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Urban Meyer reversion 5-star splash; Greg Schiano closes: How Ohio State finished off the 2018 recruiting class

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Greg Schiano initial saw Nicholas Petit-Frere a few years ago, when Schiano was impoverished and Petit-Frere was too spare to be a college descent lineman. 

Schiano was a proffer partner during Berkeley Prep in Tampa, Fla., recently dismissed by a Buccaneers and assisting manager his sons’ high propagandize team. Petit-Frere was 6-foot-4, 205 pounds and looked zero like he does now.

“I pronounced to one of a guys we worked with, ‘That child right there is going to be a special player,'” Schiano removed on Wednesday.

Schiano was right. Petit-Frere grew to 6-foot-6, 272 pounds and was a five-star awaiting when Ohio State landed a joining from a nation’s No. 1 descent tackle on Wednesday.

His attribute with Schiano played a part. How could it not? But it wasn’t a determining factor.

Petit-Frere always kept his recruitment underneath wraps, though Florida seemed like a prohibited collect for a while. Schiano and Urban Meyer went full gimlet into removing him in a final few weeks, hosting Petit-Frere’s final central revisit final weekend, and offered him on a things that mattered many in his recruitment: Relationships with partner coaches, academics and non-football opportunities.

It finished with an aged propagandize Meyer five-star signing day coup. We haven’t seen one those given Ohio State landed Vonn Bell in 2013. It was a finishing hold to what is solidified as a No. 2 recruiting category in a country.

“Everybody in a nation is looking for a tall, jaunty elongated guys that can hook and they’re tough to find,” Meyer said. “That’s since they’re paid so good in a NFL since those physique forms are hard, tough to find. And we chuck a 3.8 GPA on tip of that, a unequivocally intelligent guy, a unequivocally mature guy, and he’s a good finish to that class.”

Nearly Ohio State’s best category ever … again.

The Buckeyes’ 2017 category was absurd, with 5 five-star prospects, 7 top-50 prospects and 11 in a top-100. That is suspicion to be Ohio State’s best category ever on paper, positively a best of a complicated recruiting era. That category was No. 2 in a country. This 2018 category has 3 five-star prospects, 7 top-50 prospects and 13 in a top-100 — also No. 2 in a country.

The hair-splitting difference: That 2017 category had an normal actor rating of .9459 per a 247Sports combination ratings. This 2018 category has an normal actor rating of .9429.

That’s a prolonged approach of observant Ohio State is rolling in recruiting, in box we didn’t know, and alighting a actor like Petit-Frere in a 11th hour highlights that as many as anything.

“This had been going on for a integrate years,” Meyer said. “He’s a many consummate evaluator I’ve ever recruited. From A to Z, we sat in my bureau for about dual hours and we had him go by any module and he kind of volunteered all kinds of information I’ve never utterly listened … Obviously he’s got to come here and perform, though if you’re a betting person, gamble on this man to have a good college career on and off a field.”

Petit-Frere technically wasn’t a final dedicate of Ohio State’s 2018 class. The Buckeyes gained dual commitments on Wednesday, and sealed dual other players who had committed final month. Maybe Petit-Frere’s fax came in last. Probably not, though he’s a crawl on this thing anyway.

Ohio State also nabbed four-star linebacker/defensive finish Javontae Jean-Baptiste out of New Jersey. Schiano was lucent when he announced that one during a lectern on Wednesday. He had a large palm in that recruitment too. Strong year for him.

“Coach Schiano, if he is not my best recruiter, he’s positively right there nearby a top,” Meyer said.

Four-star defensive finish Tyler Friday and four-star receiver Chris Olave sealed on Wednesday, bringing a category sum to 26. Ohio State’s grant series for 2018 now sits during 89. Changes are entrance to get it down to 85 by a summer.

That’s an emanate for another day.

Wednesday was about celebrating as clever of a finish as Ohio State has had underneath Meyer. Maybe it wasn’t utterly flipping Dwayne Haskins and Keandre Jones from Maryland in mid-January of a 2016 recruiting cycle, though a five-star dash joined with an intriguing contestant like Jean-Baptiste is clever fine.

The Buckeyes were means to tighten so strong, in part, since of a leisure afforded to teams by a new early signing period. Ohio State sealed 21 players strictly on Dec. 20 (Tyreke Smith apparently personally sealed early too). The staff wasn’t gripping tabs on 15 players in January, they were chasing a handful, and unequivocally focusing on even fewer than that.

By a finish they were sealed in on Petit-Frere, Jean-Baptiste and four-star descent tackle Rasheed Walker. They got dual of them. Walker went to Penn State. That’s a winning day for Ohio State, entrance off a Dec. 20 early signing day that felt like they had mislaid a small bit.

“The concentration was on a few guys and a few guys jumped in a boat, for a many part,” Meyer said. “So, we consider a doubt is unequivocally valid. Can we unequivocally put your laser lights on a man like Nick when you’ve got 15 of them out there?”

Probably not, though they played it right, holding advantage of a early duration and locking adult 85 percent of a category before attack shutting time.

Ohio State is a leader in a initial year of this new recruiting era.

What’s next?

“Probably a toast tonight,” Meyer said, “and pierce on to subsequent year’s class.”

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