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Warriors looking brazen after blowout Game 3 win vs. Rockets

OAKLAND, Calif. — Two maestro coaches had a matching summary for their teams on a eve of Game 4 of a Western Conference finals between a Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night.

“It starts 0-0,” Warriors manager Steve Kerr pronounced of Game 4. “It doesn’t matter if we won (the prior game) by one or 41.”

In fact, a Warriors did win Game 3 on Sunday by 41 points, 126-85, to take a 2-1 lead in a best-of-seven.

The domain of feat not usually was a largest in Warriors postseason history, though a domain of improved also was a biggest ever for a group that won 65 or some-more games in a unchanging season.

Stephen Curry, who had missed 17 of his 20 3-point attempts in a initial 10 buliding of a series, sent a Warriors’ home throng into a frenzy by creation 4 of 5 in a second half Sunday en track to 35 points.

It was a opening that brought behind memories to Kerr of a Boston Celtics’ Danny Ainge.

“I don’t remember what we had for breakfast, though we remember what Danny Ainge pronounced 30 years ago,” Kerr warned. “They won a playoff diversion by 40, and he said, ‘This is not a Tour de France. You don’t start with a large lead since it’s not formed on time or how most we won by.’

“It’s a NBA, so it’s 2-1 (in a series). So doesn’t matter what happened (Sunday). We have to be prepared for a good group that’s going to come out like they did in Game 2, attacking, hair on glow and holding a force to us, and we have to be prepared for that.”

The Rockets’ domain of improved Sunday was roughly matching to a series of fewer points scored by Eric Gordon, P.J. Tucker and Trevor Ariza in Game 3 than in Game 2.

Key members of a James Harden/Chris Paul ancillary expel — Gordon, Tucker and Ariza — total for 23-of-33 sharpened and contributed 68 points to a 127-105 series-evening home win in Game 2.

On Sunday, they went a total 8 of 24 and 23 points in a blowout loss.

Rockets manager Mike D’Antoni wasn’t singling out anyone when he assessed a Game 3 performance.

“We didn’t move a best game,” he observed. “But I’m anticipating for a best (in Game 4). we wish we play good and them bad. Never know.”

The detriment was a Rockets’ fourth of a postseason. They rebounded with wins after any of a initial three, romping by an normal of 20.7 points.

This time, they’ll be adult opposite a Warriors group that has won an NBA-record 16 true playoff games during home.

D’Antoni went as distant as to contend a vigour is on a Warriors, who would palm a home-court advantage behind to Houston with a detriment in Game 4.

“I wish so,” Kerr reacted to his rival’s statement. “We’re most improved when a pressure’s on. He’s right. We’re during home, so if they win, they have home-court advantage. So, yeah, pressure’s on us. It’s kind of on them, too.”

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