. The movement seemed to have evaporated after a Alvarez vs Poirier no-contest, stability with Jotko vs Branch until a categorical event. These fights weren’t bad, they usually weren’t as energetic and lacked finishes, that is hapless given it slows a movement down a lot for many fans.

All in all, any label is a hurl of a dice. There were some unequivocally good moments here, and some wins and waste that can have unequivocally engaging and fun ramifications down a road. Let’s dive in.

  • Winners

Stipe Miocic – Miocic stays a heavyweight champion, and now has a five-fight win strain that have finished in presumably a knockout or TKO. He’s substantially a best conditioned heavyweight not named Cain Velasquez, and he usually put divided one of a toughest heavyweights ever and finished it demeanour comparatively easy. Miocic isn’t a normal wrestleboxer, either. He outworks his competition and brutalizes them with speed, timing, pointing and usually fighting smart. While it’s not transparent who he faces subsequent usually yet, whoever it is has a unequivocally severe highway ahead. Speaking of presumably unstoppable champions…

Joanna Jedrzejczyk – Even with some severe sequences in a initial few rounds, Joanna pulled divided good and easy to keep her stretch diversion and radically use Andrade for aim use as things went on. This is another peculiar case, given there isn’t a definite contender subsequent in line other than a leader of a arriving quarrel between Claudia Gadelha and Karolina Kowalkiewicz or Rose Namajunas. It was a illusory night for both champions, and Joanna gets reward points for unequivocally digging low and steady opposite such a durable opponent. Even in another preference win, there was no doubt whatsoever as to who a black of a mountain is.

Demian Maia – Bear with me here – however argumentative a quarrel might be, Maia still won. He finished Masvidal demeanour exposed and dragged him into flattering low H2O in some frames of a bout. Masvidal did a lot of things rightly and seemed to have landed many some-more repairs while Maia tranquil and remained active by blending brief strikes with acquiescence attempts. It wasn’t a arrange of blowout opening a UFC has traditionally waited for in sequence to give a warrior a pretension shot, nonetheless he’s on such a rip that it’s flattering many undeniable. The usually approach this falls detached is if GSP jumpes a line during welterweight instead and gets a moment during Woodley. Let’s wish that doesn’t happen.

Frankie Edgar – I’d contention that Edgar was a biggest leader of a night. Edgar might have dual waste to Jose Aldo, and that has led some people meditative that Edgar is now relegated to gatekeeper station forever. Taking on a gifted younger warrior and brutalizing him with a punishing pace, sharp distinguished and a belligerent attack clinic? That’s fantastic. It’s not that he kick a warrior with reduction experience, it’s that he kick a surging phenom and finished him demeanour like he didn’t even go there. That’s not a strike on Yair, it usually speaks to how considerable Edgar’s opening was and how many regard it deserves. Now he’s usually behind champions Max Holloway and Jose Aldo during featherweight. It’s tough to see him not removing nonetheless another event to quarrel for a belt utterly soon.

Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez – In my eyes, Poirier was clearly winning a quarrel by regularly rocking Alvarez, until Eddie mounted a complicated convene to put Dustin on his behind foot. After removing into an comprehensive war, we had a unequivocally anticlimactic finish to this fight. Now demeanour – we can’t unequivocally envision who would have won. That doesn’t annul a fact that we saw a ruin of a quarrel already holding place, and in an contingent rematch these dual could give a genuine hitch for a ages. The finish appears to truly have been an honest mistake, as Alvarez pulled adult and contingency have suspicion he privileged Dustin’s knee off a ground. Alvarez also appears to have been underneath a sense that they were fighting underneath a new one rules, that Texas has not adopted yet. It’s murky and ugly, nonetheless a approach both of them rubbed a matter and their eagerness to have a rematch immediately after a quarrel shows what kind of fighters they unequivocally are. They both rubbed this as professionals, and a rematch positively has to occur here. There was no closure tonight, nonetheless we got a illusory quarrel while it lasted. That nets both of them a mark in this segment.

David Branch – Not a many sparkling UFC debut, nonetheless we privately consider it has to do with a stylistic matchup here. Both are unequivocally durable, and Branch was means to request vigour and keep things during a gait he was many gentle at. Had this been a 5 turn fight, he could have put a some-more decisive stamp on things, nonetheless that’s not what we had here. Here’s anticipating we see where unequivocally he’s during in his subsequent bout.

James Vick – Holy hell, this male is impressive. Vick continues to be must-watch MMA any time, and when he’s not melancholy a acquiescence with his prolonged limbs, he’s regulating his false strech and punishing correctness to put people away. Reyes never saw that one coming, and by a time he did he substantially suspicion he was out of range. Dead wrong. Vick was right in a post-fight talk as well, given he should be fighting ranked antithesis now. Expect that to occur unequivocally soon.

Jason Knight – Guys, Chas Skelly might not be a biggest name out there, nonetheless he’s a extensive grappler and a unequivocally hard-nosed warrior that doesn’t quit. Knight took what Skelly had, managed to hang with him in a grappling dialect and incited a tables to put him away. That’s a four-fight win streak, with dual uninterrupted finishes as well. The Kid is looking good here, and he’s improving in any outing.

Cortney Casey – Casey looked some-more widespread than ever, creation one of a many flashy strawweights in a brief story of a competition demeanour very, unequivocally vulnerable. Casey was alighting initial and often, regulating sharp combinations and good setups to land tough shots and keep Aguilar where she wanted her to be. An glorious bounceback win after her detriment to Gadelha in November, and it evens out her UFC record during 3-3.

Chase Sherman finally gets his initial UFC win after a heartless arrangement that had roughly everybody on edge. Enrique Barzola used his vigour to stop a operation diversion of Gabriel Benitez and land repairs inside while regulating his higher wrestling. Barzola continues to stir as he keeps creation good strides with any performance. Gadzhimurad Antigulov finished Conan Silveira unapproachable with that behind exposed throttle setup, too. Now he’s during 2-0 in his UFC run, both wins being submissions.

  • Losers

Junior dos Santos – Well, many of us suspicion he was finished after a dual waste to Cain Velasquez. Junior rebounded after that second detriment in a tighten quarrel with Miocic behind in 2014, usually to get knocked out by Alistair Overeem a year later. we don’t wish to contend he’s finished being a tip heavyweight. That would be absurd. It’s not irrational to doubt how many longer he can indeed compete, though. At this point, he’s holding vital repairs and is removing put divided on a feet. Heavyweight is unpredictable, and many of a guys in a tip 10 strike like Mack trucks. It’s usually a matter of anticipating a chin adequate times for Junior to go down nonetheless again, and how that affects a rest of his fights is going to be a problem.

Jessica Aguilar – There was a time not that prolonged ago where Aguilar was right adult there with Megumi Fujii in a review of being one of a best womanlike fighters ever. Not the best, nonetheless unequivocally good and violence some approved talent everywhere she went. That regard was good deserved, and it saddens me that many fans that are usually saying her now aren’t saying what she was means of before. Aguilar might not be in any risk of removing cut, nonetheless she’s 0-2 in a UFC and hasn’t looked a approach she was approaching to demeanour so far. Her batch took a vital strike here, and as someone that has seen her quarrel for years, she’s improved than this performance.

Gabriel Benitez – While still 3-2 in a UFC, he’s been swapping wins and waste given Jun of 2015. He can’t seem to build any movement here. While he fought well, he’s blank a few stairs to truly get ahead.

Joachim Christensen is now 1-2 in his UFC run, both acquiescence losses. Something needs to change, or he’s removing cut unless he gets his walking papers now. Not unequivocally likely, nonetheless wholly possible. Chas Skelly almost finished it to a “Neither“ difficulty due to being 6-3, nonetheless got finished flattering badly and unequivocally seems to have had his roof clearly tangible in this fight. Marco Polo Reyes is in a identical conditions – 3-1 in his UFC run, nonetheless that sets we behind flattering distant during lightweight due to all a relocating pieces. Losing to a warrior as gifted as Vick takes a bit of a prick out of it, nonetheless it still depends heavily opposite him.

Victor Rodriguez – we was naïve adequate to give a HD squeeze another shot meditative maybe it was value it. I’m not spiteful for a additional 10 dollars, nonetheless I’d severely daunt anyone else from doing a same thing. It’s not like a disproportion is going from 1080p to 240 like YouTube circa 2008. Sheesh.

Honorable discuss – Waaaaaaaaay too many chain-link tattoos for my liking. we trust that children are a future. Teach them well, and let them lead a way. So, can we stop this from being a thing? Please?

  • Neither

Jessica Andrade – After removing critical about her nutrition, Andrade forsaken to 115 and won 3 true in unequivocally considerable fashion. She hung in there and gave Joanna a lot of difficulty early by attempting to replicate many of what worked opposite Angela Hill – bumrush to annul stretch striking, work tough on a inside and try to land takedowns to do damage. It worked until it didn’t and she finished adult losing to one of a best champions we’ve seen so far. She finished some headway, nonetheless not adequate to indeed win any rounds. There’s no genuine contrition in that during all, and with her altogether record, it’s not something that causes your batch to dump dramatically. She substantially be in a “loser” category, nonetheless how distant behind does this unequivocally set her? Andrade showed a good understanding of persistence and valid she belonged in there with a champion.

Yair Rodriguez – First detriment in a UFC after a six-fight win streak? And he loses to a destiny Hall of Famer? He loses nothing. If anything, this becomes some-more of a training experience. The quarrel itself was too many too soon, and good on him for severe himself and holding it. Rodriguez wasn’t ready, nonetheless should be means to grow and learn from this. He’s still unequivocally immature and enormously talented, and he seems to learn quickly. His batch doesn’t take a strike here.

Jorge Masvidal – As mentioned above, he shielded very, unequivocally well. Masvidal also did a lot of repairs station and avoided removing submitted by a one male that could be deliberate best grappler in a competition (it’s presumably Maia or Jake Shields during this point). Masvidal’s had some of a best performances of his career given relocating adult to welterweight, and removing smothered by Demian Maia in a separate preference doesn’t set him behind many – even in a multiplication like welterweight. Besides, Maia should have been given a pretension shot already. Another win or dual and Masvidal is knocking on that doorway himself.

Rashad Coulter – Come on. The male came behind and rallied from being tighten to finished and roughly put divided Chase Sherman on one leg. He gave positively all he had into that, and would have been a biggest leader of a night had he indeed pulled it off. we tend to be inexhaustible and forgiving to guys that remove their UFC debut, as it’s not always a best denote of where their talent lies. A quarrel like this, though? No approach in ruin I’m putting him in a losing category. Big ups to him, and we can usually wish he got paid good for that. Not that I’m holding my breath, nonetheless that needs to be good rewarded.

Krzysztof Jotko – He’s still 6-2 in a UFC, and it was a separate decision. It is what it is.

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