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Vanity Fair’s Angelina Jolie ‘scoop’ becomes dip interrupted

Vogue inadvertently scooped their Conde Nast sister association Vanity Fair’s bombshell Angelina Jolie interview — and they’re perplexing to leave Bravo holding a bag, according to arguable sources.

On Wednesday morning, we’re told that Vogue published a square online titled, “In a Bombshell Vanity Fair Interview, Angelina Jolie Opens Up About Life After Brad,” that they apparently posted shortly after 8 a.m. In it, a singer is quoted describing her life post-divorce. The square did not during a time couple to Vanity Fair or embody that magazine’s cover image.

Like internet magic, a subsequent day, a story’s timestamp, penned by Michelle Ruiz, seemed to have been altered to 12:52 p.m. Thursday and unexpected enclosed Vanity Fair’s cover picture of Angelina, and joining to their sister mag’s large “get.”

But before Conde Nast could get their act together Bravo.com’s Personal Space and relations editor Marianne Garvey, a former Daily News report columnist, perceived an email from a useful co-worker alerting her that a Vanity Fair speak with Jolie had been done open by Vogue and common it with her readers underneath a title titled, “Angelina Jolie On Divorce: “It’s Very Important To Cry In The Shower.” Bravo posted that story during 11:23 a.m. on Wednesday, with a couple to Vanity Fair’s home page, where a Jolie story had not nonetheless been posted.

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Then on Thursday, Conde Nast reps proceeded to tell associate journos that “Bravo pennyless a embargo,” and that they are repelled such a thing could happen.

When contacted for comment, Garvey told us she would have desired a scoop, it was a elementary pickup from Vogue, that enclosed a couple to VF. And suddenly, on Thursday Vogue’s timestamp was altered to simulate that it was published after Garvey’s story. It appears possibly someone was prepping a story for Thursday and strike send too shortly and unpublished it until they got a cover print and an capitulation time, or someone during Conde Nast is blaming Bravo — and Garvey — for their mess.


Garvey also tells us that TV outlets have contacted her about “breaking an embargo.”

When asked because they suspicion she was a one who didn’t honour a embargo, she says she was told VF and Vogue had been handing out this information.

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“Listen, we would never mangle an embargo,” Garvey said. “I wish we could contend it was a scoop, though it was on Vogue first, we picked it up, and we credited where credit was due. Always do. Vanity Fair should speak to Vogue and clamp versa. Also, appreciate we to Conde Nast for bringing Personal Space into such reputable media circles, check it out, it’s a good read!”

When reached for comment, Conde Nast denied a Vogue story had posted and asked for some-more time to demeanour into it. We will refurbish if some-more information becomes available.


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