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Warriors confronting a ruin of a problem, and usually good health can repair it

OAKLAND — Though a Damian Jones Experiment has had a highs and lows by a initial 19 games this season, one facet of a diversion where a Warriors need him to be during slightest normal stays an undisguised liability.

Jones simply is not resilient during scarcely a coherence or rate that is pretty approaching of a 7-footer with higher athleticism.

The latest instance came Wednesday night in a 123-95 detriment to Oklahoma City during Oracle Arena. In 21 minutes, 23 seconds, Jones unsuccessful to squeeze a rebound. Thunder large male Steven Adams took down 11 in 33 minutes.

“He kick me to it,” Jones said. “I’ve got to play with a small some-more appetite in that regard. He got a best of me tonight. I’ve usually got to get behind during it.”

Most great, or even good, rebounders, have a low enterprise for a ball. They suffer going after it. So we asked Jones if he enjoyed rebounding.

“I do,” he said. “I pursue them on a descent potion and stuff. But infrequently it usually doesn’t go your way. But usually carrying that genius to keep attacking. Tonight, it usually wasn’t there.”

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If usually this were an sparse problem. It’s not. Jones has played in all 19 games this season, with 17 starts. This is a seventh diversion in that he grabbed dual or fewer rebounds.

“He’s a immature actor and each diversion is a training experience,” manager Steve Kerr pronounced after a game. “Tonight, he was going adult opposite one of a really best centers in a game. We’ll stay certain with Damian. He’s going to get better.”

This is Jones’ initial deteriorate in a NBA. Drafted in a initial turn in 2016, he spent a immeasurable infancy of his time his initial dual seasons with G-League Santa Cruz, with usually 174 mins of NBA time.

So, yes, this is a training experience. Jones expected will get during slightest rather better. But it’s tough to be so certain, deliberation Jones has been so uneven.

Furthermore, resilient is as most about expectation as ability and desire. The Warriors have 3 immature centers on a register — Jordan Bell, Kevon Looney and Jones. Looney is a slightest jaunty though clearly is a best rebounder. Though personification usually 25 seconds some-more than Jones on Saturday, Looney snagged nine.

“Loon is approach forward of (Jones) since he’s has had some-more years in a league, some-more knowledge and he’s also a naturally a improved rebounder,” Kerr pronounced before a game. “He’s got a nose for a ball.”

Jones does not, unless he’s chasing a block. His highlights this deteriorate have been acrobatic retard and considerable dunks off lobs from teammates.

In an ideal world, a Warriors would emanate a core from a skills and gifts of Jones and Looney. Jones has a size, a athleticism and a speed. Looney has a ability to feel a diversion and expect what’s entrance though lacks a distance to be effective opposite loyal centers.

“That is something we’ve talked to Damian about,” Kerr said. “We’d like him to be some-more active on a glass. That means expecting plays and being proactive, rather than reactive.”

Last Thursday in Houston, Jones had one miscarry in a second half. The subsequent game, in Dallas, was a initial in that he did not start. His response, entrance off a bench, was to squeeze a season-high 7 rebounds.

But has been a exception, rather than a norm.

The coaching staff was anticipating for more, his teammates would like to see some-more and Jones himself realizes this is one exam he is not passing.

“I’ve usually got to put myself in a improved position,” he said. “Sometimes . . . that’s going seeking for it. Just carrying that genius to go out and get it.”

I asked Jones what would do to rinse this diversion from his system.

“I’ll go home,” he said, “pop on a diversion and get prepared for Portland.”

The Warriors wish Jones to be prepared for a Trail Blazers and each group after that. So far, that has not been a case. Which is because Looney plays as most as he does.

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