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Vote-based Politics, Quandry for Minority Groups

Being shabby by a politics of other countries is a common trend now-a-days in universe politics. We have left behind a duration of circumscription. So, as successful neighbor, a politics of Bangladesh is firm to be shabby by a politics of India and Pakistan. In a beginning, we argued that religion-based politics is indeed a ill-practice of removing some-more opinion and polarizing a society. After a murdering of physical idol Sheikh Muzibur Rahman in 1975, a unbending decrease was seen in a demography of a minority. (Some statistics). Since 2001-2011, one million Hindus simply dead from a race census but any manifest reason, notwithstanding carrying a physical celebration in a government. It is really a matter of bewail and stress that, notwithstanding carrying a physical government, a commission of minority people is dwindling but a current reason and a vast series of them are reported to be forcefully banished to a adjacent India, that has a Hindu infancy population.

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sabbir-khan/votebased-politics-quandr_b_9896638.html