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Vuze Offers 3D, 360-Degree VR Video Capture for $799

VR camera systems have been popping adult left and right, though many are super costly and geared towards professionals.

Now, a association called HumanEyes Technologies is aiming to move 3D, 360-degree calm origination to a masses with a new VR camera dubbed Vuze. Priced during $800, Vuze, that only went adult for pre-order, is described as a point-and-shoot camcorder that “renders 3D and 2D VR calm in real-time and with a super easy interface.”

Vuze CameraSmall adequate to fit in many pockets, a disc-shaped device boasts 8 Full HD cameras, that concurrently constraint images, videos, and sound. Together, a cameras are able of generating 4K-resolution 360-degree video, that can be noticed on any VR platform, headset, 3D device, or TV.

Another perk of a system: It eliminates extensive and difficult post-production tasks, as it can tack with a hold of a symbol and routine footage in “near real-time (one notation of estimate for one notation of footage),” HumanEyes said.

At $799, Vuze is, of course, utterly a bit cheaper than many VR camera systems, including Nokia’s $60,000 Ozo; GoPro’s $15,000 Odyssey rig; and Facebook’s Surround 360, that would run we during slightest $25,000 to build. The $800 pre-order gold comes with a Vuze camera and a software, and some accessories like a VR headset, selfie stick, tripod, and carrying case.

The Vuze comes in red, yellow, black, and blue; pre-orders started currently and HumanEyes expects to start shipping a device this fall. You can rest positive that we won’t have to compensate for a thing until it indeed ships.

For a list of full technical specs and to pre-order, conduct here. Also be certain to conduct over to a Vuze showroom to get a look during a form of calm we can emanate with this camera.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/news/344409/vuze-offers-3d-360-degree-vr-video-capture-for-799