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Was Luke Walton a best sinecure for a Lakers?

With a proclamation that Luke Walton will turn a subsequent Lakers coach, we asked a writers for their thoughts on how Walton will fit with his new team, how a pierce will impact a Warriors and more. NBA experts Marc Stein, Henry Abbott, Ethan Strauss, J.A. Adande and Amin Elhassan go 5-on-5.

1. Was Walton a best probable sinecure for a Lakers?

Henry Abbott, ESPN.com: The list of accessible coaches won’t hit your hosiery off. But in an sourroundings such as this, a Celtics unearthed Brad Stevens a few years ago. Luke Walton, who is really immature in coaching terms, frequency seems like a “shut down a hunt after one interview” kind of candidate.

Ethan Sherwood Strauss, ESPN.com: I consider so, generally given a Lakers’ enterprise for a sinecure with clever ties to Lakerdom. Walton can grow with a younger register and will expected lead with some-more calm than a crotchety maestro manager such as Byron Scott. In fact, a wish is he’s a remedy to Scott’s character of leadership.

J.A. Adande, ESPN.com: It’s tough to call a manager who doesn’t strictly have a feat to his name a “best” choice, though that doesn’t meant he isn’t a good fit. Laker fans have desired Luke Walton given he was a rookie and have been clamoring for him given his super-successful army as a Warriors’ halt coach. Now a authorization that has always reveled in a 1980s gets a manager who was innate in a 1980s.

Marc Stein, ESPN.com: Yes. Young Luke checks each box for a Lakers: on-the-rise manager who can bond with players and if not undisguised partisan giveaway agents, positively pronounce their language.

I consider Tom Thibodeau was a other ideal candidate, though a Lakers clearly weren’t prepared to concede to Thibodeau a arrange of wide-ranging control he now wields in Minnesota. Mitch Kupchak is famous to be a outrageous Walton fan who, according to joining sources, targeted Walton in hopes of combining a GM/coach partnership a Lakers have always preferred. Even Phil Jackson couldn’t get Thibs-style energy in L.A. when he was racking adult championships.

P.S. Luke’s participation happens to make a lapse to a Lakers some-more appealing to Jackson, Walton’s mentor, if Phil indeed tools ways with a Knicks after a 2016-17 season, as many expect.

Amin Elhassan, ESPN Insider: I’ll impute we to my answer in a 5-on-5 from about a week ago. Walton is a best of all worlds: immature though experienced, champion as a actor and a coach, Laker.

2. Rate a correctness of a following, from 0 to 10.

  • Walton benefited from a Warriors’ halo

  • Walton will import a Warriors’ culture

  • Walton will import a Warriors’ character of play

Abbott: 10, X and 0. On a initial point, though 39-4, it would never play out this way. On a second point, this is a sum unknown. Do a Lakers honchos let coaches set a culture? And could Walton? Has he ever hired anyone for anything? To a final point, this Lakers register simply isn’t built for that. Andre Iguodala is a Warriors’ 11th-best 3-point shooter during 35.1 percent. If he were a Laker, he’d be tied for a best.

Strauss: 8, 8 and 5. Although Walton competence have benefited from a Warriors’ halo, it was, initially, a complicated climax to bear. The Golden State pursuit came with an measureless volume of pressure, and Walton persevered. It’s easy to marker that adult to a team’s talent level, though other coaches competence have botched a situation. Walton remained resolutely himself, notwithstanding his boost in responsibility. In between holding a clipboard, he confirmed his resilient and actor examination duties. That was a savvy move.

Adande: 10, 1 and 1. A year ago, Walton wasn’t on a reliable Kevin Arnovitz tip coaching possibilities list, so yeah, he benefitted from a Warriors’ ascent to a rise of a basketball star a past 12 months. Much of a Warriors’ enlightenment comes from a players (Steph Curry’s work ethic and tractable demeanor, Draymond Green‘s fire, etc.), and Steve Kerr has pronounced he has tailored a offense to a roster, so Walton won’t be means to import possibly of those. But Walton does pierce some of a same influences as Kerr (Phil Jackson and Lute Olson), as good as lessons from Kerr himself.

Stein: 6, 3 and 3. The tinge of that initial judgment sounds like that things we always see on Twitter: Any buffoon could manager a Warriors! Wrong. Luke had a tough pursuit stepping into a boots of a many critical chairman in a classification not named Steph, Draymond or Klay, and he kept things using over smoothly, notwithstanding bringing substantially no knowledge to a job. He’s a special one in his possess right and merely posted a best record we’ve ever seen from an halt coach. Buy-in was not guaranteed; he still had to acquire it, as easily as Steve Kerr set him adult to do so.

As for a other dual points, no manager could “import” such things. The Lakers don’t have a shooters or playmakers to immediately play Golden State’s style, and no volume of dirt scooped adult from a Warriors’ locker room and sprinkled in a halls of Staples Center creates a culture. Those things have to be built.

Elhassan: 4, 6, 6. Draymond Green pronounced it best when responding to a doubt about either he is a product of Steph Curry’s brilliance: Of march he is. Curry is a best actor in a league! Similarly, Walton benefitted from being on a best group in a league, though that doesn’t meant he didn’t minister to that excellence, and it doesn’t meant he’s zero though them.

Importing a Warriors’ enlightenment and character of play is easier pronounced than done, especially given conjunction of those things is divorced from a crew a Warriors had: intelligent and unselfish players. But if he had his druthers, I’m certain Walton would try.

Abbott: I’d trust Ethan and Marc some-more than me on that, as they’ve seen it all adult close. But Golden State has finished OK given losing Alvin Gentry to a Pelicans!

Strauss: Theoretically, what they remove in talent, they recompense for with incentives for a new generation. Kerr believes in compelling from within. Younger coaches are offer encouraged to do good work, with a intent doctrine that it leads to implausible promotions. Young staffers will expected pierce adult a chain, with Jarron Collins holding adult Walton’s mantle, followed by Chris DeMarco, Nick U’Ren and Theo Robertson relocating up.

Adande: This puts a small some-more vigour on Steve Kerr, who still isn’t in a clear, physically. It competence have been easier for him to step aside after Walton demonstrated he could run things. But a Warriors also trust in partner Jarron Collins, who slides adult after Walton leaves.

Stein: It’s a clear blow, malleable usually somewhat by a fact that during slightest it happened quickly, so a doubt of Walton’s destiny won’t offer as a day-to-day daze in a playoffs. The Warriors are losing a manager best versed to step in for Kerr if health issues continue to disease a boss, and who knows how many stream Warriors staffers Walton will try to take with him? But even so, this is a ultimate reverence to Golden State’s success a past integrate seasons. Now they’re being frequently raided like a Spurs.

Elhassan: For a second true season, a Warriors have mislaid not usually a lead partner manager though also one of a many player-friendly coaches on a staff. Kerr competence come opposite as happy-go-lucky, though he’s a lot some-more “bad cop” in his locker room than a outward universe substantially realizes, and both Gentry and Walton served as a “good cop” counterbalance.

Beyond that, Golden State will need to supplement another physique to a staff. Will everybody take a step to a left (with Jarron Collins descending to associate conduct manager standing and Chris DeMarco or Bruce Fraser removing a full partner manager title), or will they supplement someone from outward a organization?

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